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Activision/Blizzard’s Big Plans?

Is the heavyweight Activision/Blizzard getting ready to reveal plans for a paid online multiplayer service for games like StarCraft II and Call of Duty: Black Ops? That’s what Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter continues to believe. IndustryGamers.com reports that Pachter stated the following a few days ago today,

“We expect the company to announce plans to monetize online multiplayer content in Black Ops, StarCraft II and other games before year-end”

Now that I am not sure about. Unless Blizzard releases something like.. say the Map Marketplace for Starcraft II? Would that count? Pachter apparently made similar predictions recently but so far nothing has come of them. Pachter did however state the following in an interview with IndustryGamers earlier this week,

“I truly think the biggest surprise will be the launch of a premium service offering multiplayer online gaming. The publishers all are looking at this, and I think one of them will be bold enough to announce such a service by year-end. I’ll be surprised if the price is low, and equally surprised if gamers accept it without complaint.”

Do you think Activision / Blizzard have something big planned or is this analyst just full of it? Let me know what you think below! Thanks to Bigdownload for the news!

Revolution Overdrive

Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty Now on iTunes

Sure, this may well not really be anything that most of you are interested in, but some that played the Starcraft II Campaign actually enjoyed checking out that Jukebox in the Cantina from time to time. So for those music enthusiasts amongst you can now..

Carry the terrans’ greatest rock ‘n’ roll classics with you everywhere you go — without having to haul around the jukebox from Joeyray’s Bar. The new Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty album features 14 songs from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, including “Zerg, Shotgun, and You,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Terran Up the Night,” and other interstellar hits you’ve hummed along with while hanging in the Hyperion cantina. It’s available now as an iTunes LP from the iTunes Store.
Blizzard Entertainment

Revolution Overdrive – iTunes Store

A Rant About The Way Things Are In The West

Sk-Gaming has a pretty, um, interesting article up about how the Western Countries eSports sites, that’s everyone outside of South Korea to us Starcraft fans, are ruining the Starcraft II experience for everyone. It’s an interesting piece and the writer claims that websites should show more finesse in posting results for tournaments, players joining clans or anything else concerning Starcraft II. Now I can understand how some people feel that titles of articles and the likes spoil the results of games for them but still… I just think that the writer of the article was a bit extreme with his views on the matter and a little quick with his judgements. You can read the entire thing below and let me know if you feel the same or in fact agree with it. Enjoy!

The Cauldron #1: And the winner is… – SK Gaming

Starcraft 2 Tournament news

eOSLW: Group A, B and C over

Groups A, B and C have now been completed in the eGG-One StarLeague Winter tournament. Big names such as Adel and MoMaN have already qualified for the playoffs and other big names such as Elky and SarenS have yet to finish their group. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top once the playoffs start. Keep checking back here for more!

eOSLW: Group A, B and C over – MyM

Kas Wins ZOTAC Cup #29

Another two Terrans faced off against each other in the finals of ZOTAC Cup #29 this past weekend. Kas managed to take Tarson down with a rather nifty score of 3 to 1.

SjoW Wins Go4SC2 Cup #51

SjoW just doesn’t stop winning! The big winning Terran player faced off against fellow Terran Strelok in the Go4SC2 Cup #51 finals on Sunday night and managed to dominate him with a score of 3 to 1.

Go4Sc2 Monthly Finals

It is time for the next ESL Go4SC2 Monthly finals! There are a bunch of really great players taking part this month and it’s set to be a blast to watch. Five Terrans, two Protoss and a Zerg are qualified for the event and its set to happen on Thursday evening. You can find a full list of the competitors below and you will be able to find the results of the tourney here sometime after it happens!


SjoW, Strelok, ClouD and more qualify for finals – ESL.eu

ESL SC2 Goes Female Cup #2

It has definitely been a while since the first SC2 Goes Female Cup but the second one has just been completed and it seems like the all girls cup is back for good! Taiwanese player Pikachu managed to take the first place by fending off fellow Protoss player Dzejna. You can find the full results of the SC2 Goes Female Cup #2 below along with a replay pack of the finals that I am sure you are all pretty much craving right now. Enjoy!

