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Patch 1.2.1

Patch 1.2.1 Now Available on PTR

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.2.1 is currently in development and now available for testing on the PTR. This minor patch contains several bug fixes as well as a sneak preview of new ladder maps. So as usual, by participating in the PTR, you’ll be among the first to test out these latest changes and help Blizzard ensure that when the patch is released its of the highest possible quality. This is, sadly, only available to the US players amongst you and as I just said, the biggest thing is probably just that you can test the new maps out. Might well be worth it, though. So if you’re interested, check the Patch 1.2.1 notes out below or hop onto that PTR now. Enjoy!

Patch 1.2.1 Now Available on PTR – Starcraft II Community Site

New Ladder Maps

As an extra, if you want to check the new 1v1 or 2v2 maps out and can’t get onto the PTR, AskJoshy has a nice video up reviewing the lot of them! You can find that video embedded above or linked below!

NEW 1v1 Maps! – StarCraft 2 Public Test Realm! – YouTube

NEW 2v2 Maps! – StarCraft 2 Public Test Realm! – YouTube

Tournament & Event News

Tournament & Event Smalls:

TotalBiscuit to cast Fnatic’s PLAY Open – GosuGamers

Nerchio wins InsideNation National Challenger Cup #2 – GosuGamers

TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #12 – 5 Feb – TeamLiquid

Kas Wins Champions Trophy EU – SK Gaming

SeleCT Wins Champions Trophy US – SK Gaming

Adel Wins Spirit-LAN, ToD 2nd! – MyM

SjoW Wins Go4SC2 Cup #77 – MyM

elfittaja Wins ZOTAC Cup #41 – MyM

DIMAGA Wins Go4SC2 Monthly Finals – MyM

Recent Craft Cup Winners – CraftCup

Assembly Winter Groups Released – MyM

New ESL / Sennheiser Cup Announced (5000 Euro Prize Pool) – ESL

Brood War – Bacchus OSL Champion Decided – SK Gaming


GSL January Code-S Grand Final – IMMvp Wins!

The first season of the new and improved GSL Sponsorship League’s Code-S has been completed and we have our winner. IMMvp faced off against MarineKingPrime in an epic best of 7 series, that, well… didn’t really last as long as some would have liked. Mvp managed to destroy MarineKing with a score of 4 to 0 to claim his first place and the prize of over $40,000. This makes Mvp the first terran GSL Champion and, well, he fully deserves that number 1 spot. Below you can find the final standings of the event along with a full recounting of the finals. Enjoy!

GSL Jan 2011 Code S champion crowned – SK Gaming

GOMTV GSL January Grand Final – Report – GosuGamers

GSL Jan 2011 final standings:

  • 1st  Jong-Hyun ‘mvp’ Jung (T) – $44,480
  • 2nd  Jung-Hoon ‘MarineKing’ Lee (T) – $17,790
  • 3rd-4th  Jae-Duck ‘NesTea’ Lim (Z) – $4,450
  • 3rd-4th  Jonathan ‘Jinro’ Walsh (T) – $4,450
  • 5th-8th  Gregory ‘IdrA’ Fields (Z) – $2,670
  • 5th-8th  Hyung-Sup ‘choya’ Lee (P) – $2,670
  • 5th-8th  Ki-Soo ‘Trickster’ Seo (P) – $2,670
  • 5th-8th  Yoon-Yeol ‘NaDa’ Lee (T) – $2,670

GSL Up / Down Matches

The Up-And-Down matches to determine the next seasons Code-A and Code-S players have also been completed. The players knocked down into Code-A were the following:

 Seong Hun ‘Polt‘ Choi
 Man Hyuk ‘jookToJung‘ Jo
 Seo-Yong ‘Rain‘ Park
 Han Eul ‘Maka‘ Kwak
 Dong-Nyung ‘Leenock‘ Lee
 Gyeong Su ‘LegalMind‘ Kim

The following six will replace them and will get the chance to prove themselves in Code S:

 June ‘Lyn‘ Park
 Seung-Chul ‘sC‘ Kim
 Hyun Wo ‘Byun‘ Byun
 Jung Hoon ‘TOP‘ Kim
 Myung-Duk ‘BanBans‘ Seo
 Sung-Jun ‘July‘ Park

Lastly, Artosis recently revealed the four foreign seedings making it into the Code-A for the next season of the GSL. HuK, HayprO, Ret and mOOn-GLaDe have all been invited to participate. That is pretty exciting and I absolutely can’t wait for the next season to kick off! Read more about all those moves below.  

