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GSL 2011

A New Year – GSL

It is a new year and the next season of the Global Starcraft II League has begun. As I keep mentioning, this one is going to work a little different. This is the first GSL Sponsorship League. So yes, the players at the top get paid to just play the game, in the GSL. TeamLiquid has, as usual, set up a post covering it all, and I really mean all of it. Believe it or not, a lot of people still don’t know exactly how the GSL works, and well, I won’t blame them for that. There really is a lot going on in this new season. Code-S, Code-A, Up-and-down, those are the types of matches we’re gonna be seeing throughout this maiden sponsorship season of the GSL. So if you’re one of that large number that is maybe not quite 100% absolutely sure how it is set to work this year, check the post out below detailing it all. It even covers all the teams participating, has a look at the groups and takes a pretty in-depth look at most of the players.

[GSL] “A New Year” – 2011 Preview – TeamLiquid

For those that are totally on the ball and are already enjoying the GOM TV live streams every day,  I guess you want results, instead. The first play-day was on January the 2nd and featured quite a few impressive Code-S players duking it out. The opening ceremony was indeed something to behold with a brilliant light and fire show to welcome all the Code-S players to the new season and introduce them, or re-introduce them, to the cheering crowds. The big winners of the day? GSL Champ IMNesTea and TheBestfOu. On the second day we saw Code-S and Code-A games. In Code-S the big winners were IMMvp and oGsZenio and sadly, GSL Season 1 winner Fruitdealer lost his games. In Code-S Junwi and Zenith won their games and advanced.  The third play-day was also completed and the two players progressing in the Code-S from that group are SlayerS_BoxeR and oGsHyperdub. Keep checking back for more!

Want to follow the GSL yourself? There are a couple of great sites you can check out to do just that.

Global Starcraft Team League

In another small piece of GSL related news, it seems like GOMtv is gearing up to host a Global Starcraft Team League, GSTL for short. They announced back in December that in 2011 the GSTL will take place in February, right after GSL Season 4. 8 teams will compete for a pretty large prize pool. Teams are to be chosen based on all the points of their current players in the GSL Code-S and Code-A. It sounds like fun and it will also be great to see which teams come out on top there, not just the individual players. Read more about all of that below!

GOMTV announces GSTL – Team Tourney – TeamLiquid

Tastosis Small

Tasteless – Observer No More

As usual the GSL news, drama and controversy does not end with the results. It seems like in what some are calling a shocking turn of events, Tasteless is no longer the observer for the English GSL stream. *gasp!* Yes, for those that didn’t know, at the start of the new GSL season Tastosis made an announcement that Tasteless will not be observing GSL games anymore. The guys at GOM Tv have hired an entirely new observer to fill that role. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether this is a good idea or not, it seems like quite a few people would prefer Tasteless to be doing it. Why? Well it seems like the new guy is missing quite a lot of the action and, well, often there are just little things that Tasteless and/or Artosis are either talking about or want to point out that just get lost in translation, never showing up on our streams. Oh well, I can imagine that Tasteless was in over his head with the commentating and observing so this is probably for the best. Read more below!

Tasteless no longer Observer – TeamLiquid

A Letter From An Unloved Viewer

In our last bit of GSL, or GOMtv related goodness, we have a misunderstood fan that in fact only wanted to offer to help out with the interview translations at the GSL, but ended up just saying it all wrong. He said that he could do John the translators job better than John himself does it, by accident of course. So, Tasteless mentioned this on the livestream and, well, our misunderstood fan got a little too much attention. He proceeded to type a letter to everyone watching the GSL, Tasteless and John himself, conveying how sorry he was and how wrong he was to do it the way he did. There was more done and said, but if you want to read this tale about heartache, misunderstandings and interview translations I guess you can check the full thing out below. Enjoy!

A letter from an unloved viewer – GOMtv

Response by Random guy to Tasteless John Rant – TeamLiquid


TSL3 Announced – Starcraft 2

TeamLiquid announced their third season of the TeamLiquid StarLeague for StarCraft 2. The event itself will have, for the first time ever, an offline final at the TeamLiquid headquarters in New York City. A few things you might want to know about the TSL3, other than the fact that I absolutely can’t wait for it to start up – The tournament’s main sponsor is Pokerstrategy.com. The seeded players are the Top 3 of the TSL2, Tyler, Mondragon and Sen. The first prize is a whopping $15,000. There is in fact an open qualification process, which is set to kick off on the 8th of January and there are quite a few invite spots open for the Starcraft II pro’s from Korea. Lastly, TeamLiquid will also be announcing the details about how to enter their TSL3 raffle, soon. They are going to be sending two lucky people to South Korea for GSL Finals and a tour of the oGs-Liquid house. That does indeed sound like a prize I’d like to win. So if you want to read more about the TeamLiquid StarLeague 3, you know where to look! 

