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In this episode we take a look at Blizzard & Diablo III News — Is Diablo 3 Is Technically Complete? The ditched Ranger Class Concepts, Skill Trees & Tiers, Lots of Art Updates & More!

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20 Year Anniversary Updates

A couple of episodes ago I spoke about the mini-site Blizzard launched that was dedicated to celebrating their 20th anniversary. Today that site was updated and includes a brand new and extremely long video overviewing the 20 years of their existence via a series of interviews with some of the company’s the key employees.

Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment was originally founded under a completely different name? What is the significance of Jawassic Park in the context of Blizzard Entertainment’s art culture? Whatever happened to Orcs in Space? These and many, many more questions are answered in the full-length video they’ve just released on the Blizzard 20th Anniversary site. Clocking in at almost an hour, this video features candid commentary from the people who have spent the last two decades creating the games that helped make Blizzard Entertainment the company it is today.

Head over to the anniversary site and check out the Blizzard Retrospective Video now!

Anniversary Video: A History of Blizzard Entertainment – Blizzard Official

20th Anniversary Video Contest

For those that weren’t aware, it was in fact Blizzards 20th birthday on the 3rd of march. So, firstly, Blizzard just thank us all for joining them during this special time, this anniversary celebration. They tell us that they couldn’t have made it here without us, the fans, so they’d love for us to help them make this milestone even more memorable by entering their upcoming twentieth anniversary video contest.

Blizzard gamers from across the globe have been creating their own wonderful Blizzard memories for the past 20 years and the guys and girls at Blizzard want to know exactly how they’ve been a part of our life. Unleash your creativity and capture your fondest Blizzard memory on video. Your favorite moment can be touching, hilarious, or simply epic — what’s important is that you share your memory with the world. If your video manages to make Blizzard’s crew of stone-faced judges crack a smile (or shed a tear) it could be chosen as one of the winning entries, earning you countless accolades, untold fame, the respect of your peers… and an awesome prize to boot.

The official contest rules are coming soon, stay tuned for further details!

20th Anniversary Video Contest – Blizzard Official

activision blizzard logo

More On Titan

Next up in the general Blizzard news we have yet more talk about Blizzard’s unannounced game, the mystery MMO that’s been the talk of the town for the past few months.

VentureBeat.com has posted a new interview with Blizzard’s COO, Paul Sams. There’s no mention of Diablo III in the conversation, sadly, but Sams gives some interesting insight into Free to play vs. the ‘Disneyland’ style full features of World of WarCraft. He even extends that point into some general details about ‘Project Titan’, even though he didn’t actually acknowledge that project code name for Blizzard’s Next-Gen MMORPG. He does say a few things that we’ve heard before, that it will be more complementary than competitive and while people do have a limited amount of free time that they can dedicate to these types of games, Blizzard do think that people will check the new and the old out. One line I really liked was the following – ‘We think the new one is very compelling and is going to capture a lot of hearts and minds and will be very successful for us.’

It all does sound like a fairy-tale and I can’t wait to get some solid information about this most mysterious of games. What else is in this interview? You can read about Blizzard’s dream team they have working on the new game, the social, or community, aspects they hope to include in it, the platforms we may well see it on and much more. A definite great read and well worth checking out for all you Blizzard fans.

Paul Sams Drops Titan(ic) Hints – Diablo INC Gamers

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Diablo 3 Logo White

Diablo III ‘Technically Complete’

In some pretty interesting and in my opinion extremely exciting news, Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce recently commented on Diablo III’s progress saying that the “development is technically complete”, with only internal testing and feedback left to work on. Now, all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as people often over think things like this. Firstly, this quote, and all the information being talked about here, was taken from an interview that the Blizzard head honchos had with French site, Liberation.fr. So all said, information had to be translated, and, as you all well know, things are often misinterpreted and lost in the translation process. But anyway, even the crudest form of the translated information does give us some hope and what I’d call good news.

Now first, let us have a look at the question asked and answer given. (Bare in mind, the translation might well be a little off!)

Q: I suppose that you do not have a world-hysteria scoop to offer the readers of Liberation concerning the official and definitive release date of Diablo 3?
A: Alas, no. Just to confirm to you that we are full at work for the game to release this year. The development is technically completed. We are in a internal-testing and feedback-gathering phase. Yes, there are good chances of releasing before the end of 2011, but it is impossible to us, at this time, to guarantee you that.

