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In this episode we take a look at some more Patch 4.1 goodies, why Ghostcrawler has stopped posting on the official forums, the latest Ask The Devs questions and answers, some cool new art & much more! ūüėÄ

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In this episode we take a look at the some contest winners, more Facebook Like updates, some Treasure Seeker information, more art controversy, PvE & PvP Balance, Weapon Types & More!

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2010 Global Writing Contest Winners!

Though the loss of life and limb was great, the ocular fortitude of¬†Blizzard’s judges allowed them to see the job through: the winners of the 2010 Global Writing Contest have been chosen. Many judges were felled by the 18 million words that made up this year’s competition, but whilst their souls are now forfeit to the contest’s patron deity, C’Thun, their sacrifices were not in vain. Behold, the victors!


“Silver Hand, Ebon Blade” by Raphael Ahad

Finalists (In Alphabetical Order):

“Defiant” by Corwin D. Riddle
“Entombed” by Saif¬†Ansari
“Fresh” by Meghan O’Hara
“In the Blood” by Celine Taillefer
“Loose Ends” by Pedram¬†Javidpour
“Memories of the Future” by Michael D. O’Reilly
“The Wicked and the Righteous” by Marika Kermode

Honorable Mentions:

“ATLAS Rising: Shootout on the Supercarriers” by David Tsai
“Jackson’s Farewell” by Roderick Leeuwenhart
“The Maker’s Burden” by Walter Handloser
“Returning Gnome” by Richard Powell
“Spectre of the Past” by Craig E. Stalbaum
“The Case of the Scrivener’s Seal” by Michelle Millar

The winner of the 2010 Global Writing Contest will be invited to visit Blizzard Entertainment’s headquarters to meet and eat with Chris Metzen¬†and the rest of the creative development team. He will also receive his choice of a Frostmourne¬†sword or Diablo III barbarian statue. The seven finalists will each receive signed copies of the Diablo Archive, StarCraft¬†Archive, Warcraft Archive, and Warcraft: War of the Ancients Archivebooks.

There were a couple of complaints that most of the stories were in fact set in the WarCraft universes, but I guess that’s just the way of things. With all that said, the¬†winning entry, along with excerpts from the finalists, can now be found on the contest website. Check them out and enjoy the abundance of textual pleasure!

2010 Global Writing Contest Winners! – Official


Contest Winner: Guardian of Accounts – February 2011

Another contest winner has been announced! The first winner in¬†Blizzard’s recurring contest, ‚ÄúThe Guardian of Accounts Art Contest‚ÄĚ, has been picked. Featuring quite the clever blueprints of a StarCraft II inspired anti account-theft trap, the submission by Markus from Germany managed to impress many and you can see it on your screens right now, quite intricate!

Congratulations, Markus, and good work!

As a reminder,¬†Blizzard just let us know that they will¬†continue picking one winner in ‚ÄúThe Guardian of Accounts Art Contest‚ÄĚ each month until January 2012. Each winner will receive a nifty iPad along with the fame, fortune and pleasure that comes from having others appreciate their work! I would love to enter something like this, I do however believe that nothing I enter would ever be as good as something like this, oh well…

See the full size image and all the details you’d need to enter below!

Contest Winner: Guardian of Accounts – February 2011 – Official

Memories of Blizzard Video Contest

The official contest rules, details and prizes for the Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary Video Contest have been revealed! The prizes include an all expenses-paid trip to BlizzCon, keyboards, mice and headsets from Razer, Steelseries¬†and Creative Labs, drinking vessels from TavernCraft, action figures from DC Direct and even custom posters featuring your very own character from PrintWarCraft. That is quite a load of cool stuff and I really can’t wait to see what the fans come up with for this competition.

Ready to take on¬†this journey through time and space? Check out the official rules page for details and eligibility and if any of you watching this enter, be sure to let me know! ūüėÄ

Memories of Blizzard Video Contest – Official

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20 Year Anniversary Updates

A couple of episodes ago I spoke about the mini-site Blizzard launched that was¬†dedicated to celebrating their 20th anniversary. Today that site was updated and includes a¬†brand new and extremely long¬†video overviewing the 20 years of their existence via a series of interviews¬†with some of the¬†company’s the key employees.

Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment was originally founded under a completely different name? What is the significance of Jawassic Park in the context of Blizzard Entertainment’s art culture? Whatever happened to Orcs in Space? These and many, many more questions are answered in the full-length video they’ve just released on the Blizzard 20th Anniversary site. Clocking in at almost an hour, this video features candid commentary from the people who have spent the last two decades creating the games that helped make Blizzard Entertainment the company it is today.

Head over to the anniversary site and check out the Blizzard Retrospective Video now!

Anniversary Video: A History of Blizzard Entertainment – Blizzard Official

20th Anniversary Video Contest

For those that weren’t aware, it was in fact Blizzards 20th birthday on the 3rd of march. So, firstly, Blizzard just thank us all for joining them during this special time, this anniversary celebration. They tell us that they couldn’t have made it here without us, the fans, so they’d love for us to help them make this milestone even more memorable by entering their upcoming twentieth anniversary video contest.

Blizzard gamers from across the globe have been creating their own wonderful Blizzard memories for the past 20 years and the guys and girls at Blizzard want to know exactly how they’ve been a part of our life. Unleash your creativity and capture your fondest Blizzard memory on video. Your favorite moment can be touching, hilarious, or simply epic — what’s important is that you share your memory with the world. If your video manages to make Blizzard’s crew of stone-faced judges crack a smile (or shed a tear) it could be chosen as one of the winning entries, earning you countless accolades, untold fame, the respect of your peers… and an awesome prize to boot.

The official contest rules are coming soon, stay tuned for further details!

20th Anniversary Video Contest – Blizzard Official

activision blizzard logo

More On Titan

Next up in the general Blizzard news we have yet more talk about Blizzard’s unannounced game, the mystery MMO that’s been the talk of the town for the past few months.

VentureBeat.com has posted a new interview with Blizzard‚Äôs COO, Paul Sams. There‚Äôs no mention of Diablo III in the conversation, sadly,¬†but Sams gives some interesting insight into Free to play¬†vs. the ‘Disneyland’ style full features of World of WarCraft. He even¬†extends that point into some general details about ‘Project Titan’,¬†even though he¬†didn’t actually acknowledge that project code name for Blizzard‚Äôs Next-Gen MMORPG. He does say a few things that we’ve heard before, that it will be more complementary than¬†competitive and while people do have a limited amount of free time that they can dedicate to these types of games, Blizzard do think that people will check the new and the old out. One line I really liked was the following – ‘We think the new one is very compelling and is going to capture a lot of hearts and minds and will be very successful for us.’

It all does sound like a fairy-tale and I can’t wait to get some solid information about this most mysterious of games. What else is in this interview? You can read about Blizzard’s dream team they have working on the new game, the social, or community, aspects they hope to include in it, the platforms we may well see it on and much more. A definite great read and well worth checking out for all you Blizzard fans.

Paul Sams Drops Titan(ic) Hints – Diablo INC Gamers

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Shase vs ActionJesuz - Best of 5

An¬†¬†amazingly epic series of games¬†between Top 200 South African protoss¬†player¬†Shase¬†and 6 pooling¬†Dreamhack¬†legend ActionJesuz. The games really are worth a watch and the series was nailbiting¬†stuff till the very end. Big thanks to SiEGEStarcraft¬†for being a great co-commentator, as usual! Also, thanks to the guys over at PolarfluKe¬†for organizing this showmatch¬†and MyGaming.co.za for showing their support, too! ūüėÄ

You can find the games listed below and, if you continue reading below that, you will find the lot of them embedded. Enjoy!

Watch in HD! Remember to comment on them, like them, favourite them, share them and subscribe!