SC2 Goes Female – Pikachu vs Dzejna – Best of 3

SC2 Goes Female Cup – ESL EU

SC2Casts KOTH #5 – Ret Takes Down qxc

Old school Brood War player Ret has managed to defend his title as SC2 Casts King of the Hill this past week. He faced off against the Terran player qxc and managed to take him down with a pretty close 4 to 3. I heard the games were pretty fun to watch and you can find the VODs below if you’re interested. Enjoy!

SC2Casts.com KOTH Showmatch – SC2Casts.com

Huk Wins eG Masters Cup – Loses To IdrA

The Evil Geniuses Masters Cup was completed this past weekend with fan favourite Protoss player HuK battling his way to the top. After winning the normal tournament HuK had the opportunity to test his metal against eG’s own Zerg hero IdrA. IdrA took that best of 5 series with a pretty close 3 to 2. Sadly for HuK that does mean that he does in fact not walk away with that amazing MSI Notebook, he did still win 1000$ so I guess it’s not all bad. You can find the VODs and full results of the event below!

eG Masters Cup Results – MyEg.net

eG Masters Cup VODs – SC2Casts


GSL2 – Round of 8 Nearly Over

The GSL2 is plodding along and is still busy with its round of 8 games. The first play day has been completed and we’ve seen last seasons second place HopeTorture make it through along with the ‘fake’ BoxeR. Yes, amazing that these things go by so fast, soon there will be only four players left! Before that happens, though, there will be one of the most anticipated games ever in Starcraft II. Tomorrow we will see SlayerS_BoxeR take on none other than oGsNaDa! I simply can’t wait for that game. I will most definitely try tune in and catch it live. The other game for the day tomorrow is Zerg playing Zenio vs fellow Zerg NesTea.

You can find a couple of round-up posts below and can no doubt check back here soon for more results, enjoy!

[GSL] Ro8 Day 1 – TeamLiquid

[GSL] Ro8 Day 2 – TeamLiquid

ProLeague Updates

As I mentioned in a previous post the ProLeague for Brood War has started up again in South Korea. As expected TeamLiquid is covering it all and providing us with blow-by-blow recountings of all the matches happening. So as I also mentioned before if you are an avid Brood War fan then you’d probably want to check this out below!

[PL] Uprising – TeamLiquid

TLO Interview

TLO seems to just love to be the centre of attention! The German wunderkind has been interviewed yet again, this time by Swedish site Sn.se. You can read the full interview below if you want to know, well, pretty much anything about him! The interview covers his new life in Korea, the GSL, his relationship with the oGs members he shares a house with and much, much more. Enjoy!

Intervju med Dario “Thelittleone” Wünsch – sn.se

Starcraft 2 Machinina

Starcraft II / World of Warcraft Machinima

Some interesting new Starcraft II / World of Warcraft themed machinima has been submitted to SC2Mapster.com and I gotta say it’s really, really cool! See below if you want to watch the Zerg invade Azeroth only to be met by the fury of the Horde and the might of the Alliance. The Terran and Protoss even make an appearance and provide a bit of backup for the Azerothians. The videos are incredibly well made and definitely worth the watch if you can spare 5 minutes. Check them out below!


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Reporting From The Battlefield

Reporting From The Battlefield

An interesting post has popped up on the Official Starcraft II Sites detailing all the reasons you should report spam, harassment, threats, cheating or inappropriate map content. It really covers all of it, how to do it, why you should do it and how it will help them help you if you do. You can check the full post out below!

Reporting from the battlefield – Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Making Starcraft II Mods

Apparently Blizzard is making mods for Starcraft II. Now I bet you’re wondering if that still makes them mods? Hmmm. It’s a good question. I guess it depends if they are useable by choice, we could just call them updates instead? Either way, lead designer on Starcraft II, Dustin Broder has a little talk about it to Game Informer recently. He mentioned that they had some mods that they were working on internally and planned on releasing to them modmakers in the Starcraft II community soon. If you ask me, I’d say anything that could possibly improve our gameplay experience is a good thing! Read the full article / interview below.

Afterwords: StarCraft II – Game Informer

Starcraft II Tournament News

MorroW Takes Competo #6

MorroW has taken the 6th Competo Cup. He battled it out against jimpo in the finals and managed to take it with a score of 3 to 2.

