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DIMAGA vs BananaLlama

Just yesterday we were treated with something that us South Africans do not often get to see, a local player playing agaist a big name international pro. mTwDIMAGA was nice enough to agree to a best of 5 series of games against the winner of the recently concluded PolarfluKe:XMAS, BananaLlama. While the games were short and slightly one-sided I do feel that if anything they will be a bit of an eye opener or wake up call for some of the gamers here that feel they want to take it seriously. I won’t fully detail the games here. I will, however, link you up to all the VODs.

mTwDIMAGA vs BananaLlama – Game 1 – YouTube

mTwDIMAGA vs BananaLlama – Game 2 – YouTube

mTwDIMAGA vs BananaLlama – Game 3 – YouTube

As a zerg player I will say that these games were absolutely incredible and that watching them could teach you a thing or two. From a protoss point of view I guess this will teach you not to do the same thing 3 times in a row and teach you the importance of blocking that ramp!

Big thanks to TheEconomist from over at PolarfluKe for setting this up and thanks to SiEGE for helping out with the casting once again! I will be setting a link up to the replays here too. Stay tuned for that!

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GSL3 Round of 32 – Day 3

The third play day of the GSL Season 3 Round of 32 has been completed with the fourth day coming up tomorrow. As usual a bunch of games were played and a couple of big names have dropped out. This week we say goodbye to Sen, Genius and Ret. You can obviously find all those that made it through and the full results below, enjoy!

GSL Ro32 – MyM

[GSL] S3 Ro32 Day 3 – TeamLiquid

You can also read below about a few rumors that are going around which I, for the record, don’t believe. A fan thinks that GOMTV is supporting BoxeR by placing him, mostly at least, against terran players. Now, this fan thinks that, and may or may not be right, that BoxeR’s strongest matchup is in fact TvT. He points out that he is not hating or dissing, he just finds it a little funny.

One thing that is funny is that GOMtv has actually directly responded to this fans doubts and provided us all with an explanation, and some peace of mind. They say that they put top 4 players from last season in each bracket, then tried to split each race evenly into each bracket. And if they follow this method strictly all the brackets would look the same or be balanced at least. So right now apparently each bracket has 6~8 zergs, 5~7 terrans and 3 protoss. Interesting. You can read more about all this drama below, enjoy!

GomTV protecting Boxer – TeamLiquid

GSL accused of rigging BoxeR fixtures – MyM

Top 200 EU Starcraft 2

Starcraft II Top 200 Lists

The Top 200 lists have been updated once more. See the full lists below. Enjoy!

EU – StarCraft II: Top 200

US – StarCraft II: Top 200

SEA – StarCraft II Top 200

Beeline’s All-Russian StarCraft II Tournament!

Russian telecommunications company Beeline has invited all Russian gamers to take part in the first all-Russian StarCraft II tournament! Those taking part will compete against the best Russian StarCraft II players for the chance to win some fantastic prizes including a first prize of 500,000 rubles, a free year of Beelin broadband and a powerful gaming PC. Impressive stuff indeed. For more information about how to get involved please check Beeline’s official tournament website.

On December 12 the winners from the eight preliminaries, which are held biweekly, will then clash in the Grand Finals. Held in Moscow, these final matches will determine the grand champion and you can follow the action live via video stream on the official website. Enjoy!

Beeline’s first all-Russian StarCraft II tournament! – Starcraft II Official Site

PolarfluKe XMAS

PolarfluKe: XMAS – A Reminder!

Don’t forget that we have PolarfluKe: XMAS coming at us this weekend! I guess if you are interested in a bit of Starcraft II goodness and a chance at a couple of no doubt amazing prizes, you don’t want to miss it! If you have not registered, do it now! You can find all the details of the competition below.PolarfluKe – Fueled Up And Ready To Go!

BratOK Wins Go4SC2 Cup #59

BratOK has managed yet another Go4SC2 win. He took down the zerg player Aristeo in the finals with a pretty descisive 3 to 0.

Go4SC2 Cup #59 – MyM

Go4SC2 Monthly Final

Tomorrow is the big day for all those doing well in this months Go4SC2 Cups, the monthly finals! All those who love TvT are in for a treat, too, as six Terran, one Zerg and one Protoss will fight it out for the 500€ prize money. Read more about that below!

Go4SC2 monthly final – MyM

Satiini Wins ZOTAC Cup #33

Satiini took the 33rd ZOTAC Cup this past Sunday. He faced off against and defeated relative unknown Funkyy in the finals with a score of 3 to 1.

ZOTAC Cup #33 – MyM

Player and Clan News

Naama Interview – Live On 3

With Dreamhack over, the Starcraft II tournament concluded and the players getting back to their normal routines it seems like there is one last bit of crazy to entertain us. The guys from over at Live on 3, who brought us the rather adult after show from MLG Dallas are at it again. They have a talk to Naama about his experience at Dreamhack, participating and winning the event. After that they have their ‘Pro-gaming without the fluff’  segment too. They touch on many, many subjects and well, as I said, it gets a bit ugly at times. Worth a watch, or listen rather, check it out below!

