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Facebook Like Updates

Blizzard’s Diablo fanpage on Facebook rolled past the 650,000 ‘likes’ mark recently and, needless to say, we were rewarded with a new piece of artwork and a screenshot! The artwork given is a concept of the mischievous looking Treasure Seeker. This artwork wa done by Vic Lee and he’ll randomly and rarely appear in dungeons, but when he does you’ll want to beat the candy out of him as he’ll drop progressively better loot with each hit. Don’t let him escape! The image is really cool and, if you’re interested in reading more about this most cunning of creatures, you can do so below at the Diablo INC Gamers post!

The screenshot is of a male monk and a trio of fallen shaman and this screenshot seems to have been taken mere seconds after the previous monk shot we were rewarded, the one with the poisonous cloud of gas. A pretty cool shot and a lot of carnage, check it out in full size below!

The Diablo Facebook Ransom is Paid: Part V – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo Facebook Fanpage – Facebook

Blues On The Treasure Seeker

As a little extra, it seems like the blue posters were more than ready to discuss the Treasure Seeker a little after these latest art updates. Bashiok let us know that the Treasure Seeker was inspired by the little bastards in Golden Axe you’d wake up to stealing your stuff and have to kick the crap out of them. Yeah, you remember those guys… He also just told us that the balance on that little menace was not tuned correctly back at BlizzCon 2010 and he was indeed dying too easily to ranged classes and casters. You can read those full interactions and everyone’s thoughts on them below!

Blue on the Treasure Seeker – Diablo INC Gamers

More Art Controversy

A keen fan, that apparently has way too much time to ponder on his hands, named Steyaertr has revived the good old Art Controversy relating to Diablo III’s new, more colorful style, by taking a bunch of clips from the old Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter gameplay videos and whipping them through some filters to give them a darker and in his opinion, more gothic, look. Diablo INC Gamers first reported this and said that the new look he gave the videos is in fact oversaturated and too dark to see anything at all. This is, as many of you know, not the first time that people do something like this. Over the years there have been many, many arguments and debates, many reworks of those static images and, well, just a lot of whining too. I personally I feel that most of the amazing art and texture work would be going to waste if Blizzard used a style such as the one in this video. What do you think? Do you like the visuals we’ve seen thus far or do you feel it needs that more hardcore look?

The Art Controvery Returns…? – Diablo INC Gamers

PvE & PvP Balance

The Diablo III balance talk is back yet again and this time Bashiok had a few more words on the always present issue of PvE and PvP balancing. He said, on the note of balancing PvE and PvP separately, it’s something they want to largely avoid. We do have the ability to keep separate functionality, but we want to try to avoid big differences that make it feel like two different games when you play PvE and PvP.

One area where things work differently, and they think it’s ok, is in the case of Crowd control, like stuns, snares, slows, etc. The duration of these skills is fairly significantly reduced when used against players, however, that same reduction in effectiveness is also see in the PvE game when it comes to unique/champion/boss monsters. So, it’s not only a jarring difference, it’s also actually experienced in PvE. This is very similar to how World of Warcraft does it, and, I would not be surprised if we see something like diminishing returns come into play at some point…

Bashiok says that the bottom line is that they’ll have to wait and see but, balancing them separately is something Blizzard has the ability to do if needed but would prefer to largely avoid. It is, as usual, great to see so much thought going into all of this and, well, as with the whole art controversy thing, I think issues like this are safest in the hands of the guys at Blizzard. The only thing we will need to worry about is getting some sleep once the game hits. Read more about all of this balance talk below!

Blue on Balancing PvP and PvE Separately – Diablo INC Gamers

Combat & Weapon Choices

 A fan recently started a post up on the official Battle.net forums saying that he, or she, heard that all characters, creeps and monsters have a 95% flat chance to hit, then asking whether there would at least be traits to influence these percentages because he could well see a Demon Hunter or Monk avoiding more hits… Lucky for us, Bashiok couldn’t let that question go without an answer, so here it goes.