Season V Code S settled – SK Gaming

HuK, Ret, HayprO, mOOn-GLaDe to GOMTV GSL Code A – GosuGamers

GSL Extras

There are, as usual, a bunch of little GSL related extras you can check out, too. SK Gaming has a pretty in-depth article up called The State of the GSL, Artosis has an incredibly long video up of his visit to the Code-A qualifiers (Including a bunch of interesting interviews) and you can even read about the apparent new maps that are set to be used upcoming seasons of the GSL and ESL events, too.

The State of the GSL – SK Gaming

[Official] GSTL map pool change – TeamLiquid

ESL gets new maps – GosuGamers

ESL and GSL add new maps – MyM

[V] Interviews from the GSL Code A qualifiers! – TeamLiquid

New ESL / Sennheiser Cup – 5000 Euro Prize Pool

ESL has added yet another cup series to their already long list of events. This €100 Euro weekly cup titled the ‘Sennheiser StarCraft 2 Cup’ is set to carry on for 16 weeks with each winner qualifying for an offline play-off that will happen at the GamesCom expo in Koln, Germany, on May 28. These cups are happening on the EU servers and they sound like a lot of fun. As I alway say, everyone had better take part. Read the full details below.

Sennheiser Starcraft II Cup – ESL

FXOpen Invitational Series #1 – $1500

The guys and girls from over at FXOpen are proud to announce their first 64-player invitational tournament in their latest series of invitational events. This new format sees yet another increase in the prizepool, with $1500 cash up for grabs. There are a ton of great players that have been invited and, well, they even managed to sign Artosis to do the English casting for the event! It all sounds quite exciting and I can’t wait for the event to kick off on the 19th of February.

[FXO] FXOpen Invitational Series #1 – $1500 – TeamLiquid

Top 200 Starcraft 2

Top 200

The top 200 lists have been updated, yes, again. This time, though, there’s something different about them, the EU one in particular. One of our very own South African players has managed to creep up in there at the 183rd position. Yes, you guessed it, its Shase and he is doing us all proud! You can check that out on the EU top 200 list and leave him a grats in the comments, I’ll be sure to pass it on! Below you can also find the US, Korean and South East Asian lists, enjoy! 

EU Top 200 – Starcraft II Community Site

US Top 200 – Starcraft II Community Site

KR Top 200 – Starcraft II Community Site

SEA Top 200 – Starcraft II Community Site

Community News

Community Smalls:

Day[9] voted as best ‘Community Effort of the Year’ 2010 – GosuGamers

Demuslim with broken hand after “skirmish” – TeamLiquid

StarCraft Premium Series 1 Action Figure Set Pre-Orders – BlizzPlanet

Sjow applies for foreigner house in Korea – SK Gaming

Junwi – President Of Starcraft II Players Association

Incredible Miracle zerg player Junwi has been voted the first ever president of the StarCraft II Players Association and is expected to hold the office till the end of 2011. Junwi apparently received 26 out of a possible 84 votes to win his position. After being appointed he had the following to say:

“Thank you to all the players who voted for me, I will try my best to become a president that every single player will respect and enjoy.”

Junwi will lead the association in establishing an emphasis on the importance of education for professional players, as many GSL players are still in high school, or only recently graduated. He will also lead his team, Incredible Miracle, in the running of a blood drive for the Brood War pro Violet, who was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia last week. Now that sounds like a whole bunch of good things that Junwi is set to do this year and everyone had better wish him the best of luck. Read more about this story below, courtesy of SK Gaming.

