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In this episode we take a look at the some contest winners, more Facebook Like updates, some Treasure Seeker information, more art controversy, PvE & PvP Balance, Weapon Types & More!

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In this episode we take a look at Blizzard & Diablo III News — Is Diablo 3 Is Technically Complete? The ditched Ranger Class Concepts, Skill Trees & Tiers, Lots of Art Updates & More!

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Diablo Twitter Is Back

@Diablo is back!

Good news everyone! The Diablo Twitter Account is back to its usual nonsense and foolishness. After a post-BlizzCon break it has finally returned with some general chit-chat, and a few tweets with game info as well. Let is celebrate the return with a couple of questions and answers, courtesy of Diablo INC Gamers.

Q: will we get a skill point at level 1? – Grug

A: No, or at least the current plan is that you get one at level 2 and beyond. 59 points. Potential for more to be awarded elsewhere. – Diablo

Q: I am curious but how can you manage a team with different level in a same group, difficulty can be different from a level to another.. – Clockmodders

A: Difficulty currently increases based on number of players, not their levels. – Diablo

Q: will you include the old numpad commands? “time to die”, “this is for you”, “follow me” etc? – mrasifzahoor

A: No plans currently. Fully integrated voice chat, as it exists in the new Battle.net platform, seems more useful. –Diablo

Q: If that’s the case, maybe you could award 2 skill points at level 60, so players have a nice round number to work with.—Grug

A: Our intent would be to have enough skill points to encourage diverse and fun character builds, not nice round numbers. —Diablo

Q: Will you be able to see other players in the game world such as in WoW? and if so, Will you be able to party up to take on content?—WarukJenkins

A: It’s a four player co-op game, so, not really (in the way that you mean it) to the first part, and yes to the second. – Diablo
Q: Will we always be able to swap runes around to different skills at no cost? – yovargas
A: That’s the idea right now, but there will likely be limitations on when or where you can swap them. – Diablo

Q: How would runes be taken out of the economy?—DrHighlen

A: They can be salvaged, which may be enough, but it’s a question we’re still asking ourselves. – Diablo

Q: Do you require game testers that are willing to die before they leak any information by any chance? – Rezoken

A: Well yes, but it’s a guarantee anyway due to the brain chip. – Diablo

Thanks again to Diablo INC Gamers for being so quick to get these all up, you should really check their site out, right now! 😀

Diablo INC Gamers

Battle.net Article / Interview With Greg Canessa

Gamasutra has posted a rather long interview with Blizzard man Greg Canessa. The article is not specific to Diablo III, but there is some very interesting information about the development and future goals of Battle.net. So if anything, I think that does actually involve our beloved Diablo III. They basically just talk about how they want to make sure that Diablo III has a ‘kick-ass online experience’. That sounds like a good goal to me, you can check the entire interview below.

 Battle.net Article and Interview with Greg Canessa – Diablo INC Gamers

Physics In D3

Blizzard Talks Physics

Blizzard recently answered a few questions regarding the physics and physics engine used in Diablo III. Apparently they are no longer, and have not been for quite some time, using the Havok Engine. Blizzard says they are now using an in-house system instead, which they feel does the job better than any other could. They say the reasoning behind using their own ‘stuff’ is because that way they are not limited in any way at all, they can change it and improve it at will, without needing anyone elses permission. So if you are interested in that slightly more technical side of things, you can read the full interactions below.

I have no additional comment on whips, but thought this was a good place to mention that the game hasn’t used Havok for physics for quite some time. We use an in-house custom physics engine now.

Q: A lot of the destructibles shown in the crafting sanctuary videos looked like they weren’t using physics but pre-animated, static kinds of things.

A: Well that’s a compliment in and of itself!

Destructibles are still physics based. The bits that they break up into are hand crafted, and in many cases the way they destruct is hand crafted (knock out the supports of a wall and the pieces are shoved in a specific direction), but the bits of stuff and how they move is all handled by the physics engine.

Q: So, what was the reason behind not using Havok?

A: We like making all our own stuff. I’m not sure if there were any limitations or anything that forced us to, it’s just preferable to have internally produced and controlled tools. And I’m sure licensing Havok ain’t free.

BlizzCon Interviews And Other Articles

There were, as you may already know, a ton of interesting and pretty informative interviews at BlizzCon regarding Diablo III. Now while it will probably take too long to totally summarise them all here I think it would probably work out better if I just point you in the right direction. Besides, who want to hear news from a couple of weeks ago anyway, huh? So check below for a couple of interesting interviews and pieces.

Blizzcon 2010 Interview: Christian Lichtner and Jason Bender – The Escapist  

BlizzCon 2010 Hands-On – GamePlanet NZ

Mega Diablo 3 PvP Arena Report – Diablo INC Gamers

GamePro Magazine Profiles Diablo III – Diablo INC Gamers

Monk Spirit

Gaining Spirit With A Monk

A fan recently asked a few questions regarding the Monk class’ spirit and whether or not basic attacks produce spirit for the monk. Yes,  they do, but… apparently once you get a combo skill (On level 4) there is no need to use basic attack ever again. So I guess that is an interesting little titbit. In the same couple of questions it was also revealed that Monks can in fact use Polearms, similar to those of the Diablo II Amazon.

Q: …whether or not basic attacks produce spirit for the monk.

A: Yes.

But, once you get a combo skill (level 4) I don’t think there’s any need to use a basic attack again.

Q: Shapeshifting Dark Javelin Psychic Metalbender of Death

A: Monk can use spears.

Q: Ah, so they can be ranged by using throwing spear(s). Unless… you’re talking about the long “pokey spears,” like the War Pikes of D2.

A: Pokey spears.

You can also see the spirit attack charging below, the example used is the Hands of Lightning skill. Thanks to the Diablowiki for that!

800px-Lightning-fists-sequence1Click for larger image!

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Starcraft Pulse

Pulse 25 is here! 😀 Only Warcraft and Diablo News for all of you today, never fear though, the Starcraft News will be back early next week! I guess there was a lot happening anyway seeing that this episode got to 14 minutes long! O_o

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