He let the fan, and indirectly all of us know, that there is no stat to modify an enemies chance to hit you, but, there is a Dodge stat. It’s only given in small amounts through traits, and potentially some specific items. With Dodge, an enemy could still “hit” you, but you dodge the hit negating the damage entirely. He says that it is a stat that’s being controlled fairly strictly, and as the poster said is probably going to be more appropriate for some classes (ie monk), while others may instead have more in the way of damage mitigation. Blizzard don’t intend for Dodge to overcome the need for damage mitigation through Defense and related damage reduction stats, even for the classes that have more of it available to them. Well, while that definitely answered everything, the poster wanted more, as any good Diablo fan should.

Next up he asked a quick question about rune swapping that didn’t really yield any new information and lastly, a very good question that I am glad was asked! He asked whether all the weapon types would actually be useful in Diablo III, unlike in Diablo II where some were hands down better than others.

In response, he was told that Blizzard are spending plenty of ‘thought cycles’ to ensure weapon choices are indeed choices, and not determined by a clear cut strength to go for one over another. Traits and skills obviously play a part in weapon choice as there are traits that offer bonuses while using a specific weapon type, and some skills favor certain types of weapons. As far as the base benefit of simply carrying around these weapons, yeah the bonuses associated between two weapons over one weapon are being kept in mind. Staves and 2-handers can have bigger and more powerful affixes than are allowed to generate on 1-handed weapons, for example. Equal amounts of sockets. That kind of thing. What else can I say, I am glad they are catering for all the styles and preferences out there. I, personally, have not yet even made my mind up about which class I want to play, let alone the weapons they will use. I will need to think long and hard on all of this.

If you want to read more about all of the aforementioned news, check the links below for all of it!

Blue on Combat, Rune-Swapping, and Two-Handed Weapons – Diablo INC Gamers


Fan Art Watch

Time for the next two Fan Art Watch posts! Oh my, is there a lot of good stuff to look at this week! First up, in Fan Art Watch #80, we have 5 new pieces from the Diablo 1 / 2 gallery over at Diablo INC Gamers. My favourite of the lot has got ot be the Hydralisk-like version of the demon in ‘Looking for Baal?’ by Choboroy. Quite a frightening looking baddie, to be sure. After that we have 4 different, and I really do mean quite different, realistic, funny, colorful, they’ve got it all covered and definitely deserve your views!

In Fan Art Watch #81, Flux gives us a couple of new Sorceress images while apparently warning of a lot more to come! I don’t think anyone would really complain about any Sorceress fan art at all as most of them really do look quite good. Check all of that out below and be sure to leave those comments of appreciation.

Diablo Fan Art Watch #81: Weekend Sorceresses – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo Fan Art Watch #80: Duriel – Looking for Baal? – Diablo INC Gamers

DiabloCast: Epsiode I

After the apparent success of Force’s Purgatory episode recently posted on Diablofans.com, it seems like the two have teamed up yet again, this time bringing us the first episode in a new series titled DiabloCast. In this promised weekly podcast they plan to discuss all the happenings in the world of Diablo for each week. The first episode clocks in at around 25 minutes and I guess is worth the watch if you want a different perspective on everything that’s happening in the news. Check it out on YouTube or over at Diablofans.com!

DiabloCast: Epsiode I – Diablofans

Diablo 3 – DiabloCast: The Diablo 3 Podcast – Episode 1 – YouTube

Diablo 3 Smalls

Diablo III Smalls:

Poll: Who is Your Favorite Character? – Diablofans

A DiabloFans Editorial: The Guiding Parchment – Diablofans

http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/no-d3-pax-east/ – Diablo INC Gamers

 PAX East Panels on Being a CM,  Facebook, and Working for Activision – Diablo INC Gamers

Questions & Answers:

Q: What is the next big event you guys will be at to talk about Diablo 3? – Scyberdragon
A: We haven’t announced any events except BlizzCon. But if we do we’ll definitely be on the tweeterspace letting you know. – Diablo