With the help of a few, ever keen, forum members, they came to the conclusion that Mike and Frank were referring to the core engine of the game that had been completed. Now, the team can apparently focus on the content, the game world, the game rules and obviously the polish of the game. They say that to sum things up, we actually learn nothing new here and Diablo INC Gamers feels that this does seem to contradict a lot of what we’ve been hearing recently from Blizzard themselves, with the Male Demon Hunter not being complete, some runes still rough drafts and the Demon Hunter’s dual resource being more of a concept than final product. 

I guess this information and these quotes mean varying amounts to everyone out there. Sure, it’s great that they once again said that they want to release the game in 2011, but one thing I will say is that if the Diablo III team does in fact have the world complete, the story in tact, the quests where they need to be, the skills, mostly at least, working as intended, and have no plans to suddenly add another act or class to the game, then, well, that does shine some hope on our Diablo III beta plight. If all that is true the game may well be ready for us to test it sooner, rather than later, as most of the polish, balancing and all that other goodness would probably be done during the closed beta. What is also worth keeping in mind is what I spoke about a couple of episodes ago, where during the Quarter 1 Activision / Blizzard Conference Call, Mike Morhaime actually mentioned that we might well be hearing more about the Diablo III beta during their next call, happening in May. All of this does sound good and I guess we should all just hold thumbs and hope to hear more, or some clarification on all of this, soon.

Check the links below to read the full stories and let me know what you think.

Diablo III’s “development is technically completed” – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III Development “Technically Completed” – Diablofans

Exploiting The Magic Find Stat In Groups

A  fan recently asked a question that has, apparently, come up quite a lot over the past few months on the official Diablo III forums in discussions of Diablo III item hunting.  In short, said fan asked the following – ‘With every character getting their own drops, what’s to to prevent some players from standing in the back row and doing very little, if they’re going to share in the experience and get items anyway?’ The example provided was, what if there is one very powerful level 60 character in hell and he has 3 friends that are following him around doing relatively little work because they are in fact stacked up with Magic Find on their gear, LOTS of magic find. Will the three Magic Find characters be able to leech the drops from the powerful level 60? This is assuming that they are level 60 as well. So, said fan feels that this mechanic might well be abused, and abused hard.

Bashiok replied and he had quite a bit to say about it, starting off by saying that sure, it could be a problem, but… he claims that the entire Magic Find system, the way loot drops and all that entails in co-op play will be fairly heavily restricted to specific sources and amounts. He gave the following example, which is completely hypothetical, of course. Let’s say that the only magic find available is from placing a diamond gem in a head slot. It’s useful because of the amount it provides, but maybe other gems in a head slot provide things like bonus XP, bonus gold, etc. Then it’s not a choice of power vs. MF and building characters around the system, but a choice between interesting bonuses that will probably change through the career of a character. He then says that’s just a thought on how it could work and that it is still under consideration. Blizzard apparently likes the idea of having some way to improve your chances to find magic items, but not as a driving statistic for characters.

Lastly, Bashiok just mentions that it is definitely worth noting in this case that enemies in Diablo III are more sophisticated. You’ll find them targeting characters in your group they perceive as weaker, keeping distance, and cooperating to try to kill you and your group. So having one person run ahead to face pull everything, let alone be able to solo everything in a multiplayer game, probably isn’t going to work out too well. We can also just assume that said monsters will in fact scale, become more powerful, with each extra character in the game, so  that said having one character do most of the work just doesn’t seem that likely.

If you want to read all about this fan’s interactions with Bashiok regarding Magic Find In Groups you can check the post linked below!

Blue on MF Exploits in Groups – Diablo INC Gamers


Win Tyreals Hylt!

The guys and girls over at the Diablo Database have decided that it has been far too long since their last giveaway and oohh does that mean good things for us! So, to slake our thirst, for a little while at least, they just wanted to give us a little reward for being as patient as we are. At the same time, though, this will help us stay even more up-to-date with all the Diablo III happenings out there right now. So, what is this reward, you ask? (Yes, you Diablo guys might not appreciate this quite as much as the WoW guys out there, sorry!)

