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TIME Magazine Top 10 of Everything – Starcraft II

Starcraft II has snagged yet another award, or mention at least, in the TIME Magazine Top 10 of everything lists. Sadly for us Starcraft fans, the game only managed a 9th place, with Alan Wake taking the #1 spot. Still, though, it is on the list and that alone is an impressive feat! So if you’re interested in the rest of that list you’d better head on over to the TIME website to check it out. You can also read their little description of Starcraft II and reasons for picking it as a Top 10 contender below, enjoy.

The Top 10 Everything of 2010 – TIME

Good things come to those who wait, and boy, did we wait for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Twelve years after the original game was released, we finally got to play as Terrans (humans), Zergs (alien slugs) or Protoss (alien psionic bugs) once again. The space saga follows the Terran story line as the Terrans fight off attacks from the extraterrestrials trying to take over. StarCraft II’s game play has the right mix of old and new. It’s easy to pick up — even if you haven’t played the original in a while — and remains interesting and new. More important, this game focused on the multiplayer competition, which is what players loved most about the original. Here’s to the real-time strategy game slowing down Internet connections everywhere so we can enjoy our LAN parties.
TIME Magazine, Top 10 of Everything

Save On Starcraft II – This Weekend!

In celebration of the holidays and this most festive of seasons, Blizzard Entertainment announced an offer that lasts till the end of this weekend. You can now purchase Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for yourself or as a gift to someone close to you and save $10. Sadly, this offer only works for those in the US or Canada. I don’t know if it is possible to cheat the system, either way though, a good deal. Check the official announcement below!

Weekend Sale – Save $10 on StarCraft II – Starcraft II Official Site

Beginning now through this weekend only, you can purchase StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for yourself or a friend directly from Blizzard and save $10. This sale ends soon and is only available in the United States and Canada. Click here to save big and ring in the holidays with the intense strategic combat of 2010’s fastest-selling real-time strategy game.
Blizzard Entertainment

I realise that it might be a little late to post this now, but whatever!

Raynor Battle.net Authenticator Design

Below you can also read about and check out the new Jim Raynor themed Authenticators. If you felt your account was lacking that extra bit of security and your authenticator lacking that extra bit of style, then I guess this one is for you.

New Raynor Battle.net Authenticator Design – Starcraft II Official Site

We’ve just unveiled a new StarCraft II design for theBattle.net Authenticator. Armed with more rebel attitude, the Raynor Edition Battle.net Authenticator is now available on the Blizzard Store. You’ll keep your account safe in style and be the talk of Mar Sara with this account-security device in your arsenal.

Want to know more? Check out the Battle.net Authenticator FAQ, or visit our account-security page for more tips on keeping your Battle.net account safe from alien forces.The Koprulu sector is depending on you!
Blizzard Entertainment


GSL3 – oGsMC Wins!

The GOMTV Global Starcraft II League’s third season has finally come to an end! The final match between TSL_Rain and oGsMC was a best of 7 with pre-determined maps. There was also an interesting little bonus for the audience. Both players were in booths that moved forward with each win, forward towards the trophy that they were battling it out for. That, if anything, must have added a little bit of extra tension and stress to these games. I won’t be going into full detail about the games here, I will simply give you the results and point you towards a ton of great sites that did amazing coverage of the finals. oGsMC played amazingly, as he seemed to be doing for the entire GSL3. He managed to best TSL_Rain with a rather impressive 4 to 1. So yes, MC from the clan Old Generations has won GSL Season 3 and we have our first non-zerg winner from our first non-zerg-containing finals! Not taking anything away from Rain at all here, he played amazingly to get to the finals, but it was just not meant to be. So as I mentioned, below you can find a bunch of links to sites that did some really in-depth coverage.

[GSL] S3 Grand Finals – TeamLiquid

GOMTV StarCraft 2 Open – Grand Final – Results – GosuGamers

GSL Season 3 Finals – MyM

As a little added extra you can also find an interview with our winning protoss player below, discovered, translated and transcribed by the wonderful guys over at the TeamLiquid forums. Enjoy!

Interview with GSL #3 Final Winner (Spoiler) – TeamLiquid

Code-S Groups Finalized

With the GSL3 now concluded and 2010 fast coming to an end, it’s time to look to the future. The Code-S groups for the GSL Season 4 have been released, as I mentioned before. There are quite a few groups that quite a few people are slightly unhappy about. Three oGs members in one group, Jinro and IdrA sharing another? That is just the way of things. If they are going to win, they are going to win. Have a look at those groups below and let me know what you think. Are we in for a treat next year? Mass upsets or more of the same? Exciting!