Junwi voted SC2 players association president – SK Gaming

Grubby Interview

Fragster recently spoke to Grubby about his big move of switching to Starcraft II. In the interview they cover his current success in Warcraft III, whether that will translate into wins in Starcraft II or not, and how Grubby is enjoying Starcraft II right now. It really is a good read, especially for all those Warcraft III players that changed to Starcraft II recently themselves. Check the entire thing, titled ‘I am the underdog’, out below, enjoy!

“I’m the underdog” – Fragster

BoxeR’s Wings Episode 1

The guys from over at TL Subs have posted the first episode of ‘BoxeR’s Wings’, a documentary that follows the life of Lim Yo Hwan, BoxeR, as he makes his comeback to professional gaming in StarCraft II. It really is a close up look at what makes BoxeR tick, his fears, hopes and dreams for the future. A great watch and I urge all of you to check it out. Big thanks to dinki and his team for doing the subs!

[TL Subs] BoxeR’s Wings Episode 1 – TeamLiquid

Liquid Weekly #26

The latest TeamLiquid weekly is here and well, it’s a good one! This week we are treated with a lengthy TLO interview done by Sebastian from PolygonreVue that includes some Bloodline champions related talk and footage that’s probably worth checking out, an interview with LiquidTyler and a nice replay pack for all those zerg players out there from HayprO. All that and more, check it out below! 

The Liquid Weekly #26 – TeamLiquid

Tour Of The GOMtv Foreigner House

Artosis is at it again, this time he takes us on a tour of the newly rented apartment for a potential 8 foreign players from outside of South Korea. The apartment has everything, from bunk-beds, great looking bathrooms with electric toilet seats, a ready-to-use kitchen and a capacity of eight practice computers. The place looks great and what makes the video even better is that John the Translator is the one giving the tour of it! Artosis also conducts a short interview at the end with John wherein he mentions a few interesting pieces of information, most notable of which is that GOMtv will be picking the players that get to stay in the apartment based on their past accomplishments and current ladder ranking. So, head on over to ArtosisTV on YouTube to check that out. 

GSL Foreigner House Tour – YouTube


Starcraft II Sculptures

The guy that brought us the amazing Husky Infested Marine Sculpture, and many others, is back and in business! Well, sort of. The Notbusch Modeling website is back online and showing off some amazing new sculptures. I suggest you all give it a look and let me know what you think. I gotta say, the detail in some of these is pretty freaking amazing. Check that out below and wish the creator luck with getting a licence to sell these from Blizzard. Enjoy!

Sc2 Sculptures are back – TeamLiquid

IMBALANCED! – EP 01 – Introduction

Big names Artosis and IdrA bring us a new show, a show about imbalance! In this first episode they just introduce the show, talk a little about what it is and what they plan to do with it and then start talking about the protoss Colossus. Is the Colossus imbalanced? I think you’ll just have to watch the episode for the answer to that one!

IMBALANCED! – EP 01 – Introduction – YouTube

IdrA vs IMMvp

In one last little bit of IdrA related news, as I know you all love it so much, below you can find an amazingly epic ladder game from IdrA’s livestream between himself and IMMvp. The game clocks in at around 40 minutes and, well, it has pretty much everything you’d ever want from a ZvT. No, no spoilers. Check it out!

IdrA vs Mvp – Justin.tv


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Pulse Logo Small

I didn’t have access to my camera this week so I had to use this method again. I hope everything is satisfactory! (I did make a few mistakes, but overall it was fine!) Keep checking back here for World of Warcraft and Diablo News right after this weekend! The Starcraft News should be over enough to keep you sated till then, though. Enjoy!

‘Continue reading’ for a full list of episodes and extras!


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World of Starcraft

The World of Starcraft Story

The World of Starcraft Mod for Starcraft II has been the talk of the town recently and has most definitely become increasingly interesting over the past week. The mod’s creator, Ryan Winzer, has since the previous drama about the mod being removed from YouTube due to copyright claims, had quite a good streak of luck. He may or may not had received a job offer, or at least mention of one, from Riot Games and the big guys themselves, Blizzard Entertainment, directly responded to the whole thing. They pretty much apologized and said they just wanted the whole thing resolved and didn’t mean it badly, in any way, it was just all about the name. So Mr. Winzer was then offered the chance of meeting with the StarCraft development team at their headquarters in California. Blizzard will apparently be paying for his travel and his stay there, they just have to work out the dates.

