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In this episode we take a look at some more Patch 4.1 goodies, why Ghostcrawler has stopped posting on the official forums, the latest Ask The Devs questions and answers, some cool new art & much more! ūüėÄ

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Cataclysm Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon

Patch 4.1 has been revealed! That’s right,¬†development on the first major content patch for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is well underway! Blizzard are currently making preparations to bring some of the initial content and updates¬†they’ve been working on for this patch to the Public Test Realms.¬†So,¬†what will we find in the first 4.1 test client? Here it comes and be careful, there’s a lot of it.

The Gurubashi Tribe Persists

Firstly, Zul’Gurub, originally a 20-player dungeon released in patch 1.7, Zul’Gurub¬†will once again open its gates, featuring updated lore, all-new encounters, achievements, and improved loot! Zul’Gurub is, or will soon be, a level-85 five-player Heroic difficulty dungeon. To provide a new tier above the current Cataclysm dungeons, players can expect to find epic-quality item level 353 loot. The minimum average item level to enter this Heroic dungeon is 346, also a step up from the 329 required for the current Heroics.

The Return of Zul’Aman

Next up, another Zul¬†in the form of Zul’Aman. Ever a player favorite, the level-70 ten-player dungeon of Zul’Aman¬†is also¬†being reintroduced as a level-85 Heroic five-player dungeon. Zul’Aman¬†will be joining ZG in a new Dungeon Finder tier of Heroic dungeons, also providing epic-quality item level 353 loot. The minimum average item level to enter this Heroic is also 346. While Zul’Aman will be more of a throwback to the original dungeon featuring many of the same encounters, players can expect to find some updated gameplay mechanics, as well as new environment textures and lighting. Also sounds good to me!


So, with the Zuls returning, the biggest question is definitely about those silly, and yes, unique mounts, that were once contained therein. Blizzard are quite pleased to announce that new versions of the rare raptor, tiger, and bear mounts will be available, while the old versions of these mounts will remain unique to those who already have them. Blizzard said that they will reveal more about how these updated mounts can be obtained in the future.

Class Design

Now, on to the class changes we can expect in this new, and certainly anticipated, patch. While¬†Blizzard do intend to make fewer balance changes in patch 4.1,¬†we can still expect to find a fair number of updates. Below are just a few¬†that they’d¬†like to share with¬†us right now. They ask us to keep in mind that¬†these changes don’t encompass the entirety of the 4.1 changes, nor do the initial Public Test Realm patch notes and these are just the big ones, there’s much more to be seen below.

  • To start,¬†it seems like Blizzard¬†want to do a better job of balancing the AoE power of the different damage-dealing specs, so, we¬†can expect to see some changes to this end made throughout the testing process.
  • Inner Rage is now available at level 56. It was intended to solve an excess rage problem that largely isn‚Äôt affecting warriors anymore. They’ve added a replacement ability for warriors at level 83: Rallying Cry.
  • Colossus Smash now ignores 70% of an opponent’s armor, down from 100%. Blizzard are compensating Fury and Arms warriors by increasing the damage of other attacks.
  • Word of Glory: Blizzard want Retribution and Protection paladins to have reasonable healing on themselves or others, but¬†they know paladins sometimes feel like they can‚Äôt use their Holy Power on anything but their heals in some situations. Blizzard would rather these two specs spend most of their Holy Power on damage-dealing abilities, with occasional healing.

More To Come

As I mentioned before, there is a lot more than just that, and it can all be found below. Blizzard are still hard at work on additional features, balance updates, and bug fixes for patch 4.1.¬†They let us know that they do¬†look forward to sharing more information with¬†us in the days and weeks ahead as they release new content on the Public Test Realms. Until then, have a look at the patch notes that they’ve prepared thus far. As always, these notes are not final and will continue to change as¬†they go through the iterative development and testing processes.

So if you’d like to read more about any of the stuff I just mentioned, check the post linked below. Now that the official changes are out-of-the-way, let’s get on to the good stuff.

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realms Coming Soon – World of Warcraft Community Site

Looking For Guild Feature

One change that was not mentioned in the Patch 4.1 post but was in fact in the patch notes was that work has begun on a¬†Looking for Guild System.¬†There’s isn’t much known about it yet and Blizzard only says that further details will be provided when¬†they are¬†ready for feedback.¬†This feature was hinted at during BlizzCon last year and it’s great to see it finally implemented, sort of, at least. There seem to be a few options available but I am unsure as to how well something like this would actually work, as with the Dungeon Finder Tool, you might get stuck with people don’ t really want¬†to be stuck with. Oh well, check it out above and read more about it over at MMO-Champion. Enjoy!