GSL4: Code S Groups finalized – TeamLiquid

Groups for GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League Code S – GosuGamers


Let’s not forget about Code-A! The qualifiers are complete and we have our list of players. For those of you that don’t know exactly how it works just yet, GosuGamers have an amazing post up detailing every little detail of the Code-A to Code-S to Code-A happenings. It is, in short, as I mentioned before. The bottom players from Code-S play against the top players from Code-A. Should those Code-S players lose out, they get dropped to Code-A and the Code-A guys move up to Code-S. Woah.

Anyway, check the post out below for the full list of players and how its gonna be working!

Players for GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League Code A – GosuGamers

Tournament And Event News

eG Masters Cup

The eG Masters Cup is currently underway and moving into its round of 4 soon. Thus far we have bLuR, SLush, and stalife making it through with the last player joining them to be decided soon. The winner of the tournament will take home $1,000 and earns the opportunity to take on Greg ‘IdrA’ Fields for a chance at winning an MSI GT660 notebook. Pretty cool and there will no doubt be a couple of extremely exciting games. I will be doing more coverage of the Cup once it is actually complete, so keep checking back here for those results.

eG Masters Cup Brackets – My eG

eG Masters Cup Coverage – My eG

EG Master’s Cup Series Final 16 – TeamLiquid

BratOK Wins Beeline

The BeeLine Russian Championship recently ended with big name terran player Brat_OK taking the win. With the win he pocketed over $10,000 and apparently two brand new PC’s. There are some brilliant photos of the event and you can find them along with the full results in the link below, enjoy!

Results of BeeLine Russian Championship – GosuGamers

  1. RoX.KIS.BratOK – 10 500$ + 1 year of free Beeline Internet, 2 computers: Lenovo IdeaCentre B505 + IdeaPad s10-3t
  2. exL.inNirvana – 6 month of free Beeline internet + Lenovo Y560
  3. RoX.KIS.Pomi – 6 month of free Beeline internet + Lenovo Y550p

GosuGamers Holiday Special

In even more holiday celebrations GosuGamers will be hosting an open-for-all Holiday special. This tournament will have a prize pool of 500 Euros. Two qualifiers will decide who moves on to the playoffs. There’s going to be one qualifier for the North American server and one for European server. The top four players from each of the qualifiers will meet in a playoff on December 26th at 18:00 CET (09:00 AM PST). As I mentioned there are some great prizes and, its open for all. That means there is absolutely no reason for you guys to sign up for that and give it a shot. Both qualifiers are set to happen on the 23rd of December. Read more about the event below.

GosuGamers Holiday Special: €500 Prize Pool, Open-for-All – GosuGamers

NesTea & FruitDealer to play YGosu Invitational

The two former GSL winners, Fruitdealer and NesTea, have both been invited to participate in the Danawa YGosu Starcraft II Pro Invitational. Together with 14 other hand-picked players from seven professional StarCraft 2 teams, the lot of them will battle it out for a prize pool of roughly $2,600. The 16 players have been divided into four groups of four. The top two players of each group will move in to a playoff. The first few group stage games have already been played and the play-offs are set to take place on the 23rd of December and the grand finals on the 30th of December. Read more below!

NesTea, FruitDealer to play YGosu Invitational – GosuGamers

dKiller Wins Craft Cup Lite #23

Last week the zerg player dKiller won Craft Cup Lite #23. He faced off against the terran playing miou and won with a score of 2 to 1.

Craft Cup Lite #23 – CraftCup

GoOdy Wins Craft Cup #23

GoOdy won the 23rd Craft Cup last Friday by defeating the protoss player mazaYcheck in the finals with a pretty decent 3 to 1.

Craft Cup #23 – CraftCup

Homestory Cup #2

The original Homestory Cup was a great success after ESL TV’s Take hosted it in his own home earlier this year. The second HomeStoryCup is looking to build on the foundations of the first and  Take will be joined by RotterdaM and HomerJ for commentary. The prize pool is a generous 2800 Euro and the full list of invited players can be found below along with the rest of the details of the event.

The two-day tournament begins on January 15 and you will no doubt want to tune in to catch it live!

Star studded lineup for Homestory Cup II – MyM

ROOTdrewbie Wins TeamSpeak TeamLiquid Open #7

The fourth TeamSpeak TeamLiquid SC2 Open (and 7th overall) was completed this past weekend. In the finals ROOTdrewbie faced off against mouzMorroW and managed to take him down with a close score of 3 to 2. You can find the full results, replays and VODs of the event in the thread linked below, enjoy!