They’re giving away all 5 of the World of Warcraft digital pets to 3 lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is ‘like’ the Diablo Fan Page on Facebook and follow D3DB on Twitter! But wait, that’s not all! One incredibly lucky winner will also receive the highly sought out, extremely rare and nearly impossible to obtain Tyrael’s Hylt pet code! This pet code was a gift for attending the 2008 Worldwide Invitational in Paris and awards a Feat of Strength in-game along with the amazingly cool pet. Woah. So yes, that is in fact why this is Diablo related. For all you Blizzard fans out there, this is a must enter and you can find the full details, and links to enter, below. Good luck!

1) ‘Like’ the official Diablo page on Facebook – http://facebook.com/Diablo

2) Follow D3DB on Twitter – http://twitter.com/D3DB

3) Email contest@d3db.com with a link to your Facebook & Twitter pages, after this you’ll be entered!.

They let us know that they will randomly select 3 winners on March 15th, 2011. Winners will be contacted via their Facebook or Twitter accounts to confirm ownership and emailed the pet codes afterwards. Rest assured your Facebook and Twitter profile pages will not ever be published publicly for this contest. Lastly, the pet codes are good for European and North American players only.

Diablo 3 Database – D3DB

Diablo Fan Art

More delicious Fan Art! Yes, and there is indeed quite a load of it to look at today. First up we have Diablo INC Gamers Fan Art Watch #78. This post has two really cool pieces, one of a female monk that looks to have taken more than a bit of inspiration from the famous monk cosplayer, Christina Estrada, and secondly a really great speed-painting of an Amazon that seems to have just been in a bit of scrap. In Fan Art Watch #79 we get a look at a few pieces that were actually added to the official Blizzard gallery. Three incredibly detailed barbarians and The Butcher, which is one of my personal favourites, as it brings back a few pretty vivid memories, can be found below.

Diablo Fan Art Watch #78: Amazons and Monks – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo Fan Art Watch #79: Barbs and the Butcher – Diablo INC Gamers

In some semi-related news it seems like that Limited Edition Diablo III Barbarian Overthrown Statue that was all the rage a while back is going on sale once more over at SideShow Toys, so, if any of you were looking to get your hands on that $300 masterpiece, now’s your chance.

Diablo III Barbarian Statue Back In-Stock – Diablo INC Gamers


Ranger Class In Diablo III? Concept Art & More!

In what I see as quite an amazing find and an even more set of images, here are a few early concepts for the Ranger which eventually lead to the Demonhunter class in Diablo III. Yes, all those guessers from a couple of months back that thought the fifth class would in fact be a ranger were right, sort of. I have to say it is really great seeing these early concepts of how the class could have looked, compared to what it looks like now. These were all taken from the blog of Phroilan Gardner, a fantasy artist who worked for Blizzard Entertainment for quite a few years a while back. He contributed a lot Diablo III concept art as well as creating a great deal of World of Warcraft stuff, too. He has since parted ways with Blizzard Entertainment and has been posting tons of cool artwork on his blog.

He lets us know that he is happy with the way that the Demon Hunter turned out and that he absolutely can’t wait to play the class, saying that in his opinion it’s the closest thing to a Gothic-fantasy styled character in the current Diablo III hero lineup. These six images are most definitely worth looking at, along with all the other amazingly well done pieces on his blog. You can find the link below, enjoy

Phroilan’s Stuff – blogspot

Skill Trees / Tiers

Bashiok recently got involved in a thread about the skill trees and tiers in Diablo III and provided a nice explanation of how they work and why they’re set up the way they are.

He starts off by saying that skills are tiered out for progression. They serve not only as a reward as you level up, but also to ensure Blizzard is not dumping the entire game on a new player. Early tier skills tend to be cheap or free to cast, and have fairly straight forward mechanics and uses, like dealing damage to enemies. As the tiers progress, though, more complex systems are introduced, avoidance, mobility, maybe skills that cost a little more, or require a bit more finesse to pull off well. Then, the end of the tiers and these are usually the biggest, most expensive, and visually impressive. The tiers do start out simply and progress toward the bigger and ‘cooler’ spells. As they should. He says that Blizzard can also design and tune the beginning of the game with the skills available in mind, which really helps to ensure those first few hours aren’t frustrating.