 Spellcasting Changes

Another pretty big UI related change is that spells bound to a key now start to be cast when the button is pressed down by default, instead of waiting for the key to go up. This is an option that can be turned off in the Interface menu under Combat. Mouse clicking has not changed and operates on mouse click up. I think this would probably just help people who are used to that feature from other games or feel it would make them a bit faster when playing, personal preference I guess.

Ragnaros New Model

New Models

On the unofficial changes front we have quite a few new models that were dug up by the guys over at MMO-Champion. The most talked about? Probably Ragnaros¬†and his new, pretty pimping, gear and, um, legs? Yeah, Ragnaros is now sporting a rather out-of-place looking pair of legs, check it out above. Other than that, which is really quite enough, there are two other big ones, namely the ‘Salamander Hunter’ NPC / mob and a new mount called a¬†¬†Crimson Fire Hawk. You can check all three of those¬†out, in full size, below.

Other than all the big ones, Wowhead have an entire collection up of smaller NPC’s, pets, other random goodies and lots of kitties. All cool looking and more than worth a look!

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13682 Р3D Models: Ragnaros and Kitties! РWowhead

Crimson Fire Hawk and Salamander Hunter – MMO-Champion

Lastly, you can check how sad Ragnaros looks about the addition of those legs to his previously magnificent form. Thanks reddit!


Patch 4.1 Extras

There are lots more changes that are popping up by the hour and, well, one of them is that, come the patch, we will see Battle.net account bound items that can actually be transferred¬†to different servers. Yes, proper bind on account items, but there is no word¬†on how this will work, or whether it will change our existing items or not. There are a bunch of new and updated icons for achievements, items and creatures,¬†in the new PTR¬†client, there’s some newly discovered Trading Card Game loot being added, Blizzard will be tracking your elevator deaths from Blackwing¬†Decent, there is a lot of speculation about a new caster legendary item from the Caverns of Time that has a placeholder in the new client files, there’s a lot of new loot to be seen, all those high level items and even a new, epic,¬†guild tabard that gives you 100% extra rep when worn. All of that and much, much more can be seen below, courtesy of WoW Insider, MMO-Champion and Wowhead,¬†enjoy!

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13682 РNew and Updated Icons РWowhead

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13682 РSpell Changes РWowhead

Battle.net Account Bound Items РMMO-Champion

 New WoW Trading Card Game loot РWoW Insider

Caster legendary news and speculation – WoW Insider

New pet collecting, food, drink and tabard achievements – WoW Insider

WoW now tracking your BWD elevator deaths РWoW Insider

The story moves forward – WoW Insider

New pet collecting, food, drink and tabard achievements – WoW Insider

New hydra pet available for hunters – WoW Insider

Joyland Progressing

Earlier¬†this month I spoke about that¬†Blizzard themed amusement park called ‘Joyland’ that was set to open in China sometime in March. Well,¬†thanks to an article in The Huffington Post, it seems like the rumors are true and that the theme park is in fact being constructed¬†in the Wunjin District of China. A few new photos of the park were released and I gotta say it is coming along quite nicely and looking almost exactly like the concept art¬†shown of the park on their site. Anyway, I just thought I would mention that for all those theme park junkies out there. No, for those wondering, Blizzard still doesn’t have anything to say about all of this. If you wish to see the new images of the park or just read a little more about it be sure to check the post linked below. Enjoy!

‘Joyland’ Blizzard Theme Park Being Built In China (PHOTOS) – Huffington Post

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes

To stray away from that which is yet to come and have a look at what’s going on¬†the live servers right now,¬†a few more sets of Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes have been applied. Below you can find the lists of changes from the February 18, 19 and 22 hotfixes. The notable changes for these sets include the following: The previously proposed Dungeon Finder changes have been implemented but, some changes may yet require a realm restart.¬†For hunters, Aimed Shot damage has been decreased to approximately 160% weapon damage (at level 80+), down from 200% & Aspect of the Hawk now provides 2000 attack power at level 85, these changes are set to take effect after this weekend and¬†Demolishers¬†were apparently respawning¬†too quickly in Strand of the Ancients, they are now on a 20-second spawn timer. There were a couple more changes, but, it does seem like the hotfixes are getting less every week, and that’s a good thing. I guess that will only last¬†till 4.1¬†hits the live servers.¬†Read the full lists below, enjoy!

