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In this episode we take a look at the some contest winners, more Facebook Like updates, some Treasure Seeker information, more art controversy, PvE & PvP Balance, Weapon Types & More!

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In this episode we take a look at Blizzard & Diablo III News — Is Diablo 3 Is Technically Complete? The ditched Ranger Class Concepts, Skill Trees & Tiers, Lots of Art Updates & More!

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Another week of Diablo III news, oh how these little titbits get to me. There are quite a few smaller pieces of news, as there always seem to be, this week. The biggest and probably most entertaining piece of news is no doubt the new armor set preview that Blizzard released, read more about that below!

Female Wizard In Plate Mail

As Blizzard mentioned last week they are going to be releasing a couple of armor set previews between now and BlizzCon 2010. The second of those previews is now up with the third coming on Thursday. Read more about and see the picture of the Female Wizard’s set preview below!

Female Wizard Plate Mail

Our armor preview continues today with a behind-the-scenes look at the female wizard sporting a red plate mail set. And keep in mind if you don’t happen to like that shade of red, it can drop in any number of colors, or be customized to your liking through the dye system. Thursday we’ll be previewing a set worn by the female barbarian, so check back.

You can find the full preview schedule below with all the previous and upcoming entries dated! 😀

Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to BlizzCon on October 22 we’ll be sharing a behing-the-scenes sneak peek at a gear set that will be featured in the playable demo at the event. Please enjoy!
9/30 Male witch doctor – here
10/5 Female wizard – here
10/7 Female barbarian – Coming Soon!
10/12 Female witch doctor – Coming Soon!
10/14 Male wizard – Coming Soon!
10/19 Male barbarian – Coming Soon!

Barbarian’s Fury Resource Decay

Bashiok recently jumped into a conversation on the Battle.net forums and replied to a question about the rate of the Barbarian’s Fury decay with an overview on resource system design. So some of the information we may have heard before but he did let us know that the Barbarian will have a couple of lower level skills that don’t cost fury at all, so you won’t be stuck with nothing but auto attacks when you engage in battle, that’s a good thing! You can read the full quote below.

Q: With fury now a meter instead of a Stoplight, I got to thinking about the Barbarian’s viability in PvP and against solo monsters. I suggest that while the current system of “hit to build up fury, decays if not used” be kept, there should be a threshold of rage that will not decay unless used. For example, a Barbarian’s fury will not decay below 10 points, but it can still be used and if used, must be replenished normally. It would allow some more options while starting a fight other than “basic attack”, and the threshold is another stat that could be tweaked for specific builds.

Your fury could also be restored to its threshold limit whenever a healing NPC is visited, to avoid players beating up weak creatures to store some fury.

A: There are only so many ways to make a resource system before they start becoming overly complicated, confusing, annoying, esoteric, or maybe even just meaningless. We know. We’ve been through many skill system revisions and continue to be in the midst of them. None of the ones put into practice wildly flared in any of the aforementioned directions, but even minor tweaks to established concepts can have an enormous effect.

There’s a reason why a few basic resource system concepts have existed since the beginning of game-time, and permeate game after game after game.

ANYWAY, we’ve tried a lot of things regarding fury build up and decay. I think we’ve hit a good place of mixing what skills can be used whenever, what skills have cool downs, what skills require fury, and what skills require fury and have a cool down. At least a good place where more play testing is needed. And of course there’s all the different ways to affect fury gen/decay. Of course!
Bashiok, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

How Awesome Is The New Skill And Talent System?

A topic that is often spoken about on the Battle.net forums is the skill system and the skill or talent trees in Diablo III. Now while we don’t get much new information here, we do at least get the confirmation that it is in fact really, really awesome. That’s good, isn’t it ? 😀 See the full interaction below!

Q: OK so I’m lvl 60, i have completed every skill quest what % of the skill tree will be filled. because if you have 20 passive/ active skills per tree and each goes to 15 normal/nightmare/hell, it just seems like the skill trees would feel very empty. hopefully someone here can elaborate on this subject for me.

A: The new skill system is pretty awesome. The first time I saw it I knew it fit. Of course I’ll look like a fool if we change it again, but I think we found something that fits the game really well. It’s actually not too far off from the tiered approach we had shown before, but a few important differences really make it something different and awesome
Bashiok, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

Diablo III Twitter Smalls

Diablo III Twitter Smalls

Ah the twitter smalls. Sadly there are only a couple to look at today, but at least there’s something, enjoy!

Q: Will we be in one zone (IE forest, desert) for an entire Act (not counting dungeons of course) or will we move around more? – TheEliminator

A: The acts are certainly themed as they’re in specific locations, but there’s a lot of visual variety within them.Diablo

Themed Acts? Who would have guessed it! I really have to say that I can’t see it any other way. That is just how Diablo should work. It’s a great feeling when you head into a new act and it’s all so totally different so suddenly. I can’t wait to see what all the acts look like and it’s great to hear there will also be a lot of variety in each act.

Q: Is this going to be the same armor set just on each gender? – TheEliminator

A: Each armor look is unique to each class, so even if it was the exact same items, they’d look different.Diablo

Interesting answer there by the Diablo Twitter… It doesn’t quite answer the question. From previous screenshots we have seen, though, it does look like the armor will look pretty similiar. There will be small changes to allow for the different boy shapes and stuff like that. So I guess that’s the question answered anyway!

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