I guess, while all of that really does make sense, and none of it is really anything new, it is good to hear the reasoning behind them setting it up the way they do. Bashiok then carries on by saying that while he’s sure there will be builds that take all the end tier skills, people will still need to pick skills throughout the tree to create a solid character, and they’re designing the skills to ensure they can continue to be as viable as possible regardless of character level. Some first and second tier skills will scale really well and will most likely be the bread and butter skills for a number of builds.

Bashiok concluded this all by giving us a bit of repeat information – The leveling progression is designed that you’d have all your skill tiers unlocked before you finish Normal. I guess this is the kind of information that players interested in the leveling process would really want to hear. You can have a look at all the full quote and other information included below. And yes, there are even a few images of the previously revealed traits and skill trees, courtesy of Diablo INC Gamers.

Blue on Skill Tiers and Clvl Requirements – Diablo INC Gamers


Facebook ‘Like’ Updates

The ever entertaining Diablo Facebook Like Campaign has just yielded what is, in my opinion, some of the best artwork thus far. The Diablo Facebook Page hit and passed the 625,000 mark a day or two ago and we have been gifted a brand new piece of concept art and another screenshot!

The screenshot was previously released via the BlizzCon 2010 Diablo III Presskit, but it is still worth a look for those that have not seen it. The good part of this update, though, is definitely this amazing piece of the Tristram Cathedral and much of ‘New Tristram’ laid out in the distance. By far one of my favourite pieces of concept art to date and I absolutely can’t wait for more! Check both of these images out, in full size, below, and if you haven’t already, head on over to the Diablo III facebook page and give it a like!

Below is also a link to Diablo INC Gamers’ post of this update where a few questions about this new and exciting artwork are answered. Check that out, too, if you’re interested.

Diablo Facebook Page – Facebook

The Diablo Facebook Ransom is Paid: Part IV – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo 3 Smalls

Diablo III Smalls:

Forum Watch #64: Y’all Wanna Debate? – Diablo INC Gamers

Vote: Will you play Hardcore Diablo III? – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #84: Diablo with Light and Darkness – Diablo INC Gamers

The Dark Library #32 – Diablo INC Gamers

Blizzard’s “Anti-Modding” Stance: Another Look – Diablofans

Diablo II Season 7 Length Poll – Diablofans

ForceD3 – Purgatory Episode 5 – YouTube

Questions & Answers

Q: In game mic chat support? Will there be a Special Edition game with some extras included? Thank you for your time. – IceMan20k
A: Voice chat is a base feature of the new Battle.net platform, so it’s likely. We’ve not announced a collector’s edition. – Diablo

Q: Will gems give the same bonuses they did in Diablo 2? – illthegreat
A: No, they’re all pretty much different. Elemental damage comes from enchantments now, for instance. – Diablo

Q: Zoom. How much will we be able to zoom in D3 compared to SC2? – kiowa81
A: There’s no zoom feature planned beyond a slight perspective shift when engaged in conversations. – Diablo

Q: No zoom? then why there’s zoom in first gameplay trailer? (watch 1:27-2:23) – spareribs17
A: We did have a zoom function back in 2008. It was removed shortly after. – Diablo

Q: Has allowing 8 or 10 skills instead of 7 ever been seriously considered? 7 just seems so few to me… – yovargas
A: Of course. Everything is seriously considered. – Diablo

Q: Can runes be swapped when ever or do you need an artisan to equip/swap out runes? – Scyberdragon
A: Restrictions are likely for when/where you can change them. – Diablo

Q: Since you reworked stats to benefit all classes will gems be treated in the same manner? bc D2 gems in weapons didnt benefit casters – illthegreat
A: There is a “caster gem” for weapons. Potentially two depending on your build. – Diablo

Q: Hi, I’ve noticed two screenshots, on each of them the Barbarian looks different, In one he got warpaint in the other he doesn’t? Is it a new feature that allows you to add warpaint and/or tattoos to your character? Or has the skin of his model been changed? Personally I like the warpaint much more.
A: The barbarian will see a throwback to the classic blue war paint when equipping a specific gear set.

Q: Is it something similar to say, wearing Aldur’s on a Druid and the other class-specific sets for other classes?
A: No, it’s just the effect from the chest piece of one ‘tier’ set. Class specific items are still planned, but this would not be what it is, no.