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes – February 22 – World of Warcraft Community Site

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 18 – WoW Insider

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 19 – WoW Insider

Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 22 – WoW Insider


Art  Updates

In some more¬†of our favourite type of updates, art updates, we have some new Fan Art from the Warcraft Universe to drool over and a couple of updates to the official Wrath of the Lich King gallery. See my favourite above and links to the new work below, enjoy! ūüėÄ

Blizzard Art Gallery Update – World of Warcraft Community Site

Media Section Update (Fan Art) – World of Warcraft Community Site


Blizzard Comic Goodness

Blizzard¬†challenged¬†us, the fans,¬†to submit our comic creations to the Blizzard Comic Contest, and the¬†entries never fail to amuse and amaze, that much is sure. The following comic from Melissa Boston was selected as an honorable mention Blizzard’s ongoing contest. Check it out, I think it’s totally cute and well¬†made,¬†and keep checking back here for more!

Bonus Blizzard Comic Contest Entry – World of Warcraft Community Site

As an extra you can also check this comic out from the guys over at GU Comics about the recent debacle with the Whiptail¬†in Uldum, quite fun! ūüėÄ

The Value of Whiptails – GU Comics

Wow Smalls

World of Warcraft Smalls:

Battleground Horde/Alliance Win Ratio – MMO-Champion

Brazilan and Japanese locale added in 4.0.6 – Blizzard Slate confirmed? – MMO-Champion

About the link above, remember the leaked Blizzard Product Slate from a few months back? World of Warcraft Brazil was actually on there, and, if you think about it a little, well, the timing is near perfect. That means that the rest of the items on that list may well be correct too. Diablo III in¬†Quarter 4 2011? Yes please! ūüėÄ

2200 Rating PvP Weapons Now Available For Purchase – WoW Insider


Know Your Lore: Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery, part 1 – WoW Insider

World of Warcraft # 15 Comic Book ‚Äď Digital Download at Comixology¬†– BlizzPlanet

Legendary РThe WoW Video Podcast РHotfixes vs PTR РWowhead

The Weekly Marmot – Raid Leading: A Crash Course – YouTube

PST – Episode 17 – YouTube

World of Warcraft Blues:

…On 4.0.6’s Warrior Juggernaut Nerf¬†– Wowhead

…On Major Cities Which are Ghost Towns in Cataclysm¬†– Wowhead

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Love is in the Air

Love Is In The Air!

Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Some call it love, and some just call it friendship and admiration. Whichever it is, many guards and townsfolk now spend their days giving and receiving tokens and gifts to other amorous citizens. The more skeptical, however, are suspicious of the strange “love sickness” clouding the hearts of so many…

There you have it, don’t miss the exciting gift exchange and worldwide popularity contest¬†that hit Azeroth¬†this past Sunday, love is indeed in the air! There is a lot to see and somehow even more to do with both the Love is in the Air and Lunar Festival events running. So as usual, if you don’t want to miss a single piece of the action and¬†if you absolutely need all those achievements then you’ll just have to check the links below for a couple of¬†amazingly in-depth¬†guides courtesy of Wowhead and WoW Insider. Also, don’t forget to queue for the seasonal boss, Apothecary Hummel,¬†enjoy!

Love is in the Air! – World of Warcraft Community Site

The OverAchiever: Guide to Love is in the Air 2011 – WoW Insider

Love is in the Air Guide! (Feb 6 Р20) РWowhead

Known Issues With Love is in the Air

If you, as quite a few others, have been expeirencing problems while trying to those Love is in the Air achievements, running that boss or just doing the quests, well, Blizzard has answers!¬†It seems like¬†Deathwing did a bit of a number on the entire festival when he shattered all of Azeroth.¬† Blizzard Blue Poster Nephadne has offered¬†some feedback and work-arounds for known issues affecting this year’s event!¬†So if problems have been plaguing your experience¬†of the world event, if you want¬†to know what to expect,¬†or if you want to read a quick Q&A about all these issues and workarounds,¬†then I guess you’ll just have to check the post out below. Good luck!