That truly is a lot of drama for one week of a college students life, and truly a dream come true for anyone looking to go into game development. So if you want to read all about this, and more,  you can check the post out below from Kotaku. It includes all the information of the entire thing and a pretty lengthy interview with the modder himself. Enjoy!

StarCraft Modder’s Tense Week Gets A Storybook Conclusion – Kotaku

Ladder Map Changes

Blizzard made a couple of interesting announcements recently concerning the official ladder map pool. One good piece of news is that Shakuras Plateau is back and better than ever! Well, it’s exactly the same, minus the bugs, so I guess that is actually a little better.  A few of the other maps have been re-published too, to  to address an issue with foliage that would die and become visible through fog of war when a player spawned as zerg. Lastly, it seems like Jungle Basin is set to be removed from the map pool for balance evaluation. It will apparently remain unavailable for ranked play until further notice. This announcement came after the addition of a gold mineral expansion on Jungle Basin. So, if you want to read the full announcement, you can do so below!

(Sticky) Ladder Map Updates – Official Starcraft II Forums

We recently completed the following updates to the ladder pool:

• Blistering Sands, Lost Temple, Steppes of War, and Xel’Naga Caverns have been re-published to address an issue with foliage that would die and become visible through fog of war when a player spawned as zerg.

• Shakuras Plateau has been re-published and added back into the ladder rotation. The newly published map resolves a separate issue that caused 2×2 buildings placed near some destructible rocks to become both invisible and un-selectable.

• Jungle Basin will be removed from the ladder pool in the coming weeks for balance evaluation. It will remain unavailable for ranked play until further notice.
Blizzard Entertainment

Tournament & Event News

Tournament & Event Smalls:

sLDeathAngel Wins CraftCup LITE #32 – Craft Cup

GSL News – IMMvp vs MarineKingPrime Finals!

The GSL Code-S semi-finals have been completed and we have our finalists! Just this morning MarineKingPrime faced off against Jinro and took him down with a rather impressive 3 to 1. IMMvp also faced off against former GSL Champ NesTea and defeated him with the same score of 3 to 1. That does indeed mean that we will be seeing a terran vs. terran finals between Mvp and MarineKing, be sure to tune in to that this coming Saturday.

[R&S] GOM Code S/Code A Jan 2011 – TeamLiquid

oGsTOP Takes Code-A!

The Code-A finals, on the other hand, have already been played and oGsTOP has been crowned the winner! He faced off against and narrowly beat ZeNEXByun in the finals with a score of 4 to 3. You can read all about the happenings in Code-A below, if you so wish.

GSL Tour Season 1 – 1/21, Code A Finals – MyM


As a few extras there was also a little bit of drama concerning soundproofing. These issues were brought to GOMtv’s attention during the games between Jinro and IdrA. IdrA 6 pooled the terran player on Jungle Basin and Jinro caught wind of it because of the noise the commentators were making. (Not that it changed the outcome of the game in any way) There was an official  announcement about this, which you can find below, and it seems like they are sorting out any issues there may be with their setup, good to hear! Lastly, you can also read some quick interviews with all the winners from the Round of 8 below, enjoy!

GSL soundproof issue – Official comment – TeamLiquid

[Interviews] Jan. GSL Code S Ro8 Winners – TeamLiquid 

Intel Extreme Masters – European Championship

IEM is currently running and we already have our final four players. Tarson, SjoW, White-RA and DeMusliM. The finals are set to happen sometime today so keep checking back here for those results. Untill then, though, enjoy all the following extras courtesy of MyM.

