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In this episode we take a look at the some contest winners, more Facebook Like updates, some Treasure Seeker information, more art controversy, PvE & PvP Balance, Weapon Types & More!

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In this episode we take a look at Blizzard & Diablo III News — Is Diablo 3 Is Technically Complete? The ditched Ranger Class Concepts, Skill Trees & Tiers, Lots of Art Updates & More!

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Diablo 3 Difficulty & AI

Bashiok Talks Difficulty And AI

Flux from over at Diablo INC Gamers recently had a little chat to Bashiok about Difficulty and AI improvements in Diablo III. The discussion was actually in regards to a question posted to Flux asking whether the AI of the game scaled with the difficulty. Bashiok replied by saying that he doubted there would be any change, since each monster was built with a simple and pointed purpose. He also pointed out that the complexity and strategy of the game comes from how the different types of monsters are mixed and matched. Lastly, Bashiok did stress that the way they make Diablo III harder is by mixing the monsters in different, more complex ways. That is pretty interesting but this, once again, seems to be the normal case of ‘lets let Blizzard handle this because they know what they’re doing’. This conversation seemed to be incredibly long, though, and there is a lot more to read about the whole thing over at the post on Diablo INC Gamers. So if you want to know just how hard your Nightmare or Hell experience will be in Diablo III, check it out!

Bashiok Explains Higher Difficulty and AI Improvements – Diablo INC Gamers

The Sentry

Demon Hunter is getting a few new toys. One of the coolest has to be the Sentry.

In some more demon hunter related news @Diablo announced a new Demon Hunter ‘toy’ last week, with a tweet about the Sentry. The Sentry in Diablo III is apparently quite different from the one the Assassin had in Diablo II, and, that was pretty much all we got about it. @Diablo also said something that was quite curious, that the demon hunter sentry is more like something a spy would sap. Um, that’s pretty cryptic but it seems like a fan figured it out almost instantly.

“A spy would sap” is a reference to Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Spies sap Engineer-built sentry turrets. So in other words, they’re implying that the sentry is something that shoots baddies automatically.

I guess that makes more sense than anything I would have thought up. So if you want to read the questions and answers regarding the Sentry and all the theories surrounding it, check the post linked below! 

@Diablo on Demon Hunter Sentries – Diablo INC Gamers


Shrines are receiving new visuals to give them a more cohesive look.

The Diablo Twitter Account spoke up today about some in-game Diablo III goodness that we know is there but we’ve not heard much about, Shrines. Although the information given is not really anything huge or game-changing, it seems like shrines will in fact be receiving a bit of a makeover, new visuals to give them a more cohesive look. Sounds good, I just wish they could give some screenshots or video footage with this little announcement!

On the Drawing Board #20: Shrines – Diablo INC Gamers


Female Monk Cosplay & More!

Christina Estrada, the female monk cosplayer that won the BlizzCon 2010 costume contest has struck again. Literally, I guess. Some amazingly cool photos of her showing off her combative skills in her female monk outfit have surfaced. They are even prettied up by some cool looking light effects. Along with this you can also check all her other work out at the various sites she regulars. She seems to be quite a big thing in the cosplay world, and well, how couldn’t she be? The costumes she thinks up, makes, models and owns are pretty, well, pretty! Below you can read the full quote from her photographer aswell as see a couple of other cool by Christina and other keen cosplayers.

This Diablo Monk Lights Up The Internet – Kotaku

Female Monk Cosplay Action Shots – Diablo INC Gamers

Painting Light with a Monk – Chase Hoffman

Christina On Flickr – Flickr

ZerinaX On DeviantArt – DevArt

ZerinaX On Cosplay.com – Cosplay.com

Diablo Cosplay Gallery Gains Momentum – Diablo INC Gamers

Since I was thrilled to hear that one of my clients had won the contest, I wanted to do a shoot with her and her winning costume. Pictures of Christina as the monk were already everywhere, so I needed to be creative. That’s when I got the idea to shoot her with light painting. Since video game and anime character often use magic, super powers or special abilities, light painting is a natural fit. Backgrounds can be controlled well so the whole photo can take on an other-worldly feel. When I told her my idea, she didn’t need much convincing, so we went for it.