Jimpo Wins Craft Cup Lite #2

The Terran player jimpo managed to take the second Craft Cup Lite that happened this past Tuesday. He took down the Zerg player Magulina in the finals with a score of 3 to 2.

Adelscott Wins Go4SC2 #40

The protoss player Adelscott won Go4SC2 Cup #40 this past Wednesday.  He met up against the Terran Jimpo in the finals and bested him with a score of 3-2.

HuK Is Still The King – Faces Next Challenger

HuK, the Protoss King of the NVIDIA GosuGamers Hill, is set to face off against his next challenger on the 24th of September. The Terran player SjoW is next in line To face off against HuK and the winner will, once again, walk away with 100 Euro. Will HuK hold on to the title for another week to make it a hat trick? Who knows, but it will be exciting to see!

NVIDIA GosuGamers KOTH: HuK vs. SjoW

IEM Qualification About To Start

The IEM Qualifiers are starting and the first few matches are set to happen on the 23rd of September. There are quite a few good players set to compete (Naniwa, Sein, HasuObs and more!) in the first play day and we are definitely in for a treat! You can read more about that below.

IEM Qualification about to start – MyM

Team Liquid Open #2 (US)

The second Team Liquid Open is set to happen on Saturday, October the 2nd. There are only 512 player slots and this time around it will be on the US Battle.net servers. The previous tournament had some really, really amazing games and was great fun to watch. I have no doubt that this one will be just as exciting! You can head on over to Teamliquid to read more about sign ups, rules and everything else!

TL Open #2 (US Server) – Team Liquid


The ESL Pro Series in Germany has moved on to its fifth play day and things are definitely starting to get intense.  As of writing this Naniwa and Goody tied for the lead on 12 points but there are tons of other good players really close. You can find a post below with all the play-day 5 matchups along with all the current standings thus far.

The EPS has also just finished its fifth play day and you can find results and a writeup about that below!

ESL Pro Series Germany goes into round 5 – GosuGamers
EPS Playday Number Five – MyM

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Happy Starcrafting

As the title says this really is a week of results. There has been a lot going down and there’s most definitely a lot more coming up! A lot of this news will be coming up in this week’s Pulse too, so if you are the type that prefers watching a video to reading a post, wait for that! Enjoy!

Global Starcraft II League Moves To Top 16

The Global Starcraft II League that’s taking place in South Korea right now is nearing its end, sort of. They are down to only 16 players and the saddest part is there are no foreigners left in the tournament! Sadly TLO was the latest to be knocked out (IdrA before him) and that leaves us with a whole bunch of Korean pro-gamers in the top 16. Not a bad thing, just a little sad! We will obviously still be seeing a ton of great games.

Apparently there will be a four-day break before the rest of the games commence so be sure to check back here when they start-up again for more results and/or announcements!

Starcraft II Tournament News

Tournaments – The Terran Weekend

A bunch of tournaments went down over this past weekend and the results swing quite heavily in one particular races favour. Terran. See below how almost every single event was won by some or other Terran player, enjoy all you Terran fanboys!

You can find all the replay packs I could find below!

Lucifron Takes ZOTAC Cup #22

The latest ZOTAC Starcraft II Cup was taken by the Terran player Lucifron. He met up against ClouD in an all Terran finals and managed to win with a score of 3 to 2.

Full Brackets

Tarson Takes Go4SC2 Cup #39

The Go4SC2 Cup #39 happened this past Sunday with Tarson taking the first place. He managed to best Lucifron in the all Terran finals with a score of 3 to 1.

Full Brackets

SjoW Wins Craft Cup #6

The Terran player SjoW managed to win another one this past week by defeating fellow Terran GoOdy in the finals with a score of 3 to 1. You can find the full results below in the Craft Cup Hall of fame.

Craft Cup Hall of Fame

Select Wins TeamLiquid Open

On Sunday the first Team Liquid cup was held and in the final Strelok and SeleCT battled it out fisticuffs style. The all Terran games were actually pretty good and in the end SeleCT managed to snatch the win away from Strelok with a score of 3-2. That means he walks away with the first place prize of $300.

Interesting to note that the top 4 players in the tournament were all Terran.