IEM: White-Ra, Tarson, DeMusliM, and SjoW Advance – GosuGamers

IEM VIDEO: DeMusliM under the loop – MyM

IEM VIDEO: Mouz.Naama interview – MyM

IEM VIDEO: Interview with RotterdaM – MyM

IEM VIDEO: Interview eSuba.PredY! – MyM

IEM VIDEO: MYM.ClouD interview – MyM

CrunCher Wins TS TL Open #10

The TeamSpeak TeamLiquid Open #10 has been completed with CrunCher as the victor. He walks away with $100 and a qualification for the TSL3. In second place was Fenix and third TLO, both scoring themselves quite a few qualifier points for the TSL3 aswell. Below you can find the results, VODs and a full recap of the event, obviously courtesy of the guys over at TeamLiquid.

[VODs] TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #10 – TeamLiquid

[TSL] Qualifier #3 Recap – TeamLiquid

Community News

Community Smalls:

iNfeRnaL Joins Team GosuGamers – GosuGamers

Naniwa Joins Dignitas – TeamLiquid

IdrA GosuTrolling Interview – GosuTrolling

Berkeley Overmind Wins The 2010 StarCraft AI Competition – ars technica

White-Ra “Chances I go to Korea are 50/50 – TeamLiquid

d.Apollo Interview – PolarfluKe

GosuGamers – Best Non-Korean Of 2010

Out of the 10 nominees, Jonathan “Jinro” Walsh was voted, by the GosuGamers readers, as the best non-Korean of 2010. It seems like winning the MLG Dallas and being the first foreigner in many years to reach the semi final in a Korean progaming league was more than enough to get him that first place. So if you want to see the Jinro Highlight Video and read more about TeamLiquids wonderboy and his achievements, with a quick interview to boot, you know where to look!

Jinro voted as ‘best non-Korean of 2010’ – GosuGamers

Fear of the Grack & More

Ah yes, another beautifully performed song by TotalBiscuit. This song is a Iron Maiden parody that was originally written by AlexanderS on the Teamliquid forums and, well, TotalBiscuit definitely does it justice. So in honor of the almighty Grackens victory over the lesser nerds in the GSL, brought to you by, as I mentioned, AlexanderS and TotalBiscuit, here’s Fear of the Grack! There’s even an .mp3 download link if you want this for keepsies.

Fear of the Grack – TeamLiquid

Below I’ve also linked a few other IdrA funnies including Grack To The Future, Captain Grack Sparrow and Grack Hawk Down.

Grack To The Future – reddit

Grack Hawk Down – reddit

Captain Grack Sparrow – reddit

IdrA Interview

In even more IdrA related news… Artosis recently cornered IdrA for a quick interview about varios topics quite a few people were keen to hear about. This wa done soon after his loss to Jinro and Artosis asks about the game that some feel IdrA quit prematurely, the rest of the GSL and even asked about his predictions for the next season. Watch the video above, enjoy!

IdrA on why he left so fast vs Jinro and more! – TeamLiquid

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Happy StarcraftingYou can read more about the amazing artwork used above at the bottom of the post!

Happy Starcrafing! 😀 I just wanted to say a few things here before getting to the news. You will realise, when you head into this rather lengthy post, that I have added a smalls section to the start of both the Tournament & Event News and Community News sections. This little summary of news posts makes it a little easier to set these posts up. I throw all the news in there that I feel is not really worth actually elaborating on in the post, while still keeping it in there for all those die-hards out there. Sooo be sure to skim over those and make sure you aren’t missing something you don’t want to miss! Otherwise, enjoy the news and thanks for all the support!

Starcraft II Patch 1.2

Starcraft II Patch 1.2 – Release Date?

To start this off I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, Blizzard confirmed that they’ve been doing more fixes and testing on an internal PTR and that Starcraft II Patch 1.2 is expected to come hit the live servers next week, if all goes well. That is really great news, so, if you want to prepare for the changes that are coming I suggest you give the latest version of the PTR patch notes a quick read, you can find them below, along with the official announcement of the patches release. Enjoy!