The basic technique was a flash with a reflective umbrella that was camera left and radio triggered. We attached small LEDs to her weapons and her foot. After that, it was a trial and error (but not much error this evening). One of the great things about her costume, unlike some other ones, is that she could move around in it. The monk is supposed to be a master of martial arts. So having a costume that actually allows your to kick and punch is great.
Chase Hoffman, Christina Estrada’s Photographer (Source)



Fan Art

As there always seems to be there are a few great pieces of fan art for us to oogle at. This time around we have a look at an amazingly detailed female Demon Hunter by the DeviantArt user EvilFlesh. You can check the image out above and visit the artists DevArt page below. It really is worth a look, enjoy!

Demon Hunter – Diablo 3 by EvilFlesh – DeviantArt

You can also see various other pieces of fan art along with some pretty interesting Diablo III themed movie posters over at the post linked below, courtesy of Diablo INC Gamers!

Diablo Fan Art Watch #68 – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #81: Movie Posters – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo 3 Smalls

Diablo III Smalls

There are a couple more smalls here. Some talk about Jewels and socketing, armor dyes, salvaging and looting in arenas & more, check it all out below!

Q: Will we be able to socket our items with something other than gems? Jewels perhaps? – Ophion1
A: There’s a potential for it, but as it stands now sockets have one item type that can be placed into them – gems. – Diablo

Q: Will we be able to only dye certain areas of our armor (say… the cloth bits) or will the whole thing change colour? – snillum101
A: Armor Dyes affect specifically designated sections of armor. – Diablo

Q: Will salvaging dyes also give rare materials as runes do, and can these rare materials craft rare unique or legendary items? – Sword9mm
A: No intent to allow salvaging of dyes. They don’t increase player power, so if you have too many you can feel safe vendoring them. – Diablo

Q: what’s being done with the items from hc arena battles? Can the winners loot? Loot ur friends if ur last man standing? – Kru5h1
A: They’re sent directly to us so we can walk around claiming to be you while talking in a high, shrill voice. – Diablo

These last two were particularly interesting. It seems like the demon hunter’s ‘demonic influence’ is more for flavor and the demon hunter is, first and foremost, a ranged class. lastly, it seems like we did in fact get a look at Act III of Diablo III at BlizzCon 2010. I didn’t even know that myself. Read all about all these smalls and more below!

Q: There has been a lot of talk about mechanical skills for the DH. What about her more demonic-type skills?  – Scyberdragon
A: Demonic influence is more flavor. First and foremost it’s a ranged class. – Diablo

Q: Are we going to have a glimpse at Act 3-4 environments, or will they be kept from us until release? – FingolfinGR
A: We have actually shown brief glimpses of Act III already at BlizzCon, and will probably show a little more. – Diablo

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Male Demon Hunter

Male Demon Hunter – Coming Soon

Let me start this week’s Diablo news with a bang – The Male Demon Hunter is coming soon! In a recent tweet from the Diablo Twitter it was revealed that he would in fact be ‘stopping by’ pretty soon, apparently as early as this week. It also seems that he is definitely set to be pretty easy on the eyes, if you get what I mean. Lastly, another fan asked whether there would be a fan art competition of sorts, as there was for the female monk last year. Blizzard replied by saying that there really wasn’t enough time for that. This is indeed great news and would mark the last of the character reveals… It seems this most anticipated of games is nearing completion. Read the full interactions and all the conspiracy theories below, enjoy!