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Patch 1.3.0

StarCraft II: Wings of Libery – Patch 1.3.0

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.3.0 is currently in development and available for testing on the PTR. Blizzard tells us that the early test-version of the patch contains notable improvements to the Join Custom Game interface, a preview of the new Grandmaster League, several balance adjustments, bug fixes, and more. Now, those are the official highlights, but us, as StarCraft II players, see different things as highlights. In what has got to be my favourite addition, Blizzard have added a customizable observer and replay UI to the game. These new ‘overlays’ as they have come to be called, do everything from show player names and colors, track supply and unit counts to even keeping an eye on both players’ resources and their collection rates. It really is something that is going to make my life as a shoutcaster a lot easier and definitely going to improve things for players opting to spectate games instead of play them.

But now, on to the dreaded balance changes. In the general changes, players can no longer hide units by setting them in a close proximity patrol. (Like that silly Viking flower!) Of the three races, most players seem to think that protoss was hit the hardest with the removal of the Khaydarin Amulet upgrade. (+25 starting energy) Others would say terran were the most damaged in this patch, with a bunker build time increase of 5 seconds and stim pack research time increase of 30 seconds, too. I would probably have to agree with them there. Lastly, the zerg changes, which are exclusively to Infestors. Their health was increased from 90 to 110 and their Fungal Growth ability now fires a missile instead of bein instant cast. The stun duration has also been decreased from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. That does mean that there was a double in damage per second.

Other than all of those changes there were just the normal bug fixes and editor improvements, which you can read all about below!

Patch 1.3 in development – StarCraft II Community Site

Patch 1.3.0 Extras

As a few extras related to Patch 1.3.0 you can also see the new observer mode in action, courtesy TheGunRun. I have to say I can’t wait to use it. I wasn’t even aware of all the cool, and useful, options that you could enable or of the fact that you can entirely hide the bottom bar of the UI, thereby increasing your viewing pleasure by multitudes. I just hope they set it up that we can hide everything except the minimap, that would be perfect. Check that video out, you won’t regret it and you won’t be able to contain your excitement! If you are interested you can also check the new and most definitely improved league icons out below, courtesy of the TeamLiquid forums. These are the same icons that were shown during BlizzCon 2010, but, it’s great to see them finally implemented. Read about, and check out, all those extras below!

New Observer Mode Features (Patch 1.3.0) – YouTube

New League Icons (Patch 1.3) – TeamLiquid

Ladder Map Pool Changes

To improve overall map balance and keep StarCraft II ladder play fresh and engaging, Blizzard recently made several changes to the ladder map pool. Below you can find a list that comprises of all the maps currently available, separated by bracket. You will be able to see the maps that were removed, the new maps that were added and the ones that stayed exactly where they were. If you are the kind of person that prefers not to read too much, you can in fact see all the aforementioned information in video form, too. There was a lot of information given with these changes, additions and removals and I suggest you watch the video for that extra bit of insight. While some may not like them, I find that the new maps are a lot of fun and definitely worth additions to the ladder map pool!

Patch 1.3 Map Changes – StarCraft II Community Site

Ladder Map Changes – StarCraft II Community Site

New Ladder Maps – YouTube

Masters Icon

Masters League For Teams

In some more official news, Blizzard are happy to share that they’ve been working to implement an oft-requested feature in secret; laboring over small brass pins and cogs in the humid bioluminescent mines deep beneath the Blizzard campus top-soil to bring you Master League for teams! So if you didn’t realise, Blizzard have deployed a hotfix to implement Master League for arranged and random 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 teams. For a refresher on what the Master League is, how it functions, and what it takes to get into it, refer back to their previous post about the Master League, which you can find in the links below. They also just give us a quick reminder that the Grandmaster League is coming very, very soon for 1v1 and everyone had better start preparing for that!

Master League for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 – StarCraft II Community Site

Top 200 Starcraft 2

Top 200 Lists

The Top 200 lists have been updated and, as usual, you can find the links to the North American, European, South East Asian and Korean Lists below. Check those out and see if your favourite players are still at the top! 😀

EU Top 200 – StarCraft II Community Site

US Top 200 – StarCraft II Community Site

SEA Top 200 – StarCraft II Community Site

KR Top 200 – StarCraft II Community Site

Speculation About BlizzCon 2011

BlizzPlanet has a really interesting, if slightly far fetched article up concerning all the rumors and speculation about this years BlizzCon event. In past years, Blizzard has rented the Anaheim Convention Center to celebrate this massive convention, this year, though, strange things are happening and needless to say, people have noticed them! Firstly, I have to say, I don’t even know how these guys figure this stuff out, find it or manage to make sense if it all, it really is some crazy spy-movie-detective-investigating stuff.