Lo3 and the DH Winner – GosuGamers

Liquid Weekly #18

Another week, another Liquid Weekly! Liquid Weekly #18 is packed full of GSL3 goodness. They have a look at the latest playdays in the GSL3 round of 32 aswell as interview their players that made it that far, Ret and Jinro. So if you are interested, you know where to look!

Lidquid Weekly #18 – TeamLiquid

DIMAGA Interview

TheEconomist over at PolarfluKe.co.za has a pretty to-the-point interview up with big name Russian zerg player DIMAGA. So if you want to read about DIMAGA’s gaming history, the people he himself looks up to and his experiences, thus far at least, in Starcraft II, you’d better check that out over at PolarfluKe!

The Unburrowing: Dimaga Emerges – PolarfluKe

Naniwa Joins Empire

Power Gaming recently announced Naniwa as their new player and that’s good and all, but apparently the notification was a little hasty. The Swedish Starcraft II pro decided to join Team Empire instead. You can read more about the move and the drama behind it, along with Naniwa’s thoughts on the matter, below.

Naniwa teams up with Empire – MyM

Replay Packs

Dreamhack Winter 2010 Replaypack – SC2Win

StarCraft II Go4SC2 Cup #59 Replaypack – SC2Win

ZOTAC StarCraft II Cup #33 Replaypack – SC2Win

GomTV All-star Tournament Replaypack – SC2Win

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Happy Starcrafting

As the title says this really is a week of results. There has been a lot going down and there’s most definitely a lot more coming up! A lot of this news will be coming up in this week’s Pulse too, so if you are the type that prefers watching a video to reading a post, wait for that! Enjoy!

Global Starcraft II League Moves To Top 16

The Global Starcraft II League that’s taking place in South Korea right now is nearing its end, sort of. They are down to only 16 players and the saddest part is there are no foreigners left in the tournament! Sadly TLO was the latest to be knocked out (IdrA before him) and that leaves us with a whole bunch of Korean pro-gamers in the top 16. Not a bad thing, just a little sad! We will obviously still be seeing a ton of great games.

Apparently there will be a four-day break before the rest of the games commence so be sure to check back here when they start-up again for more results and/or announcements!

Starcraft II Tournament News

Tournaments – The Terran Weekend

A bunch of tournaments went down over this past weekend and the results swing quite heavily in one particular races favour. Terran. See below how almost every single event was won by some or other Terran player, enjoy all you Terran fanboys!

You can find all the replay packs I could find below!

Lucifron Takes ZOTAC Cup #22

The latest ZOTAC Starcraft II Cup was taken by the Terran player Lucifron. He met up against ClouD in an all Terran finals and managed to win with a score of 3 to 2.

Full Brackets

Tarson Takes Go4SC2 Cup #39

The Go4SC2 Cup #39 happened this past Sunday with Tarson taking the first place. He managed to best Lucifron in the all Terran finals with a score of 3 to 1.

Full Brackets

SjoW Wins Craft Cup #6

The Terran player SjoW managed to win another one this past week by defeating fellow Terran GoOdy in the finals with a score of 3 to 1. You can find the full results below in the Craft Cup Hall of fame.

Craft Cup Hall of Fame

Select Wins TeamLiquid Open

On Sunday the first Team Liquid cup was held and in the final Strelok and SeleCT battled it out fisticuffs style. The all Terran games were actually pretty good and in the end SeleCT managed to snatch the win away from Strelok with a score of 3-2. That means he walks away with the first place prize of $300.

Interesting to note that the top 4 players in the tournament were all Terran.

Terran dominates Altitude TL Open – GosuGamers

NVIDIA GosuGamers King of the Hill – HuK Defends His Title

HuK has managed to defend his title of King of the Hill in the now weekly NVIDIA GosuGamers KOTH Series. This past weekend he faced off against the Zerg DIMAGA and managed to win with a score of 4 to 3. You can find the VOD’s from the event below but I have to warn you, they are pretty um… Let’s just call them interesting.


Korean BlizzCon Qualifiers

The Korean BlizzCon Starcraft II Qualifiers happened over the past week and we have our results! Genius managed a straight run for the first place in the winners bracket and took the win from Maka who came from the losers bracket. It’s worth noting that they used ladder rankings to pick the players invited to participate. That does mean, however, that both Genius and MaKa will participate at the BlizzCon Invitational in October. See the full results below and replays even further below!

Full Results – Team Liquid Forums

Our list of BlizzCon Invitees are as follows!