The Games:


Sponsorts / Organizers:

Keep reading to see al the videos embedded! ūüėÄ

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Holiday Contests

Holiday Dessert and Card Contest Winners Revealed

The 2010 holiday dessert and card contest winners have been revealed! Blizzard have invited us to take¬†a look at the delicious, comical, and sentimental work of¬†our community peers. There really are some amazing pieces of work in the¬†desert contest, and some that do indeed look quite delectable. With the holiday card contest the entrants also got quite creative and¬†all the winning entries are definitely worth checking out. There are too many to even begin to list here, so, do yourselves the favour of checking it out below, if only as a reminder of how great the holidays were with Blizzard by our side and in our life, awww. Enjoy! ūüėÄ

Blizzard Holiday Desert Contest 2010 – Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Holiday Card Contest 2010 – Blizzard Entertainment

World of Starcraft? Why Not!

The amazingly versatile and powerful map editing tools that came with StarCraft II have been used to create many things, but none have gone as far as to try to turn StarCraft II into an MMO. Untill now, that is. The video embedded below is of the pre-alpha version of World of Starcraft in action. Yes, this map, or mod, as it may well be called, is still incredibly early in development, but it does show a lot of promise and it is clear that the guys making this have gone to an extreme amount of effort. There’s a lot of information to be found about the mod on the World of Starcraft forums, including the team’s ideas for new class abilities, development progress and other much more, check it out! (And no, this is by no means official, just fans having fun!)

World of Starcraft Forums РWorld of Starcraft

Tournament & Event News

Tournament & Event Smalls:

GoOdy Wins Go4SC2 #73 РMyM

Elfi Wins Zotac-Cup #39 РMyM

Elfi Wins Competo Cup #24 РCompeto

Underdark Wins Craft Cup Lite #31 РCraftCup

White-Ra Wins Take’s HomeStory Cup¬†– MyM

Naniwa Wins TS TL Open #9Qualifies For TSL3 РTeamLiquid

GSL News – Round of 8

The GSL is entering a quite exciting stage now, the round of 8 is underway and, well, things are getting just a little crazy. In the first play day of the round of 8 Former GSL Champion, NesTea, and clanmate Mvp both took their opponents, choyafOu and Tester, down with an impressive 3 to 0. The next play day is actually happening on Wednesday, yes, that soon. IdrA vs Jinro and MarineKing vs NaDa, definitely not to be missed! You can read all about the passed and upcoming days in the GSL below along with all the Code-A action. Enjoy! (I will add the results for the second day of the Code-S round of 8 as soon as they are available)

[R&S] GOM Code S/Code A Jan 2011 РTeamLiquid

[GSL] Code S Ro8: Day 1 РTeamLiquid

[GSL] : Jan Code A Ro8 РTeamLiquid

There is also, as you can well expect, a lot of hype for the IdrA¬†vs Jinro games, read all about that, courtesy of SK Gaming,¬†below! ūüėÄ

Monster Movie: Jinro vs. Idra РSK Gaming

IEM European Championship: Kiev

Twelve top-tier European StarCraft II players will be attending the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Finals event in Kiev, Ukraine this weekend. These fierce warriors have already fought their way through the preliminary group stage, rising to the top of their groups with their superior strategies and prowess ‚Äď now, can they make it to the World Championship, that is the question! With a $18,000 in prize pool, and the chance to advance to the World Championship which takes place in the coming months, there really is a lot to play for this coming weekend. I won’t even bother mentioning any of the big name European players that are competing because, well, they are all there.

In addition to all of this Blizzard will have dedicated computers set up with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm for you to play, so be sure to join them there. Lastly, it seems like TheLittleOne from Team Liqiud is set to be helping out with the shoutcasting on the weekend, too. It all sounds really great so be sure to hop onto the stream or check back here soon for more information!

IEM European Championship: Kiev РStarcraft II Community Site

TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #10

The next in the series of TeamSpeak¬†TeamLiquid¬†Opens has been announced and, well the registrations are open! This one is set to start on the 22nd of January and is once again taking place on the North American servers. 100$ prize, qualification for the TSL3, djWHEAT casting it all, what’s not to like? You can find the full details of the even below, check it out!

TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #10 РTeamLiquid

Community News

Community Smalls:

MyM Recruits Mondragon, SaSe & XlorD РMyM

ESFI interviews mOOnGLaDe РESFI World

Complexity Picks Up Suggy – Complexity Gaming

Catz Interview – Complexity Gaming

ClouD Pre-IEM Interview РMyM

Liquid Weekly #24

The next Liquid Weekly has been released, this one dubbed ‘Jinroll Imminent’ Fitting? Who knows. This week, as most before it, they have a look at the GSL¬†and their golden boy’s progress in it. They also check a few of the other big tournaments out that have been happening and treat us to an interview Mathew Peterson of TLAF, Liquid’s main sponsor. Yes, there’s some amazing fan art too. You can check that all out below, enjoy!

