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In this episode we take a look at the sacrifices that were made during the development of StarCraft II, for eSports, some Heart of the Swarm release date news, NASL, GSL & TSL Updates, PonyCraft II, some Day[9] stand-up comedy, art updates & More!

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Heart of the Swarm

Heart of the Swarm Ending Leaked?

Spoilers incoming, watch out!

A video has hit the net in a big way. This video is claiming to be the ending cinematic for the first Starcraft II Expansion – Heart of the Swarm. Just a quick warning, I am not sure how legal this is or anything like that because the videos are dropping like flies. The ones that were uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo were removed due to copyright claims. I guess that just means that it might well be real.

The clip has no lip syncing, uses different voice actors than the normal, lacks proper textures and uses images in some places to complete it, but, it is definitely Starcraft II and Heart of the Swarm. I think.

Kotaku did a bit of detective work and even asked Blizzard for a comment on the video. The reply was the standard. “Blizzard Entertainment does not comment on rumors or speculation.”Another interesting bit of information is that The Third Floor, whose watermark appears lower right, is a production company listing Blizzard as a client.

So real or not, Heart of the Swarm is pretty long off and does not even have a release date set for it yet. Sooo, if you did get a glimpse at the video, savour it, you won’t see more for a long, long time!

Ending Leaked For StarCraft II’s Next Chapter? – Kotaku


The Video Game Awards – Starcraft II

The Video Game Awards have come and gone with some big announcements and reveals being made, such as the reveal trailers for Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls 5 and many others. We are here to talk about Blizzard and Starcraft II, though, so let us see what our babies won!

Best PC Game

  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment)

Best Performance By A Human Female

  • Tricia Helfer as Sarah Kerrigan

Pretty decent! The games that Starcraft 2 were up against in the other categories were definitely worthy of their victories, so no hard feelings there. If you want to read more about the Spike TV Video Game Awards then you can follow the links below, enjoy! 

Spike TV Video Game Awards – SpikeTV

VGA’s Round-Up – Kotaku

Video Game Awards – BigDownload

Speculation On leaked Blizzard Product

Do you remember the Leaked Blizzard Schedule that we had a look at a week or two ago? Well, it seems like it may or may not be linked to the recent resignation of Ye Weilun, Blizzard China’s general manager. Yes, it has been said that he was the one to leak it.

Aditionally it seems like several analysts have been investigating the product schedule, fully disecting it, breaking it down and monitoring the airwaves for more information. They have come to the conclusion that all the information on it is entirely plausible. That means we might well see Diablo III and Starcraft II: Phoenix, whatever that is, next year.

Yes, yes, we are still just speculating and talking about rumors here, but it’s fun, isn’t it? Read more below!

Analysts speculate on leaked Blizzard release schedule – Massively

Rumor: Blizzard HQ Blames China Office for Leak – Marbridge Consulting


GSL Round of 4

This past week the GSL moved into and fully completed its Round of 4 (Semi Finals). We saw LiquidJinro face off against oGsMC and TSL_Rain take on HongUngPrime. Sadly Jinro was absolutely destroyed by MC and Rain took HongUnPrime down with a score of 4 to 2. Yes, that does mean we are set to see a protoss vs terran final, pretty interesting!

You can find all the information you could possibly need about the GSL below and be sure to tune in next week to catch the finals live, it’s going to be good!

Ro4 Day 1 Recap – MyM

Ro4 Day 2 Recap – MyM

[Interviews] GSL S3 Semi-Final Winners – TeamLiquid

GOMTV Talks GSL 2011

In related news GOMtv has announced how the GSL will be working in 2011. It turns out the system in place for 2011 is a little different from what most people thought it would be.

In short, the post on TeamLiquid tells us that the good news is we will be seeing at least 4 spots reserved for top foreign players who won recent big tourneys or who’ve shown considerable performances in non-Korean competitions or leagues. The bad news is that Code-A is now only 32 players.

There is an extensive list of changes and additions to the rules and workings of the GSL and if you are into these technicalities then I guess you can check it all out below, as I said, courtesy of TeamLiquid.

GOMTV announces the system of GSL in 2011 – TeamLiquid

In more related news it seems like there will be qualifiers for A-Class that will be starting on the 14th of December. There are a bunch of players that are tied with points and, well, they gotta battle it out for those spots! Read the post below from GosuGamers to see who’s involved and exactly when they are set to play. Enjoy!

Tiebreaker Among 21 Players Will be Settled Through Qualification – GosuGamers

America vs Europe Challenge Delayed

The Europe vs America challenge that was set to play its games this weekend has been delayed due to the caster of the event having family issues.

America vs Europe Challenge Delayed – GosuGamers

SjoW Wins Craft Cup #22

The big name terran player SjoW has managed to win the 22nd Craft Cup. He faced off against fellow terran Kas in the finals and managed to win with a score of 3 to 1.