PokerStrategy.com TSL3 – TeamLiquid

SC2 Reddit

SC2Redit Invitational

Sticking with the huge tournament reveals for a second here, the Reddit Starcraft II invitational has been announced! The SCRI, for short, is a tournament designed to pit the reddit Starcraft site’s best players against some of the best players that the StarCraft professional scene has to offer. In the main event, 8 Redditors who made it through the qualifiers and 8 invited pro gamers will compete for a pretty large prize pool. The event will also feature some of the biggest name commentators and/or casters out there such as Day[9], TotalBiscuit, Diggity, iNcontrol and djWHEAT. The group stages for this tournament are starting on the 8th of January and the finals are set to take place the day thereafter. Sounds like an absolute blast! Read more below.

SCReddit Invitational: Pros vs Redditors ft.Day[9] – TeamLiquid

Competo, Go4SC2 & ZOTAC Results

Competo Cup #22 – DieStar won the 22nd Competo Cup this past monday. He managed to take Socke down in the finals with a score of 3 to 2.
Go4SC2 Cup #69 – Satiini took Stephano down in the finals of Go4SC2 Cup #69 this past Sunday, also with a score of 3 to 2.
ZOTAC Cup #37 – Lastly, Strelok took Beastyqt down in the finals of the 37th ZOTAC Cup Sunday evening.

Kaspersky New Year Tournament Won By oGsTOP

The Kaspersky New Year’s StarCraft 2 Invitational ended just a couple of days ago in an all-Korean grand final. oGsMC and his clan mate TOP battled it out for the first place, the terran playing TOP proved to the better player on the day and destroyed MC in the best of 7 finals with a score of 4 to 0. That left the top 3 players as TOP, MC and Ret. So if you want to see the full results from the Kaspersky New Year event and download those replays, you can do that all in the links belooowwww.

GSL 3 champion outplayed by TOP – GosuGamers 

Kaspersky New Year Tournament – Replays, Results & More – GoodGame.ru

Lalush To Replace TLO In BDL

The Black Dragon League is  kicking off next week and it has been revealed that fan favourite TheLittleOne has had to decline his invitation to play due to personal reasons. GosuGamers reports that the community was asked to choose in a poll. Out of six players, LaLuSh, the Swedish zerg player from Millenuim, was voted forth as the sixteenth player to participate in the Black Dragon League. As I mentioned, the league is set to kick off soon, if you want to see the already released match-ups or just want to check up on which players are actually taking part, you can do all of that below.

TLO declines invitation – LaLuSh in Black Dragon League – GosuGamers

Black Dragon League – Ready To Roll – BlackDragonLeague

Top 200 Starcraft 2

Top 200 Lists Updated

Yes indeed. The Top 200 Player Lists have been updated yet again. Below you can find links to the Korean, European, North American and South East Asian lists. Enjoy!

US Top 200 – Starcraft II Official Site

EU Top 200 – Starcraft II Official Site

KR Top 200 – Starcraft II Official Site

SEA Top 200 – Starcraft II Official Site

Flash & Jaedong Knocked Out Of Starleague

TeamLiquid have some pretty in-depth coverage of the Brood War Starleague up. As I will always say, I don’t know much about what’s going on in Starcraft: Brood War, but, I will say this – I know who Flash and Jaedong are. In what was certainly one of their worst Christmas’s ever, Flash and Jaedong were eliminated from the Starleague in the Round of 16. The two biggest names in Brood War are out? Well, there must be some pretty amazing players participating in this season. Read the full story below, all the drama, tears and heartache is beautifully summarized by TeamLiquid, for our reading pleasure

[OSL] Merry X-Mas! Flash and JD are Out – TeamLiquid  

Player and Clan News

So in the hopes of stopping this post from taking up my entire front page I will be summarizing a little bit. Some of the smaller pieces of player and clan news are going to be listed and the ones I feel slightly more newsworthy will be fully detailed. Enjoy!