StarCraft II Patch 1.2 Release Plans *1/5 – Starcraft II Official Forums

StarCraft II Patch 1.2.0 PTR Notes – Starcraft II Official Forums

1/5/11- After additional testing and feedback from the community on the PTR, we’ve identified and fixed several issues and are now targeting next week for patch 1.2. We will update this thread should there be any further delays.
Blizzard Entertainment

GSL 2011

GSL – Code-S / Code-A

The GSL play-days are flying by fast and we are being treated with more and more extremely high quality play. There really have been some amazing games, but, there have also been a few upsets. So let’s have a look how all our favourite Code-S and Code-A players are doing. There is an amazing thread up on the TeamLiquid forums that was put together by a user named motbob and well, look no further for your GSL results.

In the Code-A big names such as IMJunwi, aLivefOu, oGsTOP, sCfOu, Loner and ST.July. have made it through to the next round. Well known players that failed to advance in the Code-A include TankboyPrime.WE, ST.Ace and LiquidRet.

Players that have advanced to the next round in Code-S are IMNesTea, TheBestfOu, IMMvp, oGsZenio, SlayerS_BoxeR, oGsHyperdub, choyafOu,  TSL.sSKS, NSP.Genius, ST.RainbOw, oGsMC and finally oGsNaDa.The Code-S has not been without upset, though. The following big names failed to progress – Polt & MakaPrime, The Fruitdealer, who lost to IMMvp and oGsZenio, HongUnPrime, oGsTheWind, KyrixZenith, TSL_Rain, LeenockfOu, sanZenith and oGsInca.

There are more matches to be played tomorrow, so as I mentioned, if you check the post linked below out you will get a much clearer picture of what’s going on right now. It really is well put together and gives all the right information. Keep checking back here for more GSL updates, though.

[R&S] GOM Code S/Code A Jan 2011 – TeamLiquid

 GSL Official Map Change Coming Soon

In some more GSL related news, GSL Code-S pro-gamer NSPGenius posted a thread on PlayXP about an upcoming, and official, GSL map change. According to NSPGenius, the four bad maps that are set to be pulled out from GSL maplist are Steppes of War, Delta Quadrant, Blistering Sands and one last unknown one. The maps set to replace those maps are the following: Aiur Garden, Tal’Darim Altar, Biohazard, Crossfire and Terminus Re. According to a reply from GSL staff it seems like the Gisado Star-Challenge is now testing the new maps for next GSL season. I guess we will just have to wait and see if these new ones will actually get used, or if Blizzard will step in and step up with their maps. Who knows, see images of the new maps below along with the full quotes, enjoy!

GSL official map change SOON™ – TeamLiquid

GOMtv Send Your Favourite Player To Korea

GOMtv has sent out a request to the community seeking their opinions on which foreigners to invite to participate in the next season of the GSL, starting in February. They let us know, in the same quote, that there will be at least four spots to fill. This means that players who cannot play in the preliminaries or were not able to win a spot in the qualification has still the chance to play in the Global StarCraft 2 League’s main event. So if you are keen to help out or just see what others are saying you can head on over to the GOMtv support forums to check it out.

Discussion thread for 4 seeded foreign players in next GSL – GOMtv


In GSL Feb, which will take in February we plan to invite 4 notable foreign players who will be given seeds to be invited to play in Code A. Which players do you feel deserve such chance?
Discuss and name the players who will be worthy of receiving such seeds. Your discussion will provide valuable feedback for us and help to make more interesting GSL.

ex)name : your opinion

Thank You.

Tournament & Event News

Tournament & Event Smalls:

Go4SC2 & Craft Cup Monthly Finals

Tying in with the weekly cup winners we have the Go4SC2 and Craft Cup Monthly finals coming up soon. Yes indeed, the four winners of last month’s CraftCups are set to battle it out on each first Sunday of the new month for a 500$ Price Pool. As you all probably know, the Go4SC2 Monthly Finals work in pretty much the same way, too. So if you want to read about all the big names set to take part in both these events, or just when exactly both are set to start, check the links below for all of that and more!

Go4SC2 – Monthly Final December! – TeamLiquid

CraftCup EU – King of the Month – TeamLiquid

Kas Wins TeamSpeak TL Open #8 (VODs & Interview Included!)