Terran dominates Altitude TL Open – GosuGamers

NVIDIA GosuGamers King of the Hill – HuK Defends His Title

HuK has managed to defend his title of King of the Hill in the now weekly NVIDIA GosuGamers KOTH Series. This past weekend he faced off against the Zerg DIMAGA and managed to win with a score of 4 to 3. You can find the VOD’s from the event below but I have to warn you, they are pretty um… Let’s just call them interesting.


Korean BlizzCon Qualifiers

The Korean BlizzCon Starcraft II Qualifiers happened over the past week and we have our results! Genius managed a straight run for the first place in the winners bracket and took the win from Maka who came from the losers bracket. It’s worth noting that they used ladder rankings to pick the players invited to participate. That does mean, however, that both Genius and MaKa will participate at the BlizzCon Invitational in October. See the full results below and replays even further below!

Full Results – Team Liquid Forums

Our list of BlizzCon Invitees are as follows!

RedArchon (T, Thailand) Winner SEA Invitational
ice (Z, Singapore) Runner-Up SEA Invitational
Maka (T, Korea) Winner Korean Invitational
Genius (P, Korea) Runner-Up Korean Invitational
Loner (T, China) Winner Chinese Invitational
Thanks to GTR over at the TL Forums!

Player and clan news

Player And Clan News

There are a few moves and the likes in the international Starcraft II scene that are worth noting. You can find the ones I managed to find below, enjoy!

DIMAGA – Zerg is too weak

Big name Zerg player DIMAGA spoke to the guys over at GosuGamers ahead of his King of the Hill games against the Protoss HuK. He talks about how he thinks the other two races, Terran and Protoss, are perfectly in balance. According to DIMAGA Zerg is the weak link and needs to be worked on. It’s an interesting read if you are a Zerg fan or even a DIMAGA fan! See it below.

Dimaga: “Zerg is too weak” – GosuGamers

Rumor – HuK To Korea?

There are rumors floating around that the Canadian Protoss player HuK might well be dropping his clan, Millenium, to move to South Korea. (For Starcraft II, obviously) Apparently French player Addelscott will be taking his place in Millenium. These are just rumors and have not been officially announced yet. You can read the full post over at MyM below!

HuK about to leave [M] and move to Korea? – MyM

EffOrt Retires

Kim ‘EffOrt’ Jung Woo has retired from professional gaming. The 19-year-old Starleague winner will apparently not  be making the move to StarCraft II like so many other Korean Starcraft II pro-gamers. See the full post over at MyM below.

EffOrt Retires – MyM

NaDa Transfers To SC2

South Korean e-Sport’s first Grand Slam title holder, the ‘Genius Terran’ NaDa, also called the ‘Living Legend’ has announced that he will be moving onto Starcraft 2. It’s worth noting that NaDa is the only player to win six individual leagues while winning three contests in each league, succeeding in a “Grand Slam”.

A player like that playing Starcraft II? Where are the replays?!

NaDa, The Genius Terran, transfers to SC2 – TL.net

SEA Gets Access To North American Servers

It was announced earlier today by the SEA StarCraft 2 Blog that come Patch 1.1 all the players currently playing on the SEA Starcraft II servers will also be able to play on the North American servers, free of charge! See the official Starcraft II Blog post below!

All players, including those in the regions of Hong Kong and Macau, who purchase the English Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand standard or Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will have the option of playing on the North American Battle.net servers in addition to the Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand servers.
Blizzard Entertainment

Replay Packs

I’ve discovered a couple of replay packs that are probably worth checking out, see them below!

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Starcraft Pulse

Episode 17!  Tournament news is definitely my bane right now. It just seems so hard to find all the winners / runners up of all the various cups and events. Other than that I am really, really appreciative of all the new subs! Enjoy!

‘Continue reading’ for a full list of episodes and extras!


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Starcraft Pulse

Episode 16 is here! Still struggling a bit with Sony Vegas, the program just seems to buggy. Anyway, everything in this episode went pretty smoothly. Nothing much else to say, I am tired! Enjoy!

‘Continue reading’ for a full list of episodes and extras!