(Sticky) [NEW!] Love Is In The Air… Is In The Air!¬†– World of Warcraft Official Forums

Conquest Points – Breaking Skulls and Buying Stuff

There’s a new post up on the World of Warcraft community site called Conquest Points – Breaking Skulls and Buying Stuff and well, I guess you don’t really need me to tell you what its all about… but I will anyway. It pretty much just covers all the various ways you can earn those all important Conquest Points and, once you get them, what you can spend them on. The post goes¬†over all of¬†it in quite a lot of detail, even giving you things like the weekly Conquest Points Cap and how it increases with your team rating. If you’re an avid PvPer¬†that still doesn’t quite understand the inner working¬†or are about to hit that big 85 and just want to know what to expect¬†then you’ll probably want to check this one out. See the full post linked below!

Conquest Points – Breaking Skulls and Buying Stuff – World of Warcraft Community Site

Patch 4.0.6

Patch 4.0.6 – Coming Next week

It is beginning to look more and more like Patch 4.0.6 will be hitting the live servers during the planned maintenance this week, maybe! Yes, there is always that random chance that things may not turn out the way Blizzard planned it. Anyway, there are a lot of changes, improvements and fixes that you can brush up on in the mean time. One thing that I didn’t realise before was that it seems like Ink Traders are being added to Stormwind¬†and Orgrimmar in 4.0.6. That is good news! So if you want to check the full patch notes out you can do that below and¬†the patch only seems to be around 150 megs big, so that’s a plus. Keep checking back here for more Patch 4.0.6 related news!

World of Warcraft PTR Client Patch 4.0.6 РWowhead

Patch 4.0.6 Next Week! РWowhead

All Rated Battleground Weeks Now 10 v 10

Sticking with the PvP¬†related news for a second here, Blizzard are in the¬†process of developing a hotfix¬†to push out before next Tuesday that will change all 15 vs 15 rated battleground weeks into 10 vs 10 weeks. Apparently after looking at participation, the 10 vs 10 rated battleground weeks have been far and away more popular than the 15 vs 15 weeks. The difference in organizational requirements as well as battleground map popularity have been a couple big factors that have led to the 10 vs 10 weeks seeing a great deal more action. So by making this change and supporting the popular option Blizzard hope to encourage even more players and teams to participate, as they won‚Äôt have to wait out every other week, or struggle to beef up to 15 players to match the requirement. Lastly, Blizzard¬†mention that they¬†also have plans to adapt¬†additional battleground maps in the future to work in the 10 player bracket to increase the variety of maps available.¬†I personally think that’s a great idea and fits in beautifully with the whole 10 man raid guild thing, too. Bigger maps working for 10 vs 10? Yes please! So if you were a little reluctant to participate in those rated battlegrounds till now, this may well be what you were waiting for. Check the official announcement below and happy PvPing!

All Rated Battleground Weeks Now 10v10 – World of Warcraft Community Site

Luck of the Draw

Luck Of The Draw Buff

Blizzard is taking yet another step towards improving the quality of random pickup groups and hopes to increase their success rate, specifically¬†in Heroic dungeons, with their latest plan to increase the effect of the Luck of the Draw buff. In Ghostcrawlers¬†latest blog he discusses the issues they had with the system quite indepthly. It seems like the buff, which¬†gets¬†applied whenever you have a random player in your Dungeon Finder group, wasn’t even working properly in Cataclysm dungeons. As you can expect this¬†caused some of those encounters and dungeons to be harder than Blizzard first intended for pickup groups. Lucky for us that do in fact do those PUGS, this has been corrected, and the buff will now increase 5% per random player up to a maximum of a 15% increase in damage, healing and health. So while this won’t fix the fact that, well lets face it, sometimes you just get bad groups, it will indeed help out a little! As usual the blog post was¬†ended with quite a strange line¬†– Greg ‚ÄúGhostcrawler‚ÄĚ Street is the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft and was attacked by a coati as a child. (True story) Read the full thing below, enjoy!

Luck of the Draw Buff РWorld of Warcraft Communtiy Site

J!NX World of Warcraft T-Shirt Design Contest

You extinguished Ragnaros’s¬†flame within the¬†fiery core¬†of¬†Blackrock¬†Mountain. Illidan¬†ran scurrying from the Black Temple when he heard you approaching. The Lich¬†King lies trapped in the Frozen Throne thanks to your efforts. Now, Deathwing¬†presents the greatest challenge Azeroth has ever faced. Are you up to the task?

J!NX presents the World of Warcraft T-Shirt Design Contest.¬†They are calling¬†upon us, the champions of Azeroth, to muster our¬†artistic skills and design the next wave of tees in the J!NX World of Warcraft Collection. Will you declare your fealty to the Alliance or will your design scream “For the Horde!“?¬† Yes indeed ,this is your chance¬†to design the epic gear that all your guildmates will be wearing. If you have a good idea that has yet to be put to paper or¬†an old image you feel would look good on your chest, you’d better get working and send your entry in as soon as you possibly can!