TeamSpeak TeamLiquid Starcraft II Open #8 has been completed and Kas has taken the first place. It is worth noting that this event was also a qualifier for the PokerStrategy.com TeamLiquid Starleague 3. That does in fact mean that Kas has qualified for the TSL3 and the top 16 finishers of the event also earned quite a few qualifier points to help thems earn their own spot. You can see the full results, read an interview with the winning player, Kas, and watch the VODs of the TS TL Open #8 below.

[VODs] TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #8 – TeamLiquid

PokerStrategy.com TSL3 Qualifier #1 Recap – TeamLiquid

Machinima Realm Starcraft II Invitational

Machinima Realm has announced their first venture into the world of Starcraft, an invitational including the teams Liquid, ROOT, EG, mousesports and Prime, who all will be competing for the prize pool of $2,500! The tournament is going to be a best of 7 clan war containing both 1v1’s and 2v2’s. Dates are apparently not finalized yet and the matches will, as far as I can tell, be played when the players have the time for them. (That sounds a little loose?) Lucky for us, though, the replays will be cast by none other than Crota, from the BlizShouter channel. You can read more about the event and watch the announcement videos below!

Machinima Realm Invitational – GosuGamers

StarCraft 2 XMG Series By TaKe

The German ESL TV commentator, TaKe has introduced his very own tournament series, the StarCraft 2 XMG Series. The series is set to be split into four tournaments. The participants will have the chance to win 100 Euros in each one as well as a ticket to the offline finals, to be held in Hannover, Germany. In Hannover, the players will battle it out for the grand prize of a XMG Notebook worth more than 2,000 Euro, sponsored by MYSN. The first of the series of tournaments is actually set to take place on the 11th of January! Stay tuned for more information about this and, if you want to know more about where to watch this or about where to sign up you’d better follow the link below. 

StarCraft 2 XMG Series by TaKe – GosuGamers

IMMvp Wins Gainward Starcraft II Tournament

The terran playing IMMvp managed to take former GSL winner, clanmate and zerg player IMNesTea down in the finals of the Gainward Starcraft II Tournament in Korea. In the grand finals he won with a convincing score of  3 to 0 to take hom $4,300 and the first place trophy. The top three at the event were as follows:

  1. IMMvp
  2. IMNestea
  3. MarineKingPrime

You can find the full results and read more about the event and all that transpired there in the link provided below!

Gainward SC2 Tournament by Absolute Korea (9/01) – TeamLiquid

Bacchus OSL – Ro8 Week One

Even more Brood War goodness incoming! TeamLiquid have, once again, published some amazingly in-depth coverage of the Bachus OSL that’s currently running in South Korea, for Starcraft: Brood War. Although, after seeing Flash and JaeDong’s premature departures, is there really any more excitement left? Well, I guess I will leave that open for debate and let you discover the answer for yourselves. Read about the first week of the round of 8 below , it’s full of great write-ups, results and some funny images to boot! Enjoy!

[OSL] 2010 Bacchus OSL- RO8 Week One – TeamLiquid

Community News

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Liquid Weekly #21

The 21st Liquid Weekly is out and, as usual, it is packed full of TeamLiquid goodness. While this edition is mostly just GSL news, there is a really lengthy TheLittleOne interview along with some pictures of his playspace, if that’s what you call it. They also spotlight Blamous and his daughter Stargirl from over at the NuubCast on YouTube and give us even more Jinro replays with two all new Jinro wallpapers. A pretty interesting weekly with more than enough to keep us happily reading, watching and enjoying for at least a little while. Check it out below. 

Liquid Weekly #21 – TeamLiquid

eG Recruit DeMusliM & Promises GSL Action

One of the bigger pieces of player and clan news of the past week is that eG bought DeMusliM out of his running contract with mTw in order to add him to their already impressive Starcraft II line-up. eG already currently homes several stars of the RTS scene such as Starcraft II Badboy IdrA, Warcraft III legend Grubby and many others. DeMusliM released an official statement about the transfer that basically just said he was thrilled to be part of eG and that he was glad that the guys from mTw took it so well and supported him throughout. You can read the full details of the transfer below along with DeMusliM’s full statement.

