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Cataclysm Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon

Patch 4.1 has been revealed! That’s right, development on the first major content patch for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is well underway! Blizzard are currently making preparations to bring some of the initial content and updates they’ve been working on for this patch to the Public Test Realms. So, what will we find in the first 4.1 test client? Here it comes and be careful, there’s a lot of it.

The Gurubashi Tribe Persists

Firstly, Zul’Gurub, originally a 20-player dungeon released in patch 1.7, Zul’Gurub will once again open its gates, featuring updated lore, all-new encounters, achievements, and improved loot! Zul’Gurub is, or will soon be, a level-85 five-player Heroic difficulty dungeon. To provide a new tier above the current Cataclysm dungeons, players can expect to find epic-quality item level 353 loot. The minimum average item level to enter this Heroic dungeon is 346, also a step up from the 329 required for the current Heroics.

The Return of Zul’Aman

Next up, another Zul in the form of Zul’Aman. Ever a player favorite, the level-70 ten-player dungeon of Zul’Aman is also being reintroduced as a level-85 Heroic five-player dungeon. Zul’Aman will be joining ZG in a new Dungeon Finder tier of Heroic dungeons, also providing epic-quality item level 353 loot. The minimum average item level to enter this Heroic is also 346. While Zul’Aman will be more of a throwback to the original dungeon featuring many of the same encounters, players can expect to find some updated gameplay mechanics, as well as new environment textures and lighting. Also sounds good to me!


So, with the Zuls returning, the biggest question is definitely about those silly, and yes, unique mounts, that were once contained therein. Blizzard are quite pleased to announce that new versions of the rare raptor, tiger, and bear mounts will be available, while the old versions of these mounts will remain unique to those who already have them. Blizzard said that they will reveal more about how these updated mounts can be obtained in the future.

Class Design

Now, on to the class changes we can expect in this new, and certainly anticipated, patch. While Blizzard do intend to make fewer balance changes in patch 4.1, we can still expect to find a fair number of updates. Below are just a few that they’d like to share with us right now. They ask us to keep in mind that these changes don’t encompass the entirety of the 4.1 changes, nor do the initial Public Test Realm patch notes and these are just the big ones, there’s much more to be seen below.

  • To start, it seems like Blizzard want to do a better job of balancing the AoE power of the different damage-dealing specs, so, we can expect to see some changes to this end made throughout the testing process.
  • Inner Rage is now available at level 56. It was intended to solve an excess rage problem that largely isn’t affecting warriors anymore. They’ve added a replacement ability for warriors at level 83: Rallying Cry.
  • Colossus Smash now ignores 70% of an opponent’s armor, down from 100%. Blizzard are compensating Fury and Arms warriors by increasing the damage of other attacks.
  • Word of Glory: Blizzard want Retribution and Protection paladins to have reasonable healing on themselves or others, but they know paladins sometimes feel like they can’t use their Holy Power on anything but their heals in some situations. Blizzard would rather these two specs spend most of their Holy Power on damage-dealing abilities, with occasional healing.

More To Come

As I mentioned before, there is a lot more than just that, and it can all be found below. Blizzard are still hard at work on additional features, balance updates, and bug fixes for patch 4.1. They let us know that they do look forward to sharing more information with us in the days and weeks ahead as they release new content on the Public Test Realms. Until then, have a look at the patch notes that they’ve prepared thus far. As always, these notes are not final and will continue to change as they go through the iterative development and testing processes.

So if you’d like to read more about any of the stuff I just mentioned, check the post linked below. Now that the official changes are out-of-the-way, let’s get on to the good stuff.

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon – World of Warcraft Community Site

Looking For Guild Feature

One change that was not mentioned in the Patch 4.1 post but was in fact in the patch notes was that work has begun on a Looking for Guild System. There’s isn’t much known about it yet and Blizzard only says that further details will be provided when they are ready for feedback. This feature was hinted at during BlizzCon last year and it’s great to see it finally implemented, sort of, at least. There seem to be a few options available but I am unsure as to how well something like this would actually work, as with the Dungeon Finder Tool, you might get stuck with people don’ t really want to be stuck with. Oh well, check it out above and read more about it over at MMO-Champion. Enjoy!

 Spellcasting Changes

Another pretty big UI related change is that spells bound to a key now start to be cast when the button is pressed down by default, instead of waiting for the key to go up. This is an option that can be turned off in the Interface menu under Combat. Mouse clicking has not changed and operates on mouse click up. I think this would probably just help people who are used to that feature from other games or feel it would make them a bit faster when playing, personal preference I guess.

