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ÔĽŅStarcraft Pulse

Here’s Pulse 36! ūüėÄ Enjoy this latest batch of Starcraft News. Not much to say here, I decided to stick with the closer camera because it actually helps improve the sound quite a bit. Not nearly as much echo now! Other than that, happy with the episode! I am getting better at editing these, it’s going a little faster now.

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GameSpot Best of 2010

GameSpot РBest of 2010 Awards

I guess it’s just that time of the year, the time when everyone is just itching¬†to give awards away to all the great games that made our year as amazing as it was. The GameSpot’s¬†Best of 2010 awards are underway and well, Starcraft¬†II needs your help! Get the word out there, get your friends voting and keep our game on top! Starcraft¬†II is nominated for quite a few awards. Best Competitive Multiplayer, Best Implementation of User Generated Content, Best Strategy Game and Best PC GameGame of the Year.¬†¬†¬†

GameSpot РBest of 2010 РGameSpot

Best Competitive Multiplayer

Best Implementation of User Generated Content

Best Strategy Game

Best PC Game

Game of the Year

Those are some pretty impressive nominations if you ask me. Visit GameSpot below to see how you can help.


GSL – Code S

So if you haven’t heard yet the next GSL¬†season won’t be open for all, like the previous ones were.¬† Season 4 will mark the beginning of a new age for the GSL, their new ‘Code Hierarchy’ will be in place¬†where players are divided based on past performance.¬† Newcomers will still be able to qualify, but only for the lowest code. That Code-S is starting to look a lot more valueble right now.

In the group stages every player will play against every player in his group in a three game set, and the top two players in each group will advance to the round of sixteen. As I also mentioned before, after each season the top Code- A players will change places with the bottom Code-S players.

After looking at those groups I gotta say things are definitely going to be intense in the GSL4. You can find the full groups in the link below!

GSL Code S-Groups released РMyM

Code-A Qualifiers Underway

All that said, there’s more going on right now. The Code-A qualifiers are actually currently being played. Don’t let the Code-A status fool you, though, there are a ton of great players competing to make it into Code-A and these games will no doubt be worth checking out!

Today was the first round of the Code A tie breakers. Once again we have¬†groups, the top four players from each group will¬†be¬†qualifying for¬†Code-A in the GSL Season 4.¬†Sadly,¬†there won‚Äôt be any English commentary, as these are not official tournament games.¬†However, for those of you that can’t get enough¬†you can find a link to the free-to-watch Korean Stream below!

Korean Code-A Qualifier Stream РGOMtv

In the first play day the following four players made it through:

  • STAce
  • aLivefOu
  • Sync
  • Liquid’Ret

 The next play day is happening tomorrow, the 15th of December. Keep checking back here for more!

[GSL] Code S Groups / Code A Tiebreaker РDay 1 РTeamLiquid

[GSL] Code A Tiebreaker Schedule/Groups РTeamLiquid

[GSL] Official Code S Rankings РTeamLiquid

 Code A РCode S (Visualization) РTeamLiquid

Starcraft II Smalls

Starcraft II Smalls

Now for some smaller news that you may, or may now, be interested in! I am testing this smalls system out as it would probably save us both, me typing this and you reading this, a lot of time. Let’s see how it works! (I am aware that some of the smalls are not quite as small as they should be, give it time to evolve!)

SK Champions Trophy: First participants

With a less than a week to go till the start of the next SK Champions Trophy the first of the 32 participants have been announced. Strelok, MaNa, NightEnd, Naniwa and ClouD, to name a few, have been invited. The next and final 16 are to be announced between now and this coming weekend, when the cup is set to kick off. Read more about the final SK Champions Trophy of 2010 below!

Champions Trophy: First participants, 16 to go – SK Gaming

Intel Challenge: SuperCup

Intel is backing yet another huge tournament Starcraft¬†II Tournament. 32 of Europe’s top players will, soon enough, be battling it out in the Intel Challenge: SuperCup. There is a prize pool of 1,ooo¬†USD. I won’t even try to start to mention the calibre of players that are in this event. Everyone that’s anyone is up in that hizzle, ready to compete.