Male Demon Hunter Coming Soon? – Diablo INC Gamers

Male Demon Hunter – Coming by Next Week? – Diablofans

Q: How’s the male DH progressing? – DonGuillotine
A: He’s doing well. He’s supposed to be stopping by sometime next week actually. We’ll see. You know how he is. – Diablo

Q: Ah, I see. Is he as handsome and tall as they say he is? – DonGuillotine
A: He’s definitely some eye candy. – Diablo

 Q: Are you going to do some type of fanart contest for the male DH? like you did with the female monk last year? – Diablo3ESP
A: It wasn’t really a contest, there were no prizes. It was just a fun ‘assignment’. I don’t think there’s enough time… – Diablo

Andy McKee Diablo 3

Andy McKee Plays Diablo III

A name that some of you may, or may not know, is Andy McKee. He is, if you were wondering, a world-famous finger-picking guitarist. But wait, what does he have to do with Diablo III? Well let me tell you! Andy McKee was lucky enough to find himself at the Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters in Irvine, California. He was just chilling, rocking some tunes, thereafter though, he was lucky enough to find himself in front of a PC playing some Diablo III. Oooohhh my, what a lucky guy and need I even say how jealous I am? The Diablo twitter account let us know that it was in fact all true and they proceeded to thank Andy for sharing a good time with them, they did, in return, give him some Diablo III playtime. So whether you know the guy or not, whether you love his music or not, he played Diablo III. Yeah, that’s all!

Read the full, erm, gloats… below! Andy McKee Played Diablo III – Diablo INC Gamers

Andy McKee Plays Diablo III – Diablofans

To give Andy McKee a break from plucking, slapping, and strumming his guitar with the best of them, we figured we’d invite him to Blizzard campus for a little Diablo III play session. Thanks for stopping by, Andy! (He chose the monk for those wondering.)
We’d like to thank Andy McKee for stopping by Blizzard campus and sharing a good time with us! @TheRealMcKee
Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

You can also read a quick mini-review of the game from Andy himself.

So, to all of you Diablo fans, let me assure you that D3 kicks ass! I played the Monk character and he was killer. They dropped me in at around level 9 and I had some cool skills and was able to level up twice. The skill set looked cool and offered a good chance for customization. Plus, there are armor dyes in D3 allowing for further customization. The gameplay was there and I was hooked! Can’t wait for the release!!!
Andy McKee (Source)

More On Runestones

Bashiok recently jumped into another forum discussion concerning Runes in Diablo III. He actually gave pretty lengthy replies to five different questions on the matter. The following questions were asked:

  1. Will all ranks of runes drop or will it function more like gems where the high level runes have to be crafted to be obtained?
  2. Are all five runes equally as rare or is one or more types rarer than others?
  3. Will the increase in rank continue the change that the first rank made to the skill?
  4. Around what level will you have to be to use the highest level rune?
  5. Around what level will you have to be to use the highest level rune?

While there wasn’t really any new information given here, it is still great to see Bashiok being as patient and, well, talkative, as he is. The answers to said questions can be found in the link below, I did warn you though, the answers are pretty long. Thanks, once again, to Diablo INC Gamers for the great find!

Runestone Info Galore – Diablo INC Gamers


@Diablo On Items

@Diablo was on a roll last week, this time answering questions about items, yes, lots of and lots of items questions! A few highlights include the fact that we will in fact be seeing more armor sets revealed soon. There are no “On-use” items in the game, only procs on items and the likes. The salvage cube is apparently awesome and shaped differently from the Horadric cube to be even awesomer, sounds plausible! There are many, many weapon models in the game and lastly we might well be seeing more moving armor coming for some of the other classes, if it makes sense and fits in. So, if you want to read all those questions, I’ve listed them, along with their respective answers below. Enjoy!