Ragnaros New Model

New Models

On the unofficial changes front we have quite a few new models that were dug up by the guys over at MMO-Champion. The most talked about? Probably Ragnaros and his new, pretty pimping, gear and, um, legs? Yeah, Ragnaros is now sporting a rather out-of-place looking pair of legs, check it out above. Other than that, which is really quite enough, there are two other big ones, namely the ‘Salamander Hunter’ NPC / mob and a new mount called a  Crimson Fire Hawk. You can check all three of those out, in full size, below.

Other than all the big ones, Wowhead have an entire collection up of smaller NPC’s, pets, other random goodies and lots of kitties. All cool looking and more than worth a look!

Patch 4.1 – PTR Build 13682 – 3D Models: Ragnaros and Kitties! – Wowhead

Crimson Fire Hawk and Salamander Hunter – MMO-Champion

Lastly, you can check how sad Ragnaros looks about the addition of those legs to his previously magnificent form. Thanks reddit!


Patch 4.1 Extras

There are lots more changes that are popping up by the hour and, well, one of them is that, come the patch, we will see Battle.net account bound items that can actually be transferred to different servers. Yes, proper bind on account items, but there is no word on how this will work, or whether it will change our existing items or not. There are a bunch of new and updated icons for achievements, items and creatures, in the new PTR client, there’s some newly discovered Trading Card Game loot being added, Blizzard will be tracking your elevator deaths from Blackwing Decent, there is a lot of speculation about a new caster legendary item from the Caverns of Time that has a placeholder in the new client files, there’s a lot of new loot to be seen, all those high level items and even a new, epic, guild tabard that gives you 100% extra rep when worn. All of that and much, much more can be seen below, courtesy of WoW Insider, MMO-Champion and Wowhead, enjoy!

Patch 4.1 – PTR Build 13682 – New and Updated Icons – Wowhead

Patch 4.1 – PTR Build 13682 – Spell Changes – Wowhead

Battle.net Account Bound Items – MMO-Champion

 New WoW Trading Card Game loot – WoW Insider

Caster legendary news and speculation – WoW Insider

New pet collecting, food, drink and tabard achievements – WoW Insider

WoW now tracking your BWD elevator deaths – WoW Insider

The story moves forward – WoW Insider

New pet collecting, food, drink and tabard achievements – WoW Insider

New hydra pet available for hunters – WoW Insider

Joyland Progressing

Earlier this month I spoke about that Blizzard themed amusement park called ‘Joyland’ that was set to open in China sometime in March. Well, thanks to an article in The Huffington Post, it seems like the rumors are true and that the theme park is in fact being constructed in the Wunjin District of China. A few new photos of the park were released and I gotta say it is coming along quite nicely and looking almost exactly like the concept art shown of the park on their site. Anyway, I just thought I would mention that for all those theme park junkies out there. No, for those wondering, Blizzard still doesn’t have anything to say about all of this. If you wish to see the new images of the park or just read a little more about it be sure to check the post linked below. Enjoy!

‘Joyland’ Blizzard Theme Park Being Built In China (PHOTOS) – Huffington Post

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes

To stray away from that which is yet to come and have a look at what’s going on the live servers right now, a few more sets of Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes have been applied. Below you can find the lists of changes from the February 18, 19 and 22 hotfixes. The notable changes for these sets include the following: The previously proposed Dungeon Finder changes have been implemented but, some changes may yet require a realm restart. For hunters, Aimed Shot damage has been decreased to approximately 160% weapon damage (at level 80+), down from 200% & Aspect of the Hawk now provides 2000 attack power at level 85, these changes are set to take effect after this weekend and Demolishers were apparently respawning too quickly in Strand of the Ancients, they are now on a 20-second spawn timer. There were a couple more changes, but, it does seem like the hotfixes are getting less every week, and that’s a good thing. I guess that will only last till 4.1 hits the live servers. Read the full lists below, enjoy!

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes – February 22 – World of Warcraft Community Site

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 18 – WoW Insider

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 19 – WoW Insider

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 22 – WoW Insider


Art  Updates

In some more of our favourite type of updates, art updates, we have some new Fan Art from the Warcraft Universe to drool over and a couple of updates to the official Wrath of the Lich King gallery. See my favourite above and links to the new work below, enjoy! 😀

Blizzard Art Gallery Update – World of Warcraft Community Site

Media Section Update (Fan Art) – World of Warcraft Community Site


Blizzard Comic Goodness

Blizzard challenged us, the fans, to submit our comic creations to the Blizzard Comic Contest, and the entries never fail to amuse and amaze, that much is sure. The following comic from Melissa Boston was selected as an honorable mention Blizzard’s ongoing contest. Check it out, I think it’s totally cute and well made, and keep checking back here for more!