Q: How’s the Gargantuan for the WD looking? – MultiKillGaming
A: Amazing. Almost too cool to be a class skill. – Diablo

Q: How are the bosses coming along? Are they all as awesome as the Siegebreaker, or *gasp* awesomer? – Vulcaino
A: Way awesomer. – Diablo

Q: Say I found an item in D3 that pwned, then it was nerfed in a patch. Would I still keep that pre-patch item? Or would it disappear? – AcidReign87
A: You’d keep the item of course. It would simply be changed to reflect the alteration made to it in the patch. – Diablo

Q: When you say 18 sets you mean 18 different boots, leggings,etc? And does that 18 include unique armor or are they totally different? – Theeliminator2k
A: They’re visual tiers of gear, not actual specific items by name and stat. It’s the same as Diablo II, but more and better. – Diablo
A: To clarify, there are 18 complete tier looks. Complete. 18 individual looks for each item slot. – Diablo


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Diablo III Release

When Is Diablo III Going To Be Released?

Now that is a question everyone wants answered – When is Diablo III going to be released? According to Diablofans.com the short answer is that not even Jay Wilson knows at this point. There is a longer answer though, there always is. If I had to sum up the longer answer I would probably say that Itemization is chugging along steadily, the entire world has already been fleshed out and there were ‘hints’ that Diablo III was in fact to be the next Blizzard game to be released after World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Another interesting little piece of release date hype was that one fan asked in the open Q&A when the game is going to be released, and Jay Wilson answered that “first Tuesday after it’s done!”. So while  that may not really mean much on its own, but if you couple it with the fact that June 28th 2011 is a Tuesday, hmm, coincidence? I think not.

You can read more about this release date drama over at the post on Diablofans!

Diablo III Poker Set

During BlizzCon’s Direct TV Coverage they ran a promotional video about the Diablo III poker set, which was available for purchase in the BlizzCon store before, during and after the event. It looks really cool and I gotta say pretty much anything Diablo III themed is alright by me. There is a lot of detailed artwork on the cards, the custom poker chips, and all the rest. Apparently this was selling for 60$ and can already be found in abundance on eBay. Read more about it all and see a YouTube video showing it off below!

Diablo III Poker Set – Diablo INC Gamers

Monk and his gods

The Monks 1001 Gods

A pretty big fan of the Monk class in Diablo III recently delved quite deeply into the monk and the 1001 Gods that it apparently worships. He was quite insistently asking how it is possible for the Monk to believe in this Gods so blindly, even with all the knowledge he no doubt possesses concerning Heaven and Hell. It is an interesting read and I gotta say that he definitely did his homework before posting.

Bashiok replied and said that there must be something to it because he’s summoning giant bells and then punching them into dudes. He also says that he doesn’t believe that the Monk is incorrect in his faith as it is based on something substantial (obvious from his abilities), but there’s potentially a false mysticism being placed over it. And that doesn’t make it any less real, but it’s a different take on explaining where these powers and energies originate.

You can read the full interactions below!

Q: Once could say that we as players know this as fact but the characters do not. However, why create this false religion to give to a character. It only makes them seem weaker believing in something we know that does not exist. More believable, yes, but none-the-less incorrect in the player’s view. Of course, these differing views and beliefs are a core foundation for building separate cultures and help distinguish them from one another. I mean, the biggest part of the Necromancer’s lore is about their beliefs of the world but the necromancer’s views are a derivative of what we do know about Heaven and Hell. Same with the WD’s spirit world lore. But the Monk’s views and beliefs seem to be completed separated from the fact that Angels and Demons created this world and humans.

It is possible that these 1,001 Gods prevail above these Angels from Heaven. Do the Monk’s accept these angels existence and believe their Gods are above them?

I am just wondering what the explanation behind the 1,001 Gods concept is as I am sure you guys have one.

A: Well, there must be something to is because he’s summoning giant bells and then punching them into dudes.