Q: Any chance of seeing some more pictures of class sets (or anything!) as we got before Blizzcon? – elru
A: I guarantee it. There are only so many sets though. We don’t want to ruin all the fun of completing a new set you hadn’t seen before – Diablo

Q: I really hope Whirlwind barb is still in for @diablo 3?  i got a pre order pending since 2008 – spinalc0rd
A: WW is making a return, but builds work quite a bit different. I don’t think classes will be easily defined by a single skill. – Diablo

Q: As per the builds working differently, I wanted to ask if certain items would grant unique active, or procable skills/buffs. – NocturneGS
A: Weapon and item procs are definitely in, but won’t be as crazy to grant full class skills. – Diablo

Q: Awesome. But more specifically, are there active skills on weapons? Items a la WoW were activateable. Is that in consideration? – NocturneGS
A: Ah, on-use items? No, we want the number of buttons to press kept to a minimum. No Use: trinkets in Diablo III.  – Diablo

Q: Can you tell me something about the salvage cube? beside that, why you changed the shape to something like the horadric cube? – gavilanex
A: It’s awesome. To make it look awesomer. – Diablo

Q: If you have runes in each of your skills, is it worth picking up runes that aren’t a higher rank? Ignoring sharing with alts. – Grug16
A: Yes. Very likely they’ll be salvageable. They might salvage to materials you can’t get elsewhere… – Diablo

Q: I know weapon properties are random but how many actually weapon models are in the game i.e. how many type of swords etc. – DrHighlen
A: A lot. We’re still making them, and will continue to make as many as we can.—Diablo

Q: Will each class have some sort of moving armor? I dont see how that would fit with the Barbs look even tho it goes fine with the WDs – Jackzor24
A: It was something cool to try out with the witch doctor. We could expand on it, if it makes sense. – Diablo

Shared Stash Information

Even more news from the Diablo Twitter, hooray! @Diablo recently tweeted some pretty solid, and new, information. Shared are now in the game and working as intended!

Shared stashes are in and working.

After this was announced there were obviously quite a few questions regarding it, how it works, how big it is and whether it uses phasing at all. Blizzard let us know that players will have a normal and shared stash, they will be huge and there won’t be any phasing used, in the World of Warcraft sense of the word, to make it work.

@Diablo on Stashes and Phasing – Diablo INC Gamers

Shared Stashes Are Functional – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo 3 Smalls

I suppose the rest of the news could or may well have been smalls too, but here is the section I decided to call smalls, enjoy!

Diablo III Smalls:

Click for full size!

Fan Art – Countess

To finish this post off I thought I would paste this lovely piece of fan art titled Countess, by a user named sammael89, I think. You can follow the link below to read more about it, enjoy!

Diablo Fan Art Watch #67 The Countess and The Runes – Diablo INC Gamers

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Blizzard Consoles

Blizzard Targets Consoles

Blizzard has said many times that they were indeed thinking about and tossing the idea around of joining the console wars. Now it seems like it is more than just a thought; they have just recently started hiring for three different Console positions on the Diablo III Development Team, woah. I, personally, would rather play the game on PC, but there are a lot of people out there that play games solely on console, so I imagine this is rather huge news for them. 

So I guess if you’re passionate about all things Diablo and have the requisite skill and experience, then you should definitely head on over to Blizzard’s jobs site to check out the positions and apply. Below you can also find a couple of different sites thoughts on the matter, enjoy!

Diablo III – Open Console Positions – Diablo III Community Site

Blizzard Explores Consoles – Diablofans

Blizzard Seeking Diablo II Talent For Console Development – Kotaku

Diablo 3 Console News From Blizzard – Diablo INC Gamers

Bobby Kotick Interview

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick  recently spoke at the Web 2.0 summit. He had a nice long talk about World of Warcraft and the importance of listening to your customers in dynamic online businesses. He says that because you have incredibly passionate and vocal consumers, such as the World of Warcraft players, and they are really thoughtful and articulate about what they would like to see in a game, you could really use them to enhance the experiences of everyone. That’s some pretty thoughtful stuff. He goes on to talk about various other topics, too, and it is definitely worth a read. Check it out below!