Craft Cup #22 – Craft Cup

SRTEAM Wins Craft Cup Lite #21

Protoss playing SRTEAM won the 21st Craft Cup Lite by taking down previous weeks winner Beastyqt in the finals with a score of 2 to 1.

Craft Cup Lite #21 – Craft Cup

Rikytan Wins Craft Cup Lite #22

Terran player Rikytan won the latest Craft Cup Lite, #22, this past week. He took down protoss playing LASKER in the finals with a score of 2 to 1.

Craft Cup Lite #22 – Craft Cup

Champions Trophy

Champions Trophy – 18 December

The next SK Champions Trophy has been lined up for this coming weekend, the 18th of December. The first two editions of the Champions Trophy were a huge hit and the two champions,Naniwa and LucifroN, were definitely worthy. This tournament is once again set to be a 32 player invite only event and more information regarding the participants, times and prizes will be revealed during the next week. Keep checking back here or at SK Gaming for more on that!

 Starcraft II Champions Trophy 18th of December – SK Gaming

TeamSpeak TL Open #6 – Insolence Wins

The TeamSpeak sponsored TeamLiquid opens are carrying on steadily! The 6th TeamLiquid open was recently concluded with protoss player Insolence taking the win. He did well to take down mouzMorroW in the finals and Strelok did well to take the third place, too. You can find the replays, results and VODs of the event below, courtesy of TeamLiquid. Enjoy!

[VODs] TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #6 – TeamLiquid

eOSL Updates

The eOSL playoffs are about to enter their semi finals with MoMaN, SarenS, Rouaf and Tuzer taking down their opponents and progressing. You can read all the relevant information and find all the results below, courtesy of MyM.

eOSL Updates – MyM

Day 9 Cartoon Sketch – Speed Drawing

Are you a fan of speed drawings? Are you a fan of Day[9] and Starcraft II? Well, well, well, this is something right up your alley. Artist Joey Judkins says that he has never seen Sean in real life and doesn’t really know what his lower body looks like. That is not a problem, though, he will just make something up. In his sketch we see Day[9] with a rather attractive zerg lower body, drinking a bottle of terran blood.

 I absolutely can’t wait to see what Joey does next. See the video of the sketching process above and the finished product below. Enjoy!

Day 9 Cartoon

Day[9] Shares His Secrets

In some more Day[9] news, the legendary Starcraft Guru and caster has revealed his secrets, sort of. In a pretty  extensive article for Pcworld.com, Sean Plott explains the precise steps you need to follow to prepare and launch a web cast of your own. The piece offers advice about screen capturing, rendering, streaming, the hardware you need and much more! This is a must read for anyone that is in this line of work or anyone that’s just thinking that it might be for them and wants to see what it entails. Enjoy!

Screencast Live: How To Make Your Own Web TV Show – PCWorld

Top North American Player Interviewed

GosuGamers have a nice interview up with the currently top ranked US Player, InflowMini. They talk to the protoss player about his approach to rising in the ranks, how he’s repeatedly gotten away with 1-Gate Expand against high-profile Terrans, and why Colossi are overrated. Find the full thing below.

Meet the man at the top of the NA Ladder – GosuGamers 

 Elky Profile

GosuGamers also have a nice and incredibly, incredibly extensive and informative profile up of former Brood War player turned Poker Champ, Elky. It covers every little detail about his life after Brood War and a bunch of videos and interviews from his past. If you’re a fan then I guess you know where to look!

Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier Profile – GosuGamers

Artosis – IdrA Interview & More

Artosis found a little bit of time in his hectic GSL schedule to sit down with IdrA for a few questions and thoughts. He discusses all sorts of stuff, from the Liquid crew in the GSL, to the recent huge amount of all-ins, to Code S contenders and anticontenders, his stream, and more! It is always great to see what IdrA thinks about everything that’s going on. Check that out above and below!

[Video] IdrA on GSL, Code S, his stream, and more! – TeamLiquid

He also has a new cast up on his ArtosisTV YouTube channel of a game between IdrA and Zenio. Yes, with the huge grudge between those two it is set to be amazing. Be sure to check that out along with all the others he’s recently uploaded, too!

ArtosisTV – YouTube

Bischu To Dignitas

Team Dignitas has picked up the relatively big name protoss player Bischu. They comment on it saying that the one weakness of their world-class Starcraft II team was probably the absence of a Protoss ace. They also say that after looking for one for quite a while, they were more than happy to fill the spot with Bischu. Good luck to Bischu and all the Dignitas guys and you can read the full interview with Bischu and post on Team-Dignitas.net.

Team Dignitas Welcomes The Protoss – TeamDignitas

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