[VODs] TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #7 – TeamLiquid

ASSEMBLY Winter: SteelSeries Challenge – 5000 Euro

Assembly, currently Finland’s biggest LAN event, is holding a StarCraft 2 tournament sponsored by SteelSeries, named the Assembly Winter: SteelSeries Challenge. Now, the LAN and the tournament are only happening from February 11 – 13, but I guess it is big enough to mention now! Why, you ask? Well because the prize pool is a whopping 5,000 Euros as well as hardware from SteelSeries. You can read more about the event below, enjoy!

Assembly Winter 2011 Starcraft II Tournament – Assembly

Brood War – ProLeague Week 2 & 3

TeamLiquid have, as usual, have us covered with all the results and information from the last couple of weeks of the ProLeague. As I always say I won’t even try understand or follow what’s going on in the Starcraft: Brood War scene, but, TeamLiquid do and TeamLiquid are! See the full post below containing all the information you’d ever need about week two and three of the ProLeague.

[PL] Upheaval – TeamLiquid

Player and Clan News

Player Interviews

Now for a couple of interviews. I am only going to mention these incredibly briefly in the hopes of saving a bit of time. Let’s have a look!

Firstly we have a nice nostalgic interview with one of the first ‘foreign’ players to ever enter the pro-gaming scene in South Korea, [9] Thor. Yes, this is well before Starcraft II’s time. He talks about how life was different to back then, how he doesn’t feel Starcraft II is as fun as Brood War was and much more.

[9]Thor – ‘I wasn’t meant to be a successful progamer’ – GosuGamers

Fenix Interview

The Peruvian boy wonder, the terran player Fenix, has ambitious plans for 2011 including a will to win and plans to participate in the GSL, MLG and IEM. Did I mention he plans on winning those too? In his interview he talks about all those topics, plus how he views pro-gaming as a business, one he plans to run exceedingly well.

Fenix aims for the riches of GSL: ‘It’s my dream’ – GosuGamers

JunkkaSpeechClick for full size!

John The Translator Interview

John, the translator we’re used to hearing and seeing between games at the GOMTV events, has finally been interviewed. He talks about how he got to work at GOMTV, his first impressions of Tasteless and Artosis, which I will tell you about in just a second, and how being at the GSL helps his Starcraft II game too. Apparently GOMTV is going to be setting up a team house close to the GOMTV headquarters for foreign players, so they won’t have to pay for their stay in Korea. He also briefly mentions the plans that the guys from the GSL had of having qualifiers all around the world for their future GSL seasons. The interview is great and the best part was probably his first impressions of Tasteless and Artosis. The first time he met the duo he hated them, Artosis seemed cocky and arrogant, while Tasteless seemed stupid, but later he realized that they were in fact really nice guys.

Check the video interview out below, courtesy of VT Gaming, and above you can also see the speech from the GSL Season 2 finals that made him famous. Enjoy!

John The Translator – VT Gaming

ToD Interview

Another quick interview that I was recently introduced to was this nice little one with big name Warcraft II player ToD. It covers the time he spent playing poker, his choice to pick Starcraft II up seriously and his recent participation in the SK Champions Trophy. A good read about a player almost forgotten about, check that out below courtesy of Readmore.

ToD: I got many offers – ReadMore


Extensive Fruitdealer Interview

So the poster of this warned me so I will warn you, WARNING, massive 5000 word interview incoming! GSL1 winner, Fruitdealer, was recently interviewed and it popped up on Fomos Korea. As I mentioned, the interview is quite extensive. It covers it all, how he got into Starcraft II, the first, second and third seasons of the GSL, tons of great photos and much, much, much more. Check that out below, translated by a friendly member of the TeamLiquid community.

[Trans] Fomos feature – FruitDealer – TeamLiquid

JP McDaniel Interview

Sebastian from over at PolygonreVue has yet another interesting and as always informative interview up. This time it is part of his next GG Vision episode and he has a chat with one of the better known voices of Starcraft II, JP McDaniel. They talk about the highly popular State of the Game Podcast, his casting at MLG and much more. A great listen and in which he reveals all and then some. Enjoy!

GGvision Starcraft 2 Interview: JP McDaniel – Voice of MLG – YouTube

Jinro Interview

The guys from over at sn.se have a nice, also rather lengthy, interview up with none other than the terran superstar and GSL Round of 4 player Jinro. They asked about his thoughts on South Korea, the GSL and his games there. They warn, as seems to be the trend, that it is an incredibly long interview. That is most definitely not a problem, I mean really, who wouldn’t want to read a long interview with The Gorilla Terran? You can find it below in English and Swedish.

Intervju med Jonathan “Jinro” Walsh – sn.se


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