The Liquid Weekly #24 РTeamLiquid

Dear Day[9]

Yet another Starcraft II and Day[9] inspired song has popped up on the TeamLiquid forums. This time, instead of rap, we have an acoustic country tune. It is actually surprisingly good and well, if you have a spare moment or two you should probably give it a listen. See it above, enjoy!

Win A Trip To Korea With TL & The TSL3

I previously mentioned that TeamLiquid and their TSL3 were planning on raffling of 2 tickets to South Korea to do all manner of things, tour the oGs / Liquid House, visit the GSL, OSL and ProLeagues and spend 5 nights in Seoul. It really does sound like a dream come true for any avid Starcraft fan. So, the details for this most anticipated of tournaments are now live and everyone living outside the US is being encouraged to enter! See  the steps you need to follow to enter below and good luck!

Win a trip to Korea РTSL3 Raffle РTeamLiquid

1. Sign up for a PokerStrategy.com Account using the TL Referral Link.

2. Pass the 20-question poker quiz.

3. Request and receive the $50 offer.

4. Watch TSL Finals in April for the Raffle Drawing.

eSports Update –¬†CES 2011

The guys over at PC World have a nice article up covering some of the pro-gaming related stuff that happened at CES2011. Yes, this is the PCWorld¬†eSports¬†Update! Read up on their CES 2011 impressions, a quick Q&A with Jonathan “Jinro” Walsh from Team Liquid, and catch¬†their first thoughts on Patch 1.2 while they catch up on a few weeks’ worth of GSL games. Sure, it’s not the most in-depth of information but¬†hey,¬†there’s a bit of Day[9] in there too, so be sure to check that out below!eSports¬†Update: Q&A with Jinro, Patch 1.2, CES 2011 – PC World

Artosis Tutorial Cast

The ever busy and always knowledgeable Artosis¬†has released the first in what is no doubt a series of tutorial, or instructional, Starcraft¬†II casts. This first ‘Expert Tutorial’ covers how to stop a one basing terran¬†all-in, as protoss. The video is long and, well, informative! It definitely does what he set out to do and I can’t wait to see more from the man himself. Check it out above and let me know what you think, enjoy!

Expert Tutorial – stopping 1 base Terrans in PvT – YouTube

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GSL 2011 Sponsorship League – Official Announcement

The hardcore Starcrafters¬†from GOM¬†TV have officially announced their¬†GSL¬†2011 Sponsorship league following their¬†own 2010 Open seasons of the GSL.¬† They basically just let us know that 64 Code-S & Code-A players, who determined through 3 Open seasons, are set to start duking it out in the first league. They go on to say that with the qualifiers out of the way,¬†all their fans can enjoy the highest possibly quality of Starcraft¬†II and a new match system that has been implemented for their GSL 2011 tour.¬† As it has already announced, there are 3 types of matches (Code S, Code A, Up and Down)¬†in their 2011 league.¬† Lastly we are just reminded that the games are set to start on the 2nd of January and conclude on the 29th of January, be there! There was also mention of reduced prices on their season tickets for viewing their live-streams, so check that out too if you’re keen.

GSL 2011 Sponsorship League РGOM TV

GSL 2011 Sponsorship League Details РTeamLiquid

GosuGamers Holiday Special Results & Interviews

The GosuGamers holiday special that was held a couple of days ago,that actually started its playoffs just before Christmas, has been concluded. In the grand finals we saw Kas face off against fellow terran player SjoW, Kas managed to take the series with a clean 3 to 0. With the win he walks away with a pretty decent 300 Euro prize purse, too. Third place was taken by MoMaN. You can find the full results of the GosuGamers Holiday Special below along with the replays in the link below.

