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The VODs from the finals of this month’s PolarfluKe Tournament, MMMarch. Shoutcasters are shadowthief (me) and SiEGEStarcraft. Remember to watch them in HD, like them, favourite them, share them and subscribe! 😀

V|Enjoy (Z) vs miNt-Stripe (P) – Best of 5

Read more about the event in the link provided beow!

MMMarch Finals – Enjoy vs Stripe – Game 1 – Xel’Naga Caverns

MMMarch Finals – Enjoy vs Stripe – Game 2 – The Shattered Temple

MMMarch Finals – Enjoy vs Stripe – Game 3 – Delta Quadrant

MMMarch Finals – Enjoy vs Stripe – Game 4 – Typhon Peaks

‘Read More’ to see all the games embedded! 😀



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It is the start of a new month and in the South African StarCraft II scene that can mean only one thing, time for yet another PolarfluKe tournament! PolarfluKe: MMMarch is happening this weekend and, as all those before it, promises excitement, entertainment and drama for all. If you feel you need a little practice or just want some tournament experience, why not enter? If you don’t have the time needed to play, hop in and check the live stream out for a bit or alternatively if you just want to have a chat with the local players, organizers of the tournament and everyone else involved you could always just jump into the PolarfluKe IRC channel and say ‘Hi!’ 

The tournament is set to start on Saturday at 15:00, with the livestream and pre-show set to start up at 14:15. You can find all the details about the tournament, livestream, registered players and everything else needed below. Check it out and be here, it is set to be a lot of fun! 😀

PolarfluKe: MMMarch – PolarfluKe

On a side note –  I will be recording every single one of the games played over the weekend. If they are good and worth uploading, they shall be uploaded! Keep checking back at the channel after the weekend for those.

Shase StarCraft

Shase StarCraft

Big name player in the local, and also lately international StarCraft II Scene, Shase, has taken it upon himself to set up his very own Starcraft II website. Shase, being his modest self, doesn’t claim to be of a professional level, (Which is a silly notion, we all know he is and he can’t really even begind to hide it at all!) but still feels that his insights and experience is enough to be of assistance to many people out there, and thus, Shase Starcraft was born!

What makes this site so great? Well Shase presents his information in an easy to understand way, a way that absolutely anyone can absorb and appreciate. You don’t need to know every single little technicallity to benefit from his advice, you don’t need to read the piece 20 times over to make sense of it, you don’t need to spend hours watching tutorial videos, instead you just pop in for a quick read, and you absolutely don’t need to spend hours crunching numbers for it to help you out.

Home Page – Shase StarCraft – Shase StarCraft

There is a lot to be seen and to make the deal even sweeter, if you feel you have something special that you want to share with your fellow StarCrafters and were just waiting for the right place to put it, why not send it in to Shase and if he feels it up-to-scratch he will publish it on the site! All that said, are you even still reading this or have you already clicked the link to his site? Well, if you are still here, his latest article, titled ‘Tips and Tricks’ focuses on various little things that StarCraft II players of any level might well not have known that might very well also help them out a little! If anything, that’s a great place to start.

Check the site out above, leave a comment of appreciation and save that one to bookmarks because you will most definitely want to visit it again! 😀

Tips And Tricks – Shase StarCraft

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Liita - Shase Wins

PolarfluKe: Love is in the Aiur has been completed and we have once again crowned Shase as the winner. He faced off against and seemingly effortlessly dispatched fellow protoss player miNt-Stripe in the finals. I guess we can be happy that we had a new player with Shase in the finals this month and a zerg in the top 4! Overall the tournament ran really smoothly and was a great deal of fun. You can find the top 4 of the event below and below that the full and final brackets. Enjoy and be sure to join us all again next month for some more exciting Starcraft II action!

  1. bvd’Shase
  2. miNt-Stripe
  3. V|PandaTank
  4. xTc-seeM


Lastly, thanks a lot to the guys and girls from over at PolarfluKe for, once again, delivering! Another big thanks to SiEGE for joining me on the stream and providing some great co-commentating. Also, thanks a ton to MyGaming.co.za for sticking with PolarfluKe and providing the sponsorship in the form of those amazing cash prizes, you rock! The replays should be up on PolarfluKe’s forums shortly and don’t forget about the showmatch that is set to happen tomorrow night between Shase and ActionJesuz! 😀

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Love Is In The Aiur

PolarfluKe’s latest tournament, Love is in the Aiur, is set to kick off its group stages today. I just thought I would give all of you a bit of an update! Whether you are playing in it, spectating or just want to try follow its progress, you can find all the details you’d ever need below. There should be a video stream and constant updates on the PolarfluKe site.

Love is in the Aiur Details – PolarfluKe

PolarfluKe: Love is in the Aiur Livestream – PolarfluKe

Full List Of Registered Players – PolarfluKe

Update – Single Elimination Bracket!