To submit your t-shirt design concept for judging by the World of Warcraft and J!NX creative teams, download the design kit, create your design using the template, and click SUBMIT to upload your work. Good luck and happy crafting!

J!NX World of Warcraft T-Shirt Design Contest – World of Warcraft Community Site

Undead HunterClick for full size!

New Fan Art

The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 4 new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe and I gotta say some of these are pretty amazing. I only wish there were wallpaper versions of them available for download somewhere out there! Anyway, enjoy and remember to check the full size images out below. ( Yes, as usual, you can see my favourite of the new entries above! )

New Fan Art – World of Warcraft Community Site

Mike Morhaime – Keynote Speaker At 2011 D.I.C.E. Summit

The AIAS organizers posted a press release today announcing their distinguished Hall of Famers’ from the past four years and yes,  our favourite is there represented by the Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Morhaime! Mike, along with four others, will be keynote panel speakers for the 2011 D.I.C.E. Summit. These five video game luminaries will be conducting a lively discussion, debate and predict the next frontier of interactive entertainment. It sounds like it could definitely be quite informative to hear what these legends have to say, so, if you want to read more about this you can check the post below courtesy of BlizzPlanet. Times, dates and all the other details are included!

Mike Morhaime to be Keynote Speaker at 2011 D.I.C.E. Summit РBlizzPlanet

459Click for full size!

Skill vs Gear

For a little more visual stimulation you can check out one of the latest comics from the guys over at Nerf NOW!! titled ‘Skill vs Gear’ and ooh does it ring true, definitely made me chuckle! If you liked this one, check the rest of their comics and other goodies out on the site, you won’t be disappointed, enjoy! ūüėÄ

Skill vs Gear – Nerf NOW!!

Wow Smalls

World of Warcraft Smalls:

¬†New Player Tips: Don’t Fear the Reaper – World of Warcraft Community Site

Poll: If It’s Red, It’s Dead – World of Warcraft Community Site

What would Deathwing’s FB status be? – World of Warcraft Official Forums

Nethaera Addresses Questions About Community Manager Process – WoW Insider

Nethaera’s guide to getting the most from the forums – WoW Insider¬†

A Fond Farewell РMalgayne Leaves Wowhead РWowhead

Nefarian 25 Heroic World 2nd Kill by Method – YouTube

Al’akir Heroic World 2nd Kill by Paragon – YouTube

OMFGcata¬†– Cataclysm – Cho’gall Boss Strategy Guide Bastion of Twilight – YouTube

The Weekly Marmot РHow Addons Alter Game Design РWowhead

PST Episode 14 РWowhead

 World of Warcraft Blues:

…on Real-Life Threats¬†– Wowhead

…on Bandaging in Raids¬†– Wowhead

…on Gem Slots Being Added to Epic Craftables¬†– Wowhead

…on Why Tundra Mammoth Doesn’t Sell 85 Food/Water¬†– Wowhead

…on PvP Balance (or Lack Thereof)¬†– Wowhead

…on Improving Looking For Dungeon Queues¬†– Wowhead

…on “Linear” Cataclysm Leveling Content¬†– Wowhead

…on Potential Tol¬†Barad Changes¬†– Wowhead

…on Improving Outland Leveling¬†– Wowhead

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Cataclysm Sales Records

Cataclysm One-Month Sales Top 4.7 Million

Blizzard issued a press release to announce that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has actually managed to sell 4.7 million copies in its first month of release, including retail sales and digital downloads. Cataclysm shattered the previous record held for monthly PC-Game sales held by Wrath of the Lich King. That is a pretty impressive feat and if you want to read more you can check the press release out for all the details. As usual, Blizzard thanked everyone for playing and supporting them.

Cataclysm One-Month Sales Top 4.7 Million – World of Warcraft Community Site

Patch 4.0.6

PTR Patch 4.0.6 Notes РUpdated Jan. 11

The 4.0.6 patch notes have been updated once again and, as expected, there are a ton of new changes and improvements. One thing that struck me as kind of, erm, interesting, was that they do in fact include a ton of dungeon changes. This was on the same day that Ghostcrawler said heroics and raids are meant to be hard. Other changes include that some missing Azerothian rare spawns have been re-added with buffed loot and respawn timers, A socket has been added to all crafted epic armor pieces that did not already have one, new alchemists stones have been added, troll and worgen epic flight forms now have their correct models and many, many, many, many others. As you can expect there are also a bunch of achievement and class changes. You will absolutely have to check the full list out below, enjoy!