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Huk Wins MLG Raleigh

As the picture says, the Starcraft II Tournament at MLG Raleigh has come to a close and we have our winner! HuK bested Kiwikaki in the grand finals with a score of 4-2. I managed to watch the finals on a live stream and HuK’s Protoss was really amazing to see. I am not even sure how he managed to take down Kiwikaki’s amazing micro, but it happened! The few games I saw were cast expertly by Day9 and his various co-casters. Really fun to watch!

You guys are going to have to check back here soon for replay pack and full results! I just thought I would post this so long and just get the word out there that the Canadian HuK did in fact take it!

Top 5 At MLG Raleigh

  1. HuK (P)
  2. Kiwikaki (P)
  3. Socke (P)
  4. Lastshadow (T)
  5. SjoW (T)

As I said, replays will be added as soon as I can find them!

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There has been quite a bit happening in the world of Starcraft in the past few days, let’s see if we can get a bit of it covered in this post! I am still thoroughly enjoying my time, albeit limited, in the game. I think I am currently about six or seven missions in and about to start a rather intimidating mission that I think was called “Whispers of Doom”. It’s all been amazing so far and  I can’t wait to jump in there again when I get some free time! But anyway, let’s get to the news!

Starcraft 2 Free name change

Free Character Name Change Coming Soon

As the title says Blizzard is going to be giving away free character name changes in the near future. I think a lot of players will be happy with that and I personally know a few that chose their current character nicknames as sort of spur of the moment things and are not really that happy with them anymore. Furthermore I think a lot of World of Warcraft players that came into Stacraft II didn’t quite understand the significance of the nickname they chose. Good idea doing this Blizz and it’s nice to see something coming at us for free for a change!

We wanted to let everyone know that in the near future we’ll be allowing everyone a chance to change their chosen StarCraft II character name for free.

In some cases, people chose character names that don’t represent their usual multiplayer nicknames, as they were unaware of how the character names were being used. It’s important to us that everyone is represented by a name of their choosing in their multiplayer games, ladders, and on the forums and community site.

In addition, beyond this initial free name change, we’ll be launching a service similar to the one we offer for World of Warcraft which will allow additional character name changes for a fee. We’ll announce more details on how the free name change and additional paid character name changes will be implemented in the near future.

Blizzard Custom Map Contest

You’ve conquered the single-player campaign and climbed the multiplayer ladder — but do you have what it takes to be a StarCraft II custom map designer? In our first-ever StarCraft II Custom Map Contest, we’re challenging you to craft the most fun, creative, and polished custom map that the galaxy’s ever seen.

That should pretty much explain it! If you think you got what it takes and can map with the best of them in the Starcraft II Galaxy Editor then this one is for you! So what they are looking for is pretty much anything made in the Galaxy Editor. I guess you just gotta remember that ‘pretty much anything’ won’t necessarily win it for you. Entrants have till September 11 to submit their maps! You can find the full details of this competition over at the Official Blizzard Custom Map Contest Page.

Starcraft Arena

Starcraft Arena Launches

HD and Husky Starcraft’s baby has finally hit the web! Starcraft Arena is now live and they claim that it is the new home of everything Starcraft II. Apparently the site has everything from replays to tutorials, casts to tournaments and even active forums with a community to support them! With those two behind the wheel I am sure this site will do nothing but succeed. Visit Starcraft Arena now!

HuK and Socke advance to the playoffs of the NVIDIA Starcraft II GosuCup

Protoss player HuK and fellow Protoss player Socke have both advanced to the playoffs after yesterday’s NVIDIA GosuCup qualifier. Apparently the final between Socke and HuK to determine the seeding position will be played at a later date. You can find the full results of the qualifier here and I’m sure we’re going to be hearing more about the play-offs soon!

DIMAGA Takes Go4SC2 Cup #29 and MorroW triumphant at ZOTAC #18

In an all-mTw final of Go4SC2-Cup #29 DIMAGA managed to best clanmate DeMusliM with a score of 3 to 2. Interestingly DIMAGA played as Terran in this tournament and still manged to take everyone in his path down. You can find the full results here and the full replay pack here.

The Swedish Terran-player MorroW took home the 100€ price-money from this past weekends Zotac-Cup #18. In the final Best of Five he beat the Terran Lucifron with a score of 3 to 0. You can find the full results here and the full replay pack here.

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