Bobby Kotick Learns… Patience? – Diablo INC Gamers

Kotick: Listening To Customers ‘Matters More Than Ever’ – Gamasutra

Jay Wilson Is Not George Lucas

A fan offered up a pretty odd comparison recently, in reference to the widely-hated Star Wars Episode 1-3 films, he was wondering if Diablo might turn out the same. This, obviously, got Bashiok to jump in and set things straight. In short, Bashiok said that Jay Wilson is not going to pull a George Lucas, surround himself with sycophantic yes-men, and ruin Diablo 3 with unchecked and unchallenged bad ideas. Thanks to Diablo INC Gamers for that beautiful wording, by the way. Bashiok did seem to get a bit passionate, or heated, though. He stood up for Jay Wilson and also went on to explain, as we probably all know by now, how Blizzard makes their games and the painstaking detail that is involved. Read the full quote below!

Well, I can’t speak on the creative process of those movies, which I believe to be grossly exaggerated if not made up.

But, Jay Wilson is extremely nice, and probably one of the easiest guys to work with. I’ll go to him to ask about design on something that you guys are currently debating and he’ll very purposefully up-front ask what specific pros, cons, and issues are being raised. Now, sometimes those are used as ammunition as to why you’re wrong 🙂 but at the core it’s a fundamental openness to ideas and discussion that build our games. We simply don’t design our games in an ivory tower. We can’t, they wouldn’t be Blizzard games if they were. It takes a village to raise a game about demons. Now that can be argued in some cases as people see certain decisions or changes as purposefully intended to hurt them and their game experience, but that’s obviously never true. The truth is that sometimes hard decisions have to be made, and the intent is always for the betterment of the game.

I’m getting off topic. Anyway, we have a lot of designers on the team and they aren’t even necessarily relegated to the design team. Sometimes an artist or programmer or producer will have a good idea or solution. If it’s the best, then it works and goes in the game. I don’t know that a quality game could be released under different conditions.
Bashiok, Blizzard Entertainment

Jay Wilson Is Not George Lucas – Diablo INC Gamers

Pistol Crossbow

Pistol Crossbow Changes

Bashiok shared some info about changes to the Demon Hunter‘s signature weapon, the pistol crossbow. The big news and changes involve the fact that they might not remain dual-wield only, as the items at Blizzcon were. You may also be able to use a pistol crossbow in your main hand and a shield in your off-hand. Lastly, it seems that one-handed crossbows are only for the Demon Hunter, there will be two-handed versions that the witch doctor and wizard can use, though. You can read all the questions and answers regarding all of this below!

Q: Two separate and unique one hand crossbows w/ different stats on them?
A: Yes, that is in. A lot of work is being done right now on demon hunter weapons so some things are still up in the air, but dual-wielding one handed crossbows in each hand, each with their own unique enchants and gems, etc. is now in the game.

Q: So, one could now wield a one-handed crossbow in one hand, and a shield in the other?
A: Potentially, but some things are still up in the air

Q: I do wonder what other classes will be able to use 1 handed crossbows.
A: No other class is planned to use one-handed crossbows. It’s a demon hunter thing. There are two handed crossbows that the witch doctor and wizard can use.

Q: And so my fantastic dreams of a Bowamonk are torn asunder….
A: Seems like “bonk” would make more sense as a build title, but anyway, yeah, no intent for monk to use ranged.

Blizzard on Pistol Crossbow Changes – Diablo INC Gamers

More On Set Items

More was said recently, by Bashiok of course, about set items and their importance and rarity in Diablo III. Apparently it’s looking more and more likely that set items will simply be something you chase in the end-game. And realistically that’s really where they simply work the best. Blizzard is still looking for ways to make them available while leveling, but apparently there has been little headway with that idea. Anyway, sets are actually in the game right now in very limited forms, there’s a bit of design left to do on them yet. Bashiok does go on to once again stress the point that they work very well at end-game and that’s where we’re leaning toward them appearing. So if you want to read more about those set items, check below!