Bonus Blizzard Comic Contest Entry – World of Warcraft Community Site

As an extra you can also check this comic out from the guys over at GU Comics about the recent debacle with the Whiptail in Uldum, quite fun! 😀

The Value of Whiptails – GU Comics

Wow Smalls

World of Warcraft Smalls:

Battleground Horde/Alliance Win Ratio – MMO-Champion

Brazilan and Japanese locale added in 4.0.6 – Blizzard Slate confirmed? – MMO-Champion

About the link above, remember the leaked Blizzard Product Slate from a few months back? World of Warcraft Brazil was actually on there, and, if you think about it a little, well, the timing is near perfect. That means that the rest of the items on that list may well be correct too. Diablo III in Quarter 4 2011? Yes please! 😀

2200 Rating PvP Weapons Now Available For Purchase – WoW Insider


Know Your Lore: Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery, part 1 – WoW Insider

World of Warcraft # 15 Comic Book – Digital Download at Comixology – BlizzPlanet

Legendary – The WoW Video Podcast – Hotfixes vs PTR – Wowhead

The Weekly Marmot – Raid Leading: A Crash Course – YouTube

PST – Episode 17 – YouTube

World of Warcraft Blues:

…On 4.0.6’s Warrior Juggernaut Nerf – Wowhead

…On Major Cities Which are Ghost Towns in Cataclysm – Wowhead


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Cataclysm Beta Build 12875 Part 2

I have to say I did suspect that there would be more changes discovered, I just didn’t realise there would be this many! Here is Part 2 of the Cataclysm Beta Build 12875 changes. There are quite a few interesting ones here so get comfortable and start reading!    

Cataclysm Beta – New Horde And Alliance Intros

TotalBiscuit has treated us with a video of all of the new Horde and Alliance Intro cutscenes that play when you create your new characters in Cataclysm. The only one missing at the moment is the Goblin one that has not yet been implemented. It’s definitely worth a watch for all the lore buffs out there! See the video below.

Also be sure to check out the other videos in TotalBuiscuit’s Channel, they are sure to entertain!

Cataclysm Glyph Changes

New Glyph Interface

So Blizzard have finally added the new Glyph Interface. It’s looking pretty cool and it seems like it is a lot more user friendly than the way it was before. You can now ‘learn’ glyphs’ once and then you won’t need to ever again. They will be in your spell book for later use, even if you remove them from the slots. I wonder if this will spell the end for the inscription profession? I hope they manage to find something really cool to add to make up for this! See the list of changes below courtesy of MMO-Champion.     

  • The biggest change, Glyphs are no longer a consumable item. You learn them and can swap them at any time after that, without having to buy them again.
  • Prime Glyphs slots have been added
  • All Glyphs are now listed, including the one you didn’t learn yet.
  • You can search for Glyphs, and filter them.

Cataclysm Armor Models

Cataclysm Beta – Build 12857 Model Updates

Along with this new beta build came a lot of changes that aren’t immedietely visible or documented in the patch notes. Changes like all the cool new models that the guys over at Wowhead have found! You can check their post out for new armor models (Cloth, leather, plate and mail) a few new weapons, mineral veins and I think most importantly, armadillos. See all of that over at Wowhead.com.   

New Ghost Wolf Form

The new Arctic Ghost Wolf Form was added in this build. Shamans rejoice! You can see the model here or just follow the link below. Once again, thanks a lot to MMO-Champion for getting that up so quickly! 😀 

Arctic Ghost Wolf 

Heroic Shadowfang Keep And Deadmines Coming With Cataclysm

As the title says it seems like, contrary to what Blizzard told us before, we will be seeing the Heroic versions of Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines released with Cataclysm. That’s cool! I can’t wait to get back up in Van Cleef’s grill! 😀 See the official quote below.  

Heroics are not ready for testing.  

Heroic Shadowfang Keep and Heroic Deadmines WILL be released with Cataclysm. You will not have to wait for a later patch.
Valnoth, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)   

Cataclysm Map Updates

Cataclysm Beta – Build 12857 Map Updates

Those hardworking guys over at Wowhead have compiled a nice post full of all the new and updated maps in the Cataclysm Beta thus far. It’s really cool to see how some of them have been updated and even cooler to see those old instances we know and love from the top down! Visit the Wowhead post here for more on that or just clicky the link below! There really are a lot of cool maps and it’s definitely worth checking out!    