Right after this it was announced that eG have plans to set up a house in South Korea where their players would be able to prepare for and compete in competitions such as the Global Starcraft 2 League and the Global Starcraft 2 Team League. Aditionally, it was revealed that they would in fact be sending Benjamin “Demuslim” Baker to South Korea to participate in the future qualification rounds of the GSL. These articles and quotes are definitely worth a read, they even compare Desmuslim’s marketability to another famous European player’s, Grubby. Read all of that below, enjoy!

 DeMuslim will go to Korea – TeamLiquid

eG acquires DeMusliM – MyM

Starcraft II In Western eSports: Is A Korean Model Needed?

FNATIC recently published an article by Marc ‘frequency’ Onofrio where he argues that there is no need for StarCraft II to be televised in the West for it to gain mainstream popularity and success. He claims that online streaming is a far more efficient and logical way to push the game in the right direction. He says he’d love to hear your opinions on the topic, and any general feedback/questions. It is an interesting concept and, well, one that is actually quite often mentioned and talked about. Obviously streaming and online is the way forward, the whole world can be involved in absolutely any event from absolutely anywhere. But, it’s just not the same as a live event, is it? Ah well, if you are interested, check that out below, definitely worth a read!

StarCraft II in Western e-sports: Is the Korean model needed? – FNATIC

ESL TV: RotterdaM University

The chief of Intel Extreme Masters, Michal ‘Carmac’ Blicharz, is set to be featured in a new show on ESL TV where he will go from a total noob to a Diamond player. How, you ask? Well this will be done with the help of  Kevin ‘RotterdaM’ van der Kooi. The show will be called RotterdaM University and will follow the process of the former WarCraft III  legend RotterdaM teaching Carmac every little thing he needs to know about StarCraft II. Carmac is a well-known eSports journalist, having worked for sites as SK-Gaming and Global Gaming League, but, one thing is certain, he sucks at Starcraft II. So you can watch the incredibly funny trailer for the show above and read more about it in the links below. The first episode is set to air sometime in the month of January.

Korean Player of the Year – GosuGamers Awards – 2010

GosuGamers have revealed yet another of their Top of 2010 series of posts, this time we are voting for the top Korean Starcraft II players of 2010! So help GosuGamers out by voting for the player who, in your opinion, was the Korean of the year in 2010. The voting will end on January the 14th and the winner will be presented shortly thereafter. There are a bunch of amazing choices here, names I really don’t need to even mention, but will anyway. MC, FruitDealer, Tester, NesTea, MarineKing, Genius, BoxeR, Mvp, Maka and Rainbow. If there was ever a hard choice to make, this is no doubt it. The nominees were carefully chosen by the GosuCrew and I look forward to seeing which if these amazing players comes out on top in the polls. Check it out and read more about all the candidates below, enjoy!

GosuGamers Awards 2010: Korean Player of the Year – GosuGamers

ESL TV: RotterdaM to teach Carmac StarCraft – GosuGamers


Blizzard Fan Art Gallery Update

Blizzard has added six new pieces of artwork to their Blizzard Fan Art Section today. There are a few really, really amazing pieces here. So if you are keen to have a look at the many different interpretations of the StarCraft universe forged by some extremely talented artists, you know where to look!

Blizzard Fan Art Gallery Update – Starcraft II Community Site

Robert Clotworthy Interview

The blog Reactiontime has a pretty interesting interview up with someone we don’t really hear enough from, outside of Starcraft II that is, Robert Clotworthy. Robert is the man behind the voice of Jim Raynor in Starcraft II, if you were wondering. The best part about this interview? You don’t have to read it! Yes indeed, an audio interview with the man himself. You can check that out to hear more about his involvement with Blizzard, voice acting in general and the future of Starcraft II and Jim Raynor. Get to know the man behind that legendary voice, Enjoy!

Interview with Robert Clotworthy – Reactiontime

GSL – Artosis Trolled During Player Interviews

Lastly for those of you that want a bit of a laugh, it seems like Artosis is STILL being trolled during his player interviews at the GSL, quite hard I must add, by the users of the GOMtv forums. The names these guys come up with… really now. Check the video out above, enjoy!

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