Community Smalls:

RaidCall Sponsors SK Gaming & FNATIC – BlizzPlanet

LLL.SC2 Signs DaBoO – MyM

rine Joins mTw Starcraft II – MyM

 MoMaN Teams Up With Cybernation Starcraft II – MyM

coL Signs Starcraft II Division For 2011 – MyM 

Clan World Elite Change Main Sponsor From Pepsi to GIGABYTE – GosuGamers

The Starcraft Bible

The long-awaited book, The StarCraft Bible, has been released and is now available in hard copy and E-Book online.  The book, which I personally have not checked out yet, apparently consists of 225 pages of pure StarCraft history spanning over 30 years. I am not sure exactly what was happening with Starcraft 30 years ago, but it’s all there. The writer, Chobopeon, recently sat down wih GosuGamers to reflect on his journey to make this happen. A couple of big names such as Grrrr and Artosis helped the author out and I’ve been told that this book really is something to see. Below you can find a link to the pretty lengthy interview the author, Patrick O’Neill, had with GosuGamers, as well as a link to where you can actually buy the book. So if you wanna brush up on that Starcraft history, this one’s for you, enjoy!

The StarCraft Bible Author: ‘Now it is done, I have a copy in my hands’ – GosuGamers

GosuGamers – Best Non-Korean Of 2010

In some more good stuff from GosuGamers, they have selected their top picks for the best non-Korean Starcraft II player of 2010 and are asking all of us to cast out votes. There are, as you can imagine, too many good players too choose from! HuK, TLO, qxc, Jinro and many more are in the list and, no doubt longing for your vote. So if you want to check that out, read abit more about the choices and cast your vote, the link is below. Alternatively, you could just check back here on the 14th of January as that is when the polls will be closed and the votes will be tallied.  

GosuGamers Awards 2010: Best Non-Korean of the Year – GosuGamers

Nerd Alert – SCV Love Song

As a quick extra I thought I would also just show you all Nerd Alert’s second song! Yes, Kurt and Husky are at it again. This time it is an original song about two SCVs that just wanting to repair one another and keep each other safe… It really is a heartfelt look at the life of an SCV. Their feelings mean something too, you know? Check that out above, it’s amazingly well made and some good entertainment.

Husky As Zeratul – Speed Drawing

Yet another piece of work involving H to the usky Husky. Joey Judkinds, the guy who did the amazing sketch of Day[9] with that highly attractive zerg lower body, is back with his next episode of StarSketch. This time he has Husky in his sights and does a brilliant speed-drawing of Husky with the body of none other than Zeratul. Check it out above!

New GosuGamers Sponsored Starcraft II Team

GosuGamers has sponsored a Starcraft II team, yes, you heard that right, it is official. GosuGamers is proud to announce their first two, hand-picked, members of Team GosuGamers. ZpuX and Naugrim, apparently both of these players represent the true “Gosu” gamer who has superior gaming technique, good manners and sportsmanship. So, good luck to GosuGamers and their new team in 2011. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from them. Read more about the creation of this new team and the players in it below. Tying in with the announcement of the new team you can also find interviews below with both of their new players.

GosuGamers sponsors new StarCraft 2 team – GosuGamers

ZpuX Interview – GosuGamers

eSports Interview

Is 2011 set to be the biggest year for the global eSports scene to date? PC World seems to think so and, well, I can’t help but agree. All the signs are pointing toward the fact that there are big things to come and our baby Starcraft II will be at the heart of it all. PC World have a bunch of interviews up with varios big names in the international eSports scene. djWHEAT, IdrA, LiquidNazgul and many others involved with all the different games being played competitively at the moment. This really is a great read, especially if you are new to the eSports scene and want to know what to expect from the next year. Find the full thing below!

2011: The Year of eSports – PC World


Another Amazing Starcraft II Cake

Yes, as the title says, this is another little extra for all your Starcraft II, sugar and cake lovers out there. Thanks to the reddit guys for this, enjoy!

Amazing Starcraft Cake – reddit


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Starcraft Pulse

I know the camera was a little weird this week. I had to move things around a bit in the room I usually record in, will get everything sorted out soon! Otherwise, enjoy Pulse Episode 30! 😀

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