Public Test Realm Patch 4.0.6 Notes – Updated Jan. 11 – World of Warcraft Community Site

You can also read about the patch and all it entails at various other sites linked below:

Hand in hand with the patches come a couple of explanations and/or discussions from the blues. I’ve summarized them below, too, enjoy:


Wow, Dungeons are Hard!

Ghostcrawler¬†is back, and well, he has a lot to say. This time he has a talk about the dungeons in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, a long, long talk. The frustrations healers face, the difficulty tanks might have and the new responsibilities that dps have, the bosses that Blizzard’s keeping an eye on that seem to be causing a lot more wipes that others, and much more. I really can’t even begin to describe it all here, in the little time and space that I have, but I can say that it is in fact worth a read. They said that, in short, they hear us¬†and that they are working around the clock to keep the game as fun and balanced as possible. I’ve linked the article below and, once again, it was ended with an interesting line: Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is the lead systems designer on World of Warcraft. He has four dogs: three epic retrievers and one green terrier suitable for disenchanting.

Wow, Dungeons are Hard! РWorld of Warcraft Community Site

Cory Stockton Talks Tol Barad Balance

Cory Stockton recently posted on the World of Warcraft Community Site about Tol¬†Barad¬†Balance and the plans Blizzard has for it. A surprise from the post is that Blizzard is actually happy with the difficulty of attackers winning Tol¬†Barad.¬†The biggest reveal, or¬†surprise, from the post is that Blizzard is actually happy with the difficulty of¬†attacking in¬†Tol¬†Barad. This is, once again, a huge post and it contains a bunch of talk that doesn’t really give much solid information about the balance. Lucky for us, Patch 4.0.6 it is going to make it a little easier to capture a third base in Tol¬†Barad, assuming you already have the first two. If you spend a lot of time in Tol¬†Barad and would like to know what the future holds in store for you, check it out below.

Tol Barad Balance РWorld of Warcraft Community Site

 World of Warcraft Mugs

Ironforge and Undercity Mugs Now Available

Blizzard has revealed their two¬†new World of Warcraft¬†stoneware mugs and they are¬†now available for viewing at purchase at www.wowsteins.com! A little information about the two mugs? The Undercity¬†mug features a panoramic scene of the Horde’s capital of the undead while the Ironforge¬†mug captures the cavernous city of the Alliance’s dwarven¬†domain. Each handcrafted mug holds a hefty 18 oz. (.53 ltrs.) of your favorite hot or cold beverage and are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. So if you want a little World of Warcraft memorabilia that’s actually practical, check this out below. ¬†

Ironforge and Undercity Mugs РWorld of Warcraft Community Site

Cataclysm LP Now Available on iTunes

Want to bring the music from the latest World of Warcraft expansion with you anywhere you go?¬†Well now you can!¬†The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm soundtrack is now available as an iTunes LP from the iTunes Store, featuring 17¬†epic tracks as well as special bonus content including artwork, liner notes, and behind-the-scenes interviews. Blizzard does mention that if¬† you previously purchased a copy of the Cataclysm soundtrack album from iTunes prior to the release of this special LP version you won’t have to worry, you’ll be able to receive the bonus content at no additional charge. So if you want to read more about all of that or want to¬†purchase the Cataclysm soundtrack LP, check the post linked below.

Cataclysm LP Now Available on iTunes – World of Warcraft Community Site

Razer Switchblade Revealed

A¬†new device was¬†shown by Razer¬†at the CES 2011,¬†the Razor Switchblade.¬†The Switchblade¬†is a 7-inch pocket gaming that is still in its concept phase.¬†According to the concept shown at CES 2011 and the video released a couple of days ago you can do quite a lot with this little package of power.¬†I won’t even begin to try to¬†explain it all, but, this may well be the handheld device PC gamers have been waiting for and, always wanted. So yes, Razer¬†currently already has a Blizzard Entertainment license to make keyboards and mice based on Starcraft¬†II and World of Warcraft. Razer is now jumping into the world of handheld gaming, exciting stuff. Watch the video above to learn more about the device and all its capable of. And yes, it can play World of Warcraft.

Nefarian Heroic World First Kill by Paragon

Lastly in the World of Warcraft news it seems like Paragon has scored the world first kill on Heroic mode Nefarian. So congratulations to them for the hard work and you can read more about it below!