RedArchon (T, Thailand) Winner SEA Invitational
ice (Z, Singapore) Runner-Up SEA Invitational
Maka (T, Korea) Winner Korean Invitational
Genius (P, Korea) Runner-Up Korean Invitational
Loner (T, China) Winner Chinese Invitational
Thanks to GTR over at the TL Forums!

Player and clan news

Player And Clan News

There are a few moves and the likes in the international Starcraft II scene that are worth noting. You can find the ones I managed to find below, enjoy!

DIMAGA – Zerg is too weak

Big name Zerg player DIMAGA spoke to the guys over at GosuGamers ahead of his King of the Hill games against the Protoss HuK. He talks about how he thinks the other two races, Terran and Protoss, are perfectly in balance. According to DIMAGA Zerg is the weak link and needs to be worked on. It’s an interesting read if you are a Zerg fan or even a DIMAGA fan! See it below.

Dimaga: “Zerg is too weak” – GosuGamers

Rumor – HuK To Korea?

There are rumors floating around that the Canadian Protoss player HuK might well be dropping his clan, Millenium, to move to South Korea. (For Starcraft II, obviously) Apparently French player Addelscott will be taking his place in Millenium. These are just rumors and have not been officially announced yet. You can read the full post over at MyM below!

HuK about to leave [M] and move to Korea? – MyM

EffOrt Retires

Kim ‘EffOrt’ Jung Woo has retired from professional gaming. The 19-year-old Starleague winner will apparently not  be making the move to StarCraft II like so many other Korean Starcraft II pro-gamers. See the full post over at MyM below.

EffOrt Retires – MyM

NaDa Transfers To SC2

South Korean e-Sport’s first Grand Slam title holder, the ‘Genius Terran’ NaDa, also called the ‘Living Legend’ has announced that he will be moving onto Starcraft 2. It’s worth noting that NaDa is the only player to win six individual leagues while winning three contests in each league, succeeding in a “Grand Slam”.

A player like that playing Starcraft II? Where are the replays?!

NaDa, The Genius Terran, transfers to SC2 – TL.net

SEA Gets Access To North American Servers

It was announced earlier today by the SEA StarCraft 2 Blog that come Patch 1.1 all the players currently playing on the SEA Starcraft II servers will also be able to play on the North American servers, free of charge! See the official Starcraft II Blog post below!

All players, including those in the regions of Hong Kong and Macau, who purchase the English Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand standard or Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will have the option of playing on the North American Battle.net servers in addition to the Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand servers.
Blizzard Entertainment

Replay Packs

I’ve discovered a couple of replay packs that are probably worth checking out, see them below!

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Starcraft Pulse

Episode 17!  Tournament news is definitely my bane right now. It just seems so hard to find all the winners / runners up of all the various cups and events. Other than that I am really, really appreciative of all the new subs! Enjoy!

‘Continue reading’ for a full list of episodes and extras!


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Zerg Starcraft 2 Hackers

Blizzard Talks About Cheating in Starcraft II

Blizzard have told us, as you can read below, that the time of the cheater in Starcraft II will come to an end soon. This is nearly the same type of approach they use in World of Warcraft where they will constantly ban or suspend the hackers, cheaters or exploiters in waves. Hopefully that first wave will be coming soon! Check below for the full quote.

Blizzard Entertainment has always taken cheating in any form in Blizzard games very seriously, and that’s no different for StarCraft II. If a StarCraft II player is found to be cheating or using hacks or modifications in any form, then as outlined in our end user license agreement, that player can be permanently banned from the game. This means that the player will be permanently unable to log in to Battle.net to play StarCraft II with his or her account.

Playing StarCraft II legitimately means playing with an unaltered game client. Doing otherwise violates our policies for Battle.net, and it goes against the spirit of fair play that all of our games are based on. We strongly recommend that you avoid using any hacks, cheats, or exploits. Suspensions and bans of players that have used or start using cheats and hacks will begin in the near future.
Blizzard Entertainment

Ghost vs Spectre

 The NVIDIA GosuGamers Art Contest Winner Announced

The winner of the long running NVIDIA GosuGamers Art Contest was finally chosen. There was apparently a lot of drama involved in the voting and choosing of the winner. The one that won apparently only won it with one or two votes at the time of the poll’s closing. A lot of people complained that the second place should have taken it… I disagree. If you have a look at the first and second place submissions and don’t agree with me…

Well let’s just leave it at that. The person that won’s entry, which can be seen below, is a lot better than the second place entry. The amount of detail, the precision, the skill. He is just a superior artist. congratulations to Charles “Tabnir” Liu for winning the NVIDIA GTX 460. You can see his submission above. If you are interested in the second place entry you can see that here.

Competo ZOTAC Go4SC2

Kas Wins Competo Cup #5

The Terran player Kas managed to take Competo Cup #5. I am still trying to figure out who he actually played against. The coverage of these tournaments is really, really bad. I will update this post as soon as I know. At least we know it was Kas that won it.  