Wowhead Cataclysm Map Update! New Classic / Cataclysm Dungeon + Raid Maps and More!    

More Coming Soon!

I am trying to get previews up of all the new Worgen customization options. Alas, the beta is not cooperating. I am crashing every time I try to create a new Worgen. Hopefully that will be fixed soon so I can get those previews up. Stay tuned for more Cataclysm Beta news!

Thanks again to World of Raids and MMO-Champion for all the updates and news!

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Build 12759

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Build 12759 hit the servers today and woah, what a list of changes. I am pretty overwhelmed by the list of stuff that has been change, added and fixed.

Lil’ Deathwing – Right Click to summon and dismiss Lil’ Deathwing. 

Who knows where this little pet will be used. My guess, and I guess everyone elses, would probably be that it’s coming with the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collectors Edition.

Glyphs – All glyphs are now found in the spellbook of each class on beta servers. Ultimately, classes will learn glyphs as “spells” and will only have to buy the glyph once to definitely learn it and swap it at any time.

Another interesting change here. I did notice the Glyphs in my spellbook but was not sure exactly what it meant. I guess this means Inscription is not going to be the go-to profession for gold anymore! But enough about that, let’s see what’s changed!

Class Changes in Build 12750

Probably the most important changes for most players, the class changes! There is a list that is too long to even try transcribe here over at MMO-Champion. I suggest you just head on over there and have a look for yourself. They always seem to be so quick with their updates! There is a huge and fully linked post here for you viewing pleasure.

New Thrall and Nemesis Models

Some new models have been added or discovered in the Cataclysm Beta. Nemesis in Mount Hyjal has received a huge makeover. I am still not quite sure what purpose he serves at the moment as I have yet to do the zone, but he looks pretty badasss nonetheless!

Thrall has also been changed in this latest build. As you can see below he has a far more shamanistic look now which has left him looking far less flashy than before. I still think it’s cool and definitely suits his current situation. He is no longer the active Warchief of the Horde.

NemesisNemesis in Mount Hyjal

New Thrall ModelThe new and slightly humble looking Thrall

Loading screens updated

The loading screens for Azeroth, Kalimdor, Outland and Northrend have been updated. You can see their updated artwork in my previous post.

Armor Specializations and Masteries available

In this build Blizzard have made Masteries and Armor Specializations available for testing. Previously we saw that armor specializations were pretty much there to attract people to their own armor type. To keep druids away from our cloth and warriors away from our leather.

The Masteries are one of the things that should attract you to your talent tree of choice. You can find a full list of masteries over at this post by MMO-Champion. It’s one of the things I am most excited about in Cataclysm. I mean, how often does Blizzard change the game so drastically, how often do we get such new and interesting looking stats added to the game?

310% Speed Flying Skill

The new 310% Speed Flying Mount Skill has been added and it costs 5000 gold to train, but, people who already own a 310% flying mount get it for free. All I can say is that I am jealous of those that don’t have to spend 5ooo gold on 30% movement speed.

Pet and Mount Spellbook

Mounts & Companion Pets in the spellbook

The Mounts & Companion Pets are now in the spellbook with a brand new and much improved interface. It really is such a huge improvement to be able to see the name of the mount or pet right off the bat without having to click on it first. You can see an example of the new interface above. Thanks Blizzard! I just hope the Tabard panel is coming soon too…

Relics slots have stats now

Blizzard have made quite a big change here in the form of a simplification of sorts! All the Totems, Sigils, Librams, etc have all been changed to Relics. That means all the classes that used any of the above now all use Relics. Another big part of the change is that they now also provide stats and some even have sockets! You can see some examples here, via MMO-Champion, as usual. I think it’s great that the slot has that bit more versatility now and that players will actually have a bit of choice.

Character Panel Improvements

There have been a few changes that are not really documented to the character pane in the Cataclysm Beta. The information that you get by holding your mouse over the stats has been vastly expanded and improved and will now show a ton more details about pretty much everything you’d want to know. It really looks like Blizzard is covering all their bases in Cataclysm. You can read more about these changes over at WoW.com.

 New Holy Power Interface

An amazing looking new user interface for the Paladin’s  Holy Power. You can read all about Holy Power over at MMO-Champion if you don’t know about it yet. If you have not been keeping up with the news you might have a lot to catch up on because Paladin has changed quite a lot over the past few patches. The new bar used for Holy Power looks amazing though, makes me want to play Paladin! You can see the preview for it over at MMO-Champion’s 12759 post.