Here we go, according to the Anaheim Convention Center, Blizzard has acquired the entire facility for this years event. Why is that strange? Well, for all their previous events, yes, every single one, they only rented Halls A, B, C, D, & The Meeting Rooms. This year, though, those are joined by Hall E and the Arena. So, BlizzPlanet asks this question: What if Blizzard are planning on announcing, or revealing a new game? I guess it really could make sense that they would need more space, especially if they wanted to dedicate an entire one of those halls to it, which, let’s face it, is the least they can do! Could it be for their Next-Gen MMO? Heart of the Swarm? Perhaps WarCraft IV? Who knows, but these conspiracy theories are always a good read and there is still a lot of time for the rumors to spread and the plot to thicken. Check the full thing out below!

New Blizzard Game At BlizzCon 2011? – BlizzPlanet

Tournament & Event News

Tournament & Event Smalls:

E-stars Seoul pulls out Blizzard games – TeamLiquid

Blizzard’s IP rights war against Korean broadcast companies has claimed yet another victim. E-Stars Seoul, in a show of solidarity with KeSPA, is removing Blizzard games from its tournament in August.

[TSL] Qualifier #8 Recap – TeamLiquid

[Q&A] Official NASL Thread – TeamLiquid

[NASL] Deadlines and Process – TeamLiquid

[TSL] Bracket Show! – TeamLiquid

Blizzard Excluded From WCG 2011?

In our second last piece of big tournament news, apparently, according to Thisisgame.com, due to the legal happenings regarding Blizzard’s IP rights, BroodWar, WarCraft 3 and even StarCraft 2 might be excluded from the World Cyber Games 2011 grand finals. This is not final and there is still no official statement by the World Cyber Games but one is probably soon to be issued. I won’t go into any more detail about it here, but I just thought you guys would want to know. Read more about it below!

Blizzard Excluded From WCG 2011? – SK Gaming

 FXOpen eSports Announcements

After the success of FXOpen’s past events and the establishment of the FXOpen Invitational Series, they are proud to make the following announcements: FXOpen e-Sports has begun programming for an e-Sports TV platform, their tournament Ladder is now released, they are setting a new, weekly, KOTH series up, they are planning a new invitational titled ‘Destination Korea’, the first prize of which will be a ticket to South Korea and it seems like a talk show, team house and website are all coming soon, too. There was more than just that, yes, I know, how is that even possible? But wow, all I can say is this is some really great news. FXOpen are really trying their hardest to help eSports grow and, well, I have to say they are most definitely succeeding. if you want to read all about those FXOpen eSports Announcements you will just have to check the post linked below.

[FXO] FXOpen e-Sports Announcements – TeamLiquid

GSL Banner

GSL Updates

Time for a few GSL updates! The Code-S and Code-A have both moved into their respective rounds of 16 and both are steadily progressing and both have their fair share of entertaining and saddening upsets.

First up, the Code-A. The first play-day of the Round of 16 has already been completed with HuK, Losira, Virus and  Leenock winning their games and moving on to the round of 8.

Players that made it to the Code-S Round of 16 include July and MC, both of which have already won their games in said round, NaDa, Lyn and Jinro also made it to the round of 16, but, sadly, Jinro was knocked out by HongUnPrime.  There are a few others that I obviously didn’t mention here, but hey, I will leave some of it for you to read.

Players that were knocked out of the Code-S, or rather down to the up/down matches thus far are the following – IdrA, by forfeit, Zenio, BoxeR, Genius, MarineKing and, even three of our former champions MVP, FruitDealer and NesTea. That is quite crazy and it is really weird to see big name players like that being knocked out this early.

As usual you can read all about the going-ons at the GSL, the results and all the drama that ensued in the links below and do remember to keep checking back here for more!