I’ll ask, but I’m inclined to say that he’s not incorrect in his faith as it is based on something substantial (obvious from his abilities), but there’s potentially a false mysticism being placed over it. That doesn’t make it any less real, but it’s a different take on explaining where these powers and energies originate.

Does the D3 Monk Worship False Gods? – Diablo INC Gamers

Blizzard Jokes About The Treasure Hunter

Bashiok gave a pretty humorous reply to a fan’s question about the cute looking new monster / loot pinyata seen in the BlizzCon 2010 Diablo III demo and gameplay movie. The fan had a pretty extensive question about what happens if you do or don’t kill it, what it drops and much more. Blizzard reply, though, was far shorter.

“He also has a small chance to drop a white cloak which is white and longer than your average cloak or cape.”
Bashiok, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

Oh Bashiok you silly billy. Now if you didn’t quite catch that it is actually referring to a silly blue cape currently in World of Warcraft. You can read more about that below! 😀

Blue on the Treasure Hunter – Diablo INC Gamers

Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape – Wowhead

Male Barbarian's Story

The Male Barbarian

There has been a lot of drama recently about a few mini announcements concerning the Male Barbarian and it’s back story and origins in Diablo III. Apparently, at first, Blizzard was planning on giving the male Barbarian a pretty unique story that sort of carried on from the Barbarian in Diablo II’s story. Now, though, it seems like Blizzard want to simplify it all a little and remove that unique story along with any connotations to the Diablo II Barbarian. Needless to say, fans were stunned. All I have to say on the matter is – let it be. Blizzard know what they are doing, they have been weaving intriguing stories and making amazing games for a long, long time. Anyway, you can read about all of that below.

Q: At Blizzcon Q&A, I was the guy who asked about the backstories of each class being identical for both genders. The reply I got was kind of irreverent. And I’m wondering why the Barbarian is the only class that has a separate backstory for each gender. Anyone else think there should be more to the male wizard/female monk etc than just a clone of the other gender?

A: There were talks shortly after BlizzCon about this and I believe the idea to give the male barbarian a unique story as compared to the female gender is now in question. It’s very likely to be simplified, the male barbarian would not be unique, and would no longer be spelled out as the barbarian from Diablo II.

Male Barbarian Aged/Experienced No More – Diablo INC Gamers

Bashiok On Skillpoint Hoarding

A couple of days ago Bashiok talked about skill point hoarding and said he’d try it out when he had the time. Just recently he actually had the time, and has reported back at length. He pretty much just relates his experience playing a Barbarian and a Sorceress without any skill points invested. As you can imagine it’s not the best of experiences. The game is definitely not designed to be fun without spending any skill points on skills. Now, he posted an INCREDIBLY long report about his experiences and I will not even try to cover it here. If you are interested in how the Diablo III skill system measures up to Diablo II’s, as that is what a lot of the focus was on, then you can read the full thing below.

Hands on from Blizzard: Bashiok Tries Point Hoarding – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo 3 Smalls

Diablo III News Smalls

There were a couple of interesting, if smaller pieces of news in the last week and they are not to be overlooked! Let’s check out the questions and answers, and a couple of other randon pieces below.

Q: There is some confusion in the wake of the blizzcon panel, how many skill points we will end up with?—TheEliminator

A: At least 59 just leveling to 60, but there’s a possibility a few could be awarded from quests. It’s not nailed down.—Diablo

Q: Can NPCs use the dynamic environment against the players?

A: There are some events that do that but they tend to be specially crafted to allow that to happen. Generally skeletons won’t be dropping chandeliers on your head though.

There were also a few more questions regarding the AI used in monsters and if the players will even realise it or be able to appreciate it if there are as many as we expect there to be on our screens at a time. Interesting stuff!

Diablo III AI – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III BlizzCon 2010 PressKit

I will also, pretty soon I hope, be uploading a couple of screenshots and pieces of art from the BlizzCon Diablo III Presskit. There’s some really cool stuff in there and it would be a crime not to share it. Watch this space!

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