GosuGamers Holiday Special: Playoffs Stream and Results РGosuGamers

Along with the GosuGamers Holiday Special the guys from over at GosuGamers thought they would get a few interviews with some of the big name players taking part and even the winner, Kas. Below you can find interviews with the zerg playing up-and-comer MoMaN, a totally new face that won the North American qualifiers, Mankeyz and the winner of the whole thing, terran playing and always winning Kas.

 MoMaN Interview РGosuGamers

Mankeyz Interview РGosuGamers

Kas Interview РGosuGamers

Sarens Wins eOSL

eGG-One StarLeague Winter is finally over and the winner has been crowned. The French, terran playing, SarenS managed to defeat Tuzer in the finals with a pretty decent score of 3 to 1. He takes 2000 Euro home for his efforts, with the second place Tuzer pocketing 800. You can read the full details and see the full brackets of the event below.

eOSL: SarenS champion! РMyM


FXOpen – Shatter The Sky Invitational

After the success of their first event, FXOpen is proud to announce the second invitational tournament in their series of invitational events. The FXOpen Shatter The Sky, to be run on the 14th and 15th of January, has increased the prize money of the first event and now boasts a $1000 cash prize pool. Many familiar contenders return to the arena as well as some fresh invites to keep things interesting. As usual this sounds amazing and they do mention that there will be live coverage of the event. See the full details of the event and the players invited thus far below, enjoy!

FXOpen $1000 Invitational РShatter The Sky РTeamLiquid

Satiini Wins Go4SC2 Cup #67

The terran playing Satiini faced off against and took down the zerg Dark.Force in the finals of this past weekends Go4SC2 Cup with a score of 3 to 0. See the post linked below for more.

Only Go4SC2 today РSatiini wins РMyM

SC2 Superheroes

Starcraft II Superheroes

Are Starcraft¬†II players superheroes? Some people sure¬†seem to think so! There’s a rather brilliant post up on the TeamLiquid¬†forums that has various artists renditions of some of the more famous Starcraft¬†II personalities, as Superheroes. Yes indeed, The Incredible HuK, IdrA¬†The Gracken, Tasteman¬†and Artobin¬†and many, many others that you absolutely have to check out. The list is constantly being updated with¬†new and interesting works. ¬†Be sure to leave a comment of appreciation¬†on the TeamLiquid because this really is something I can safely say we want to see more of.


ROOT.qxc Interview

G4TV has a pretty interesting interview up with the well-known and ever creative qxc. They got a chance to talk to him about his participance in the eG Masters Cup, his performance there, how Starcraft II is treating him in general and about some of his philosophies behind his play style. A definitely must read, check the entire thing out below!

Interview with Pro StarCraft 2 Player Kevin “ROOT.qxc” Riley¬†– G4TV

Navi Interview

The website Gosutrolling has an interview up with the North American Zerg player Navi, who just so happens to be female, too. She is apparently just shy of 2k points on the ladder and who practices regularly with the reddit Starcraft Community. She recently took first place in the first ever ESL US SC2 Female Cup, which is set to happen every Monday from here on out. She talks about her history with StarCraft, her practice schedule, the best and worst parts of her play and a pretty in-depth analysis of her series vs. VT.Awesome during the ESL cup. A pretty fun read! Check the full thing out below, too.

Interview with Navi, North American ESL Female Cup #1 Champ РGosutrolling

Next I have two fairly entertaining YouTube videos to share with you all!

Starcraft II РPimpest Plays Of 2010

First up we have The Pimpest¬†Plays of 2010. This is exactly as the name suggests, the fan chosen best plays of Starcraft¬†II in 2010. Puremiss¬†from over at the TeamLiquid forum recently posted the¬†video¬†along with promises of a¬†soon-to-come Volume II. There really are some pretty amazing clips in the video and it is most definitely worth checking out. I also absolutely can’t wait for the second one. Check that out above!

Day[9] Made Me Do It

Next we have Day[9] made me do it, a pretty hardcore rap about Day[9] and his apparent influence on the rapper himself, Suspense. It really is a treat, whether you like rap or not you’ll probably enjoy this one. You can check the video out above and read more about it below, enjoy!

[SONG] Day9 Made Me Do It РTeamLiquid

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