Blizzard with Big News on Item Sets – Diablo INC Gamers

More Leeway with Set Items – Diablofans

Diablo III Smalls

Diablo III Smalls

It is time for some Diablo III smalls, once again courtesy of Diablo INC Gamers and the @Diablo Twitter Account! There are quite a few interesting pieces here this week, so let’s have a look at the questions and answers plus other small titbits!

If you die in hardcore PvP, you’re dead. Hardcore PvP leader board is going to be… hardcore!

Q: Yeah, it’ll be hardcore, but it undermines your Arena design. How can you have 3 rounds if you die forever in the first one? – NocturneGS

A: It doesn’t undermine anything. Although I would expect it to become most popular at specific skill tier unlocks. – Diablo

Q: Will stronger charms take up more space in the talisman grid? – DrHighlen

A: They’re all 1×1, regardless of power. Although it would be interesting to introduce other shapes, there are no plans for it. – Diablo

Q: do you think too much hype can work against a dev as well? – luciferos

A: I don’t know. Feel like we’re attempting to hype it too much? I think we’re just releasing information. Slowly but surely. – Diablo

All of Diablo III’s content is the same in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Q: Are there any plans to let you choose targets for your pets? Or will they just attack whatever they please? – OdAnarchy

A: They attempt to attack and distract enemies in an intelligent way to help you, but no there’s no pet controls. – Diablo

Q: How is Monk supposed to work in diablo 3? I dont get his role yet,i dont see why he could be better dmg dealer than Wizard. – Ingo505

A: All of the classes are damage dealers. There are no real defined roles, although certainly many differences. – Diablo

Be sure to check Diablofans and Diablo INC Gamers out below for more interesting and exciting Diablo news!

Diablo 3 News, Guides, Tips And Forums – Diablofans

Diablo 3 News – Diablo INC Gamers

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Diablo 3 Beta

Diablo III Beta Confirmed – Officially – Again

The talk of the Diablo III beta has not slowed since BlizzCon, not slowed at all. In an interview that was conducted at BlizzCon with Christian Lichtner and Jason Bender we were treated with a little confirmation  of sorts. So while the previous comments on a Diablo III beta were a little vague, there’s definitely no mistaking this one for anything other than it actually is, great news! In the interview they said that there will be a beta, they ‘need it’ and that community input is always important to them. Good stuff! There’s a lot more to read about in the interview, including a few mentions that we may well be seeing Diablo III on consoles sometime in the future and a lot of talk about the PvP and Battle Arenas. See the full interview below or over at VG 24/7.

Jason Bender and Christian Lichtner Diablo III Interview – VG247

Q: Are there any plans for a pre-release demo or something of the like for Diablo III?

A: There will be a closed beta. I can say that. We definitely will have that. It’s incredibly important for us to get feedback from people. You know, we only want to put a game out there when it’s done. For example, when World of Warcraft had its really long beta, everyone thought it was madness. It was like “Who’s gonna buy this game? People have been playing it for free for months!” And all it did was make the game better. We need it. We need people playing the game and giving feedback, so we can make the game better.

Diablo III Playable In Sweden?

A gaming convention called GameX is coming up soon in Sweden and rumor has it Blizzard will be there with one of their most prized possessions, Diablo III. The convention is set to run from the 4th to 7th of November those lucky enough to be living nearby may well be getting their first taste of playable Diablo III. Exciting stuff! You can read all about that below.

Blizzard till Sverige – aftonbladet.se (via DiabloINC Gamers)

“The publisher Activison are cagey about exactly what Blizzard will be showing when they visit Sweden, but since Gamex comes right after Blizzcon it’s not completely unlikely that it’s about the big talk right now – Diablo III

Interview About The Demon Hunter

The post-BlizzCon news is still rolling in. Gamespot recently uploaded a pretty short interview with Julian Love and Jason Bender of Blizzard Entertainment. While there wasn’t much new information revealed in the video they do talk a bit more about the Demon Hunter and the ideas they had in mind for the class. It was pretty interesting and if you wanna find out why the character looks as dark, bitter and angsty as it does, this interview is for you!