Nefarian World First Kill – MMO-Champion

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Traveling Azeroth

Traveling Azeroth

Azeroth¬†is a large world that has recently, with the addition of flight, become much larger.¬†With all the new zones and changes to the old ones Blizzard thought it about time to give everyone a bit of a refresher on the¬†more common ways¬†to see the world, meet the creatures and (likely) be killed by them. Yes indeed, mounts, flight masters, boats, zeppelins, portals and some other slightly¬†more exotic forms of transportation, they are all available to us and covered in One if by Zeppelin: Two if by boat – Traveling Azeroth, the new post on the World of Warcraft community sites. So if you’re a new player and not quite sure when you can get that riding skill, where exactly those boats lead, where to find the right portal of if you’re heading to the right city to catch the zeppelin you want, then I guess this is the post for you. Check it out below!

One if by Zeppelin: Two if by Boat — Traveling Azeroth¬†– World of Warcraft Community Site

New Mobile Armory Features

Earlier this week Blizzard revealed details on a new free update to the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory.¬† The new update¬†brings all the Cataclysm goodness you could ever want¬†to the¬†mobile application. Support for the new items, goblin and worgen races, and new race/class combinations. It also sports a stylish new-and-improved look, similar to the recently redone World of Warcraft community sites. There are various other changes and improvements, too, so if you’re a iPhone, iPod touch or iPad user and play World of Warcraft,¬†I guess you’d probably want to check this one out. The only criticism is that they have still not updated the application with support for Android phones. Read the official announcement below.

New Mobile Armory Features – World of Warcraft Community Site

We’ve just released a free update for the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory. The noteworthy additions include:

  • ¬†Support for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, including new items, goblin and worgen races, and new race/class combinations.
  • An updated look: the Mobile Armory has been reskinned to match the new World of Warcraft community site.
  • Various UI improvements, including enhanced readability and streamlined character switching.

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory App is available from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore. For more information on the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, visit our Mobile Armory page.

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4.0.3a Hotfixes

Cataclysm Hotfixes – Updated Jan. 3

Hotfixes, hotfixes, hotfixes! Yes, even more hotfixes! The January 3rd list of fixes include quite a few big ones and, one tends to wonder how many more of these there could possibly be to fix… Oh, well, I won’t complain! This latest batch includes notable changes such as the following – Flame Orb and Frostfire¬†Orb no longer break any version of Polymorph, Tailors with 400 skill or higher should now receive additional cloth drops 50% of the time from anything that drops cloth, up from 25% and lastly, Atramedes’ Sonic Breath now properly ignores line of sight. So those guilds that were looking exploit that little bug are fresh out of luck, sorry! There are, obviously, tons of other changes and as usual you can find them all in the link below, enjoy!

Cataclysm Hotfixes – Updated Jan. 3 – World of Warcraft Community Site

Tol barad

Tol Barad Drama (Fixes)

Ahh¬†Tol¬†Barad, what a rocky road it has been. Alas, it seems like Blizzard is not done with you yet. So it seems like after the hotfix¬†that was applied last week that rewarded¬†1,800 honor to the offensive team if they won,¬†Blizzard has rethought the whole thing¬†and lowered the amount of honor gained.¬†I personally had no idea why they would introduce such a huge honor gain in the first place. If¬†you had been checking my site you¬†probably would have seen me ranting about the win trading¬†in Tol¬†Barad¬†or the players doing the little up-and-down on the bridge exploit.¬†I just don’t know, I think Blizzard did¬†go a little overboard with the buff, but, as I just mentioned, it seems to have been rectified. So yes, Blizzard has changed¬†the amount of honor gained when the attacking side wins Tol¬†Barad to 360 honor, down from that ridiculous¬†1,800. Also, they say that they are working on a fix for that little bridge exploit. To me¬†that is 100% good news all round, agree or not, you can read the full post in the link below!

Tol Barad hotfixed to reward 360 honor on offensive win РWoW Insider

Dungeon Finder Improvements In The Works

In the last hotfix¬†related talk, I promise, it seems like Blizzard is working at improving their already impressive Dungeon Finder Tool. Zarhym has shared with all of us that they have plans to make the Dungeon Finder take a little more into account and be a little more accurate with the groups it sets up. He goes on to say that one flaw with the current system is that¬†if players fail in a pick-up group, they aren’t told why they failed. People then tend to play the blame game and¬†kick the player they feel is responsible, which is often¬†the healer. Do you think Blizzard could make instance runs more… um, educational, perhaps? I am not exactly sure how it would work but I guess it does sound like a good idea. We will have to wait and see, till then, though, I shall leave you with quotes. (In the link below!)

Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder – WoW Insider

INC Gamers – Best Games of 2010 – Starcraft II & World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

¬†The guys and girls from over at INC Gamers have their Best Games of 2010 lists up and it seems like Blizzard has, once again, scored big! I know, I don’t really cover every single award that our beloved games receive, but I do love and respect INC Gamers and all their sites, thus, I find their lists credible! What can I say, seeing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm¬†as their chosen top¬†MMO for 2010 and Starcraft¬†II: Wings of Liberty as their chosen RTS just strengthens those beliefs. The runners-up in those categories were Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer and Civilization 5, respectively. If you want to read their reasons for picking our favourite games¬†then I guess you’ll just have to head on over to their site. It is a good read and¬†you can find the link below, enjoy!

Best Games Of 2010 – INC Gamers


Overqualified – The Daily Blink

A little extra for all of you, one of the latest Daily Blink pieces. I have to say these guys are always putting something interesting out there for all of us to, be it comedic or just plain cool, worth checking out more often than not!

Overqualified – The Daily Blink

World of Warcraft Movie Hype – Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones is a¬†British movie director who got a lot of attention in 2009 with his feature film debut, a low-budget¬†sci-fi film called Moon. In a recent interview with Badassdigest.com, Duncan Jones¬†spoke¬†about his love of PC gaming and World of Warcraft. He says he’s jealous that Sam Raimi¬†is the planned director of the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, saying that he really believes World of Warcraft could be the launch of computer games as good films. Interesting, I can’t say I disagree, though. He also mentioned that he¬†can’t wait for Diablo 3 and¬†played through the entire Starcraft: Wings of Liberty campaign. Now that, is pretty impressive. You can read the full interview below, enjoy!

MOON’s Duncan Jones Thinks WARCRAFT Could Be The Great Video Game Movie РBaddass Digest

It’s Not Easy Being Deaf In World Of Warcraft

Are you ready for a rather sad story? Well, recently Kotaku¬†reported that earlier this year World of Warcraft player Unwelcome suffered an accident and said accident permanently robbed him of his hearing. Feeling alienated and shunned by his real life friends, he returned to World of Warcraft for some online alienation and shunning. How did that happen, you ask? Well firstly,¬†World of Warcraft itself is quite a¬†deaf-friendly game on the whole. There is not a whole lot that you absolutely¬†have to hear to be able to play and enjoy it. When you are in a raiding guild, however, it gets a bit more complicated. Unwelcome returned to his raiding guild of four years, which apparently consists of¬†close, real life friends,¬†only to be kicked out. Apparently¬†he explained his condition to the guild and¬†everyone was pretty supportive, for about 5 minutes. He says that the first question his guild master asked him was if he could still use Ventrilo… What? Are you serious? So yeah, long story short, the guild rules stated that he could not raid without being on Ventrilo¬†and, well, that lead to him having a fallout with the guild leader and being kicked. I won’t take any sides here, I just thought I would share the tale with everyone interested. It is sad, but at the same time we don’t know all the intricacies¬†of the story. So thanks for Kotaku for the news and you can read the full story below.

It’s Not Easy Being Deaf In World Of Warcraft¬†– Kotaku

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Cataclysm Shatters Sales Records

Thanks to all of the new, existing, and returning World of Warcraft players out there, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm managed to sell more than 3.3 million copies as of its first 24 hours of release. This makes it the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Yes, you heard that right. That’s means just over 1 fourth of the current player base picked the game up in the frist 24 hours. What more can I say, that is dedication.

Blizzard would obviously also just like to extend their sincere thanks to everyone for making this possible. Not that anyone really cares, they are all too busy grinding their way to 85 or grinding away at those heroics.  

Check out the press release below for all the details.


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Mothgirl 3

The third episode of The Adventures of Mothgirl¬†is up! This week I take a run through The Sunken Temple and have a talk about the newly redone¬†Azeroth¬†instances, tanking, groups and much more! I am currently trying to level as fast as I can to get to the level 80+ content. Next week will most probably be some PvP¬†and the week thereafter I will try start in either Hyjal¬†or Vashj’ir. Stay tuned and enjoy Episode 3! ūüėÄ

On a side note РIt seems like YouTube loves me afterall! My account can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes, happy times!

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