The group stages are to be completed early January. You can read more about the tournament, the group stages, the points system being used, the live stream and all the other stuff about it below, enjoy!

A marathon to glory: Intel Challenge Supercup РGosuGamers

Swedish Challenger Cup – GosuGamers

GosuGamers are hosting a¬†one-day-tournament open for all Swedish residents titled The¬†Swedish Challenger Cup. So if you want to join in or watch your favourite Swede battle his way to the top for the prize pool of 100 Euro, you’d better be here!¬†

The tournament is happening on Friday, December the 17th at 18:00.

FRIDAY 18:00: Swedish Challenger Cup, win 100‚ā¨¬†– GosuGamers

PokerIdol.com Starcraft II Tournament

In association with PokerIdol, Gamerbase will stage a huge tournament featuring a £5,000 prize-pool. It will have an offline final event, too. Thirty-two players will have the chance to win £1,500 for first place during the grand finals, which will be held offline in London on the 8th of January next year.

The first round of online qualifiers will be happening on the 19th of December. This is the first way to qualify.¬†128 players from all around the world will be competing for 16 of the¬†spots available in the finals. The second way to qualify is via four Poker tournaments¬†that will be held on¬†PokerIdol.com within the next couple of weeks. The two best players from each tournament will receive a spot at the grand final and 250‚ā¨ to cover their travelling expenses.

That all sounds really amazing and once again I gotta say it’s great that everyone is getting involved and getting even more great tournaments set up. Read more about the PokerIdol¬†Starcraft II Tournament below.

£5000 PokerIdol.com SC2 РTeamLiquid

£5k tournament with offline final РMyM

ESL Pro Series – TLO Qualifies

The relegation tournament for the upcoming ESL Pro Series season was held today in Bruhl. The players that managed to qualify are TLO, Akkis, NarutO and kAra. Check the links below for the full list of players competing.

TheLittleOne qualifies for ESL Pro Series РGosuGamers

EPS Relegation finished РMyM

Linked to this, to further entice the fans and add to the excitement of the games the ESL has remodeled the Pro Series into a group stage / playoff system. I think it will work out much better and will no doubt be easier to follow for us fans!

ESL Pro Series remodeled into group stage, playoff format РGosuGamers

Thanks to GosuGamers for the news!

FNATIC Dominate GameGune

Clan FNATIC players fenix and TT1 managed to clean up at the GameGune Starcraft II Tournament in Mexico. Both players eased through the group stages and faced each other, as expected, in the playoff finals. The FNATIC players were the only internationally known players to attend the event. Read more about GameGune and FNATICS participance there below, enjoy!

GameGune: Fenix 1st, TT1 2nd РFNATIC.com

eOSL – Nearing Its End

The next set of games in the eGG-One StarLeague Winter have been played. Tuzer has taken down Rouaf. SarenS and MoMan have yet to face each other for the right to play against Tuzer in the finals. See the full results below.

eOSL: TuZeR 3-2 Rouaf РMyM

iNSoLeNCE Wins Competo Cup #18

iNSoLeNCE won¬†Monday nights Competo¬†Cup #18. He took down joe in the finals with a score of 3 to 0. No, I don’t know who these two are either. They did manage to beat players like HasuObs and GOody on their way to the finals, though.

Competo Cup #18 РCompeto

Strelok Wins ZOTAC Cup #35

Strelok has managed to take ZOTAC Cup #35 this past weekend. He faced off against Nericho in the finals and managed to take him down with a clean score of 3 to 0.

ZOTAC Cup #35 РMyM

MaNa Wins Go4SC2 Cup #63

MaNa took the 63rd Go4SC2 Cup this past Sunday. The protoss player took down the terran playing Kas in the finals with a neat 3 to 0.

Go4SC2 Cup #63 РMyM

Top 200 Starcraft 2

The Top 200 lists have been updated, yes sir. This time, to make it a nice even four, I have linked the Top 200 Korean list too. Enjoy!

European Top 200 List

North American Top 200 List

South East Asian Top 200 List

Korean Top 200 List

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