Blizzcon 2010 – Diabo III Demon Hunter Class Interview – Gamespot

It was really important for us to play up the darkness of this character. The angstiness. She’s really bitter. She just does the nastiest stuff she can do to the demons. So that’s where we start with the class, and it’s really not hard to come up with fun ideas when you’re coming from that place.

You can also read another interview with Julian Love over at Slashdot that covers a bunch of other interesting stuff. So if you wanna read about runestone visuals, PvP and rankings and Zombie Bears then you’d best check that full interview below. Julian Love is a popular guy, it seems.

Julian Love, Lead Technical Artist for Diablo 3 – SlashDot

Diablo III Starting Area

Diablo III Starting Location

A Diablo fan recently said that he or she was writing a story about one of the older screenshots in Blizzard’s gallery. (You can find the screenshot above) They asked whether that would stay the starting area for Diablo III, as it was in the BlizzCon 2008 Demo. If anyone was wondering in the very first playable build of Diablo III characters spawned in a camp in front of the gates of Tristram. The fan was told by the Blizzard blue posters that in the final game you spawn only about 5 minutes of gameplay away from that point. Interesting. So that does mean the first town we will come across will in fact be Tristram, that’s exciting! I guess we can also assume we will be thrown straight into the fray in Diablo III, rather than starting us off in a town and then having us first walk around, talk to everyone and then make our way out to get our fight on. You can, and should, read the full interactions below!

D3’s Starting Level – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III On Consoles

The Diablo III on consoles rumor has done nothing but explode since its mention at BlizzCon this year. During another interview with Christain Linchter and Jason Bender we heard what Blizzard thoughts were on the matter. We’ve all known for quite some time that the Diablo series was definitely one that could work on consoles but will Blizzard actually ever consider porting it? In the interview they mention that the game, Diablo III, is definitely suited to consoles and its something that has been brought up a lot internally but they have not made any commitments just yet. Well it makes for interesting rumors and speculation nonetheless! 

Diablo III Console Denials Weaken – Diablo INC Gamers

Q: Sat in on a recent press conference where Jay Wilson and J Allen Brack were asked why Blizzard games aren’t on consoles. The gist of their argument? If Blizzard created a game that was a good fit for consoles, it’d be there in a heartbeat. Obviously, many gamers have responded to this with vehement cries of “Diablo!” Are they right? Or are Diablo’s demons invulnerable to all but the mighty mouse and keyboard?

A: I think it is suited to consoles. We’re definitely working, obviously, on the PC version. This is something that’s been brought up a lot about Diablo. It’s sort of an ongoing question. And I’m sure we would all love to play it on console, but right now, we’re just focused on what we’ve got in front of us. Who knows what the future holds? It’s hard to say.

We have said in the past that Diablo’s one of the games that really would translate [to consoles] well.


Artisans Preview

We heard that some of you watching the stream at home missed this little gem. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Diablo III artisans, as shown in the Crafting Sanctuary panel.

Blizzard have, as you can read above, provided us with the picture that some may have missed at BlizzCon of the Artisan Crafters. In the picture you can find the Jeweler, Blacksmith and Mystic. I gotta say they do look pretty cool and definitely diverse. If you want to hear more about what they actually do you’d better read the BlizzCon Recaps / Highlights I posted a few days ago!

Jay Wilson BlizzCon Interview

Yes, more BlizzCon Diablo news. G4TV has posted a video interview with Jay Wilson from Blizzcon. In the interview he recaps most of the news, in short, that was spoken about during the Diablo III panels at BlizzCon. The second of the interview is a bit more interesting, though. He reveals a bit of new info and explanations about skills, Runestones, Traits, the Talisman, and much more. The great guys from over at Diablo INC Gamers have transcribed the interesting stuff for it for us and you can find it all below!