Strelok Wins ZOTAC Cup #22

The Terran powerhouse Strelok managed to win ZOTAC Cup #22. He faced off against Zerg player Dark.Force in the finals and managed to take it with an impressive 3-1.

MaNa Wins Go4SC2 #37

The Protoss player MaNa took the Go4Sc2 Cup #37 over this past weekend! He battled it out against the Terran player SjoW and took it with a score of 3-1.

Demuslim Wins Take’s Homestory Cup

TaKe’s Homestory Cup took place this past Saturday between the IEM German Qualifiers and SteelSeries Go4SC2 Cup #37. Eight top European players competed for the prize of 300 EURO. Demuslim proved to be the best player on the day, though. In the all Terran finals Demuslim managed to take BratOK down with a score of 3-1.

GosuGamers King Of The Hill VOD’s

The VOD’s of the GosuGamers King of the Hill that happened last week are finally up and can be found over at the GosuGamers website. These games were incredibly exciting and are definitely worth a watch for any HuK or MorroW fans!

NVIDIA GosuGames King of the Hill VOD’s

Starcraft II Clan News

Four Kings Adds Starcraft II Lineup

The legendary Clan, The Four Kings, has announced their startup lineup for Starcraft II. Currently they only have the two Protoss players Bischu and MyWa. They plan on expanding the impressive lineup further soon so we’d best keep an eye on that!

July Moves To Starcraft II

Korean professional StarCraft gamer  Sung Joon ‘July’ Park has announced he is moving into the world of StarCraft II. The 23 year old (25 year old in Korean culture) player’s contract with StarCraft Pro-league team STX Soul ended in August and he did not sign another. We will be hearing more about which team he is joining for Starcraft II soon. Stay tuned for more on that!

IdrA And Tasteless Join Evil Geniuses

This past Tuesday Team EG announced the acquisition of two big names in the world of Starcraft 2. Gregory ‘IdrA’ Fields and Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott have joined their ranks. That puts the EG Starcraft II Team at 8 incredibly impressive players.

ANGRYAFRICAN and Dreamer Leave Ventus Gaming

On the local side of things Barry “Dreamer” West and Richard “ANGRYAFRICAN” West have left the Ventus Gaming MGO. The two brothers claim to have been too busy to continue playing for the clan and are rather focusing on their jobs. We don’t know much about the reasons for their departure but it must truly be a sad day for Ventus Gaming. It will be interesting to see what the brothers have planned for the future, though.

Starcraft Ghost

Blizzard Fan Art Updates

The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated once again with a few amazingly cool new pieces of art. You can see my personal favourite addition by Sheh Ming-Yee (Sheh) above and the rest of them in the link provided below!

Blizzard Fan Art Section

Keep checking back here for more updates and information from the world of Blizzard and Starcraft II!

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MorroW Wins IEM

The Intel Extreme Masters has just finished mere moments ago with MorroW as the victor! In a nail biting final against the Zerg player IdrA the MorroW managed to take it with a score of 3-1. I simply can’t wait to get a replay pack of the event downloaded. I have only seen the group stages so far along with a couple of streams of the semi’s and the finals. Overall it was pretty exciting! I am going to try get a link up for a replay pack as soon as it appears.

You can find the Top 4 below along with a links to the replay packs from the event.

  1. MorroW (T)
  2. IdrA (Z)
  3. DIMAGA (Z)
  4. Tarson (T)

Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 Replay Pack

Intel Extreme Masters Group Stage Replay Pack

As I said I will try get the rest of the replays and other interesting information up soon! If you want to read more details, interviews and all manner of other stuff relating to the IEM you should probably check out GosuGamers for that! You can also keep checking back at SC2Win for replays!

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IEM Gamescom

So the players at the Intel Extreme Masters are just destroying all their games. Today we had the quarter finals and bade farewell to a few big names. TLO, DeMusliM, MaDFroG and SarenS have all been knocked out. The final four contenders for the win are MorroW, DIMAGA, IdrA and Tarson.

The next round of games are set to start at around 3pm tomorrow. We will be seeing MorroW vs.  Dimaga and IdrA vs.  Tarson. I simply can’t wait to get my hands on those replays! 😀 Will then, though, I will be having a look at the group stages replays.

Intel Extreme Masters Group Stage Replay Pack

The guys over at SC2win have already got a nice replay pack up of all the games from the group stages. There are some really amazing games here and downloading this just seems so much more bandwidth friendly than watching them all in streams or VODS. So yeah, just thought I’d link it for everyone that reads here! See above!

If you are impatient and want to see what’s going on for yourself you should probably head on over to GosuGamers.net. They have some really comprehensive coverage going on. Otherwise just check back here soon for more results and replays!

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