We are moving into the second day of PolarfluKe: Love is in the Aiur. The group stages are over and the single elimination brackets have been posted. There will no doubt be a bunch of amazing games to watch today so remember to hop onto the livestream after 3PM to give them a peek. You can find the brackets below and any other information you need in the links above. Enjoy and Happy Starcrafting! 😀

Keep checking back for updates, enjoy! 😀

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Love Is In The Aiur

PolarfluKe: Love Is In The Aiur

The February PolarfluKe tournament is here, I proudly present to you the second PolarfluKe tournament of 2011, Love Is In The Aiur! The registrations are open and the date is set! This hotly anticipated tournament is set to run on the first weekend of February and well, as all those before it, it’s going to be great fun! As we know though, fun isn’t everything. The guys and girls from PolarfluKe are working hard at getting sponsorship organized for the event and will reveal further details soon. There will, once again, be a video stream and commentary for the entire weekend so even if you don’t fancy playing you can still just hang around, watch a few games and just have a good time.

Register For Polarfluke: Love Is In The Aiur – PolarfluKe

You can read more about and register for PolarfluKe: Love Is In The Aiur over at the PolarfluKe website, which I have linked for you below. Be there!

Pf: Love Is In The Aiur – PolarfluKe


Electronic Sports Zone 2011 Season

In some local news, the guys from over at Electronic Sports Zone have officially announced their 2011 Season. According to their website, the five main games hosted will be the following:

Call of Duty 4 (PC) [5v5]
Heroes of Newerth (PC) [5v5]
Quake Live (PC) [1v1]
Counter-Strike 1.6 (PC) [5v5]
StarCraft II (PC) [1v1]

Yes indeed, Starcraft II absolutely had to be there! They let us know that this list of games will definitely be being played, regardless of number of teams participating. Next, we have a list of games that could be played, depending on community interest.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC) [5v5]
FIFA 11 (PS3) [1v1]
Guitar Hero (Xbox360) [1v1]
Team Fortress 2 (PC) [6v6]

The 2011 ESZ season will consist of 3 legs of 7 weeks each. There will be a Premier Division and an Amateur division with a possibility of extra divisions. Divisions will consist of 8 teams, meaning each team will play 7 matches, that’s 1 match per week. The top half and bottom half of each division will have playoffs for the next leg.

In the more interesting part of this announcement, to me at least, ESZ has also said that players will be interviewed on ESZ-TV before the event and between their matches. Also, the entire event will be streamed on ESZ-TV and will be recorded and included in New Age Gaming Magazine’s DVDs. Lastly each leg of the league will be followed by a LAN event with only the top 4 in the premier division being invited to the LAN event and the prizes for some of these events will include trips to events such as ESWC, Dreamhack and Kode5. ESZ have said that currently Dreamhack Winter is confirmed and that they are still negotiating with sponsors for other international events.

Things are still being finalized but it does look like 2011 is definitely set to be a big year for eSports in South Africa! Bring it on! You can read all about the 2011 Season of ESZ in the links provided below, enjoy!

// League // ESZ 2011 Season // – ESZ

// ESZ News // Online Reg & Hosting // Registration & Bracket System – ESZ

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ALL-IN Finals - Small

Yes, yes, I have finally finished uploading the VODs of this past weekends PolarfluKe Tournament Finals. I have to say the games were a lot fun to watch and shoutcast with SiEGE! The final was a best of 5 and I have embedded all the games below. If you’d like to know more about the tournament, the players or just PolarfluKe in general, follow the link to their site below.


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Shase Wins

After a weekend of Starcraft II excitement PolarfluKe: ALL-IN has finally been concluded and we have our winner. bvd’Shase managed to take the Ventus player Pandatank down with a pretty clean 3 to 0. Although the protoss vs protoss finals were indeed nail-biting stuff, Shase just proved the more experienced player in the end. Shase walks away with a nice R700 from MyGaming.co.za and Pandatank R300. There were also T-Shirts and Caps for the top 8 players along with two spot prizes. If you’re looking for replays from the event you can find them over at PolarfluKe’s site in the next couple of hours and if VODs are your thing you will be able to find them over at my YouTube channel soon!

  1. bvd’Shase
  2. V|PandaTank
  3. miNt-Stripe
  4. xTc-McNoob

A quick thanks and shout out to the guys and girls from PolarfluKe for organizing this amazing event and keeping the players and spectators happy throughout! Another big thanks to MyGaming (Check their site out below!) for sticking with PolarfluKe and making this all possible! Lastly, thanks to SiEGEStarcraft for joining me on the video stream for some amazingly fun shoutcasting! You can find the final results of the event below and much more information about it over at PolarfluKe’s site.


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