Blizzcon Interview: Jay Wilson @ G4TV – Diablo INC Gamers

“We love Runestones. We initially had five of them, and they were very literal about what they did. ‘Like this is the damage rune and this is the multistrike rune.’

What we found as we were developing runes was that we wanted to do lots of crazy stuff with them. When you take Magic Missile and you put in the multistrike rune and it splits into multiple missiles, that makes sense. but when you look at a skill like Zombie Charger; it’s a disintegrating acid zombie that runs at the enemy, how do you fit zombie bears into that? which is one of the skills we really wanted to do. A big stampede of zombie bears! We couldn’t figure out which Runestone worked with that. So we changed them to be a bit more general. They still have labels that sort of imply what they do; the Crimson rune tends to be more damage focused. The Indigo rune tends to be more multishot. But if we ever need to break the rules to get more what we want, we can.

We couldn’t show them last year since we didn’t have enough skills in place, but now we do.

…We wanted more customization, and we wanted customization that really spoke to the idea that, ‘I’m going to roleplay my character and focus in one area.’ Skills are really awesome, but when players think of who they are as a character, they don’t tend to think of, “I like to Whirlwind.’ They’ll use Whirlwind with their Barbarian, but it’s not how they define themselves. They think, ‘I’m a Barbarian who’s exceptionally strong or exceptionally tough!’ And that’s what traits are. The affect the core attributes of your character to let you customize and expand them.

For the Barbarian a we can focus on Inner Rage, which really defines who he is. For the Wizard we can focus on something more magical in nature. So it’s a great oppotunity to tell the player more about their character.

Bashiok on Talents, Traits And Respeccing

Bashiok spoke a bit about talents, traits and respeccing on the Battle.net forums recently. He mentioned that there is not one piece of character customization that you can’t change. He does say that it might take a few levels or requirements to get it done but the fact remains that you can respec, you can customize and you can gems, runes, enchants and dyes. All of it! You can read the full thing below courtesy of Diablo INC Gamers.

Blue on Traits and Respecs – Diablo INC Gamers

We don’t have any character customization you can’t change. It may take you some time to do so, and potentially leveling a new character could indeed be faster (and cost effective), but given the time to amass the gold and items, you can change any of your build components. Skills, gems, runes, traits, enchants, dyes, etc.

Diablo III Smalls

Blue Smalls (Small pieces of news from Blue Posters)

Below you can find a couple of questions and answers, a couple of interesting interactions between fans and the big guys from over at Blizzard. There are a bunch of interesting questions and even more interesting answers here so you’d better read them all! Enjoy 😀

Q: And where’d the quest item tab go? No more quest items, or no more extra space for them?

A: Quest items are now stored directly within the quest itself. They don’t take up any space at all.

Q: Is the Demon Hunter only about to use ranged weapons?

A: The demon hunter isn’t restricted to ranged weapons but is of course the core archetype of the class. It’s a bit early for determining usable weapons still, but I know at the least one-handers/shields are planned to be usable. And it’s likely there will at least be some traits that improve melee weapon use.

Q: I just noticed for the first time, in this video at 37 seconds, that he shoots darts from a wooden tube. Sorry i don’t know the actual name for it, but thats very cool! They look like poison darts, and i wonder if you’ll be able to shoot ice darts or fire darts, ect.

A: Snakes on a Face.

It shoots snakes. Onto a face.

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BlizzCon Recap

BlizzCon 2010 is over and all the excitement is slowly but surely starting to dissipate. If you missed any of the action, well, then you have come to the right place! Below you can find a couple of recap videos of the entire event. These, coupled with the posts here on Mitarn, should get you completely up-to-date with what happened at this most anticipated of events. (Click the pictures for the posts)

BlizzCon Day 1

BlizzCon Day 2

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