New Guild Vendor Rewards

New vendors have been added in the capital cities selling really cool and interesting rewards for those lucky enough to have enough rep with their guild to purchase them! There are a few new heirlooms that are apparently useable till level 85 aswell as a really cool looking Dark Phoenix Mount and a few pets. You can find a full list of the items that are available here or over at MMO-Champion’s Build 12759 page.

Tol Barad Map

Tol Barad Open for Testing

The new PvP/Daily Quest zone, Tol Barad  is now open for testing, and people are most definitely getting into it. I have only briefly stepped in there but from what I can tell it’s pure and utter madness at the moment. A few rewards have also been revealed for this zone and you can find them over here at MMO-Champion. Does this mean the end of Wintergrasp? Yes, it probably does.

New Video Options

Video Settings Overhauled

The Video Settings menu has been expanded and most definitely improved. It looks like we will have a lot more options in Cataclysm than ever before. There are very few advanced options at the moment.  Still no built in or simplified DirectX 11 support yet, though!

Cataclysm Guild Achievements Update

A few new guild achievements have been added in this build. You can see a list of them below that has been provided by the guys over at World of Raids. There are some really cool looking achievements and I’ve also read that the Dark Phoenix Mount I mentioned above will most likely be linked to one of the harder guild achievements in Cataclysm. If you want more details about anything mentioned below check the post over at World of Raids out.


  • Guild Level 5 – Reach guild level 5.
  • It All Adds Up – Spend at least 1,000,000 gold on guildmember repairs.
  • Time To Open A Savings Account – Loot 1,000,000 gold from creatures as a guild.
  • Guild Vault (wip) – Purchased all 8 guild bank tabs.


  • Complete 50,000 quests as a guild.

Dungeons & Raids

  • We are Legendary – Obtain the following legendary weapons
  • Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
  • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
  • Warglaives of Azzinoth
  • Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury
  • Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings
  • Shadowmourne
  • Guild Classic Dungeonmaster – Complete the classic dungeon achievements listed below in a guild group.
  • Guild Deadmines – Complete the Deadmines in a guild group.
  • Professions

    • Working as a Team – Obtain 525 skill points in all professions and secondary professions.

    Glory of the Cataclysm Hero / Cataclysm Raider

    Here it is! The favourite / most hated achievement for many players. This will work in the same way as the one currently in Wrath of the Lich King and in the same fashion will also provide players with a really cool flying mount. See below!

  • Glory of the Cataclysm Hero – Complete every Cataclysm dungeon achievement. (Rewards: Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake)
  • Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (Not Complete) – Complete every Cataclysm Raid achievement. (Rewards: Reins of the UNKNOWN Storm Drake)
  • Creature Damage Output Changes

    Creature damage output has been increased from roughly level 65 and up. These increases scale upward with level. Creatures in exterior zones at level 80 now have 2.5 times the damage output they did previously in beta, 3.2 times at level 81, and 4 times at level 82 and up.

    We’d like to get your feedback about how combat feels with creatures in level 80-85 exterior zones, including spawn rates and numbers of creatures in specific locations in each zone. Please let us know if this feels adequately challenging, or if there is a little too much face rocking going on.
    Zarhym, Blizzard Entertainment

    An interesting thing to change if you ask me. I think with the amount of stamina on the gear we are picking up and getting from quests in the 80+ zones it definitely won’t be a problem. Let’s see how it changes throughout the course of the beta!

    New Guild Advancement Forum

    We’ve created a Guild Advancement forum to help collect discussions on this new feature coming in Cataclysm. If you have any feedback, want to discuss the guild advancement feature, or have found any issues, please do so within the new forum. Please continue to use the Bug Report forum for actual bug reports.

    Head over to the Guild Advancement forum now! – http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/bo…orumId=8945398
    Bashiok, Blizzard Entertainment

    New Music In The Beta

    It seems like Blizzard has really added pretty much everything they possibly could have in this latest beta build. More music than could ever possibly be listened to has been found by the guys over at World of Raids and you can listen to it all, if you want!

    World of Raids Beta Key Winners

    I thought I would just pop this in here too seeing that the post was already so long. You can find a list of the winners below. Be sure to thank the guys from World of Raids if you won one! See the original post and answers here.
    Phew. What a huge bunch of changes. I hope the summary at least helped a few of you out! I really have to thank MMO-Champion for the fast and obviously efficient coverage they do of the Cataclysm Beta. I type all of this myself and get a lot of the content myself but still have to use some of their stuff here and there! This would not be possible without them!

    There were tons of changes and I really need to spend a bit of time in-game to soak it all in. I will be doing a few follow-up posts soon and I’ll update this post as best I can too! Stay tuned for more Cataclysm coverage in the coming days, weeks and months!

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