[R&S] GOM Code S/Code A March 2011 – TeamLiquid

[GSL March] Code A Ro16 Day 1 – TeamLiquid

[GSL March] Code S Ro16 Day 1 – TeamLiquid 

GSL Extras

What would GSL news be without a few extras? In todays extras we have the Code-S Nominations, dubbed in English, for all us foreigners that want to enjoy every possible bit of GSL goodness, a HuK, Ret, Jinro and Moonglade Foreigner Special, courtesy of TeamLiquid and lastly, a pretty interesting post about the map stats on the GSL March, thus far at least. Check all of that out in the links below!

GOMtv.net Releases Code S Nominations Dubbed in English – TeamLiquid

[GSL] Liquid`HuK Code A Ro16 Foreigner Special – TeamLiquid

[GSL] Jinro, Moonglade, Ret Foreigner Specials – TeamLiquid

[GSL March] The map statistics thus far – TeamLiquid

MLG – MLG Dallas

In a few small MLG related updates, the MLG Dallas event, set to take place from April the 1st to the 3rd have put their passes on sale for the event. So, if you were keen to attend the event you’d better head on over to their site and get yours booked and payed right now. (The StarCraft 2 Schedule has not yet been released, though.) Next up they have also released the maps they are using for the event, 7 maps will make up the map pool for the 2011 StarCraft II pro circuit. Four standard maps are included, but they have been slightly revised for use in the MLG competitions. Shattered Temple will replace Lost Temple, and the two other maps are ICCup Testbug and one of the GSL’s new maps, Crossfire SE. You can check the links below for the complete list of included maps, players and everything else MLG related.

MLG Dallas 2011-Passes on sale tonight at 7 PM ET – TeamLiquid

MLG announces StarCraft 2 map pool – ESFI World

MLG 2011 : North America be ready! – GosuGamers


IEM World Championship Updates

The group stage of the Intel Extreme Masters just kicked off, a day or two ago, at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany in hall 23, for those that were wondering. Twelve players started fighting tooth and nail for the title of StarCraft II World Champion and $30,000 in prize money.

Our hosts for this amazing event, Kevin ‘RotterdaM’ van der Kooi, Dario ‘TheLittleOne’ Wünsch and Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott have been treating us exceptionally well and keeping us more than entertained during, and between, the matches. If you want to watch the rest of the action you can check the schedule in order to attend the matches or follow the live streaming on ESL TV.

 With the first couple of play-days already completed, the number of players still in contention has significantly decreased, but with that, the quality of the games has also significantly increased. First up I have to mention that there are absolutely no European or US players left in the tournament. The top 4 players, and the only ones left, are ACE, mOOnGlaDe, Moon and Squirtle. Big name such as IdrA, Socke, Fenix, qxc, SjoW and MorroW were knocked out by those top 4 and, well, that just makes the fact that they are there even more impressive.

The next few games are set to happen tomorrow and should not be missed. Check the links below for all the information you could ever need! 😀

IEM Season 5 World Championship at CeBIT kicks off! – Blizzard Entertainment

IEM Season 5 World Championship – Group stage is over! – Blizzard Entertainment

[IEM] Semifinals – TeamLiquid 

[IEM] Day 3 – TeamLiquid

[IEM] Day 2 – TeamLiquid

ESL Season 5 Schedule – ESL

IEM Extras

As a few extras from the IEM you can check a bunch of interesting interviews out with the players and casters from the event courtesy of ESFI World and MyM. There are also various sites that have a ton of the replays from the event up already, worth checking out too!

Moon discusses IEM results, WarCraft 3 vs. StarCraft 2 – ESFI World

Audio: IdrA predicts himself vs. Ace in grand final – ESFI World

Day 1’s big group A winner Ace interviewed – ESFI World

mOOnGLaDe: “not entirely confident vs. MorroW” – ESFI World

Socke: “Stamina wise, I was doing ok [in the tiebreaker]” – ESFI World

IEM: Video-Interview with Fenix – MyM

IEM: Video-Interview with qxc – MyM

IEM: Video-Interview with Tarson – MyM

IEM: Video-Interview with IdrA – MyM

IEM: Video-Interview with Socke – MyM

The Gathering Map Pool & Dreamhack Prize Pool

In two more slightly smaller tournament announcements, we see the The Gathering include the iCCup Testbug and iCCup Pawn Re maps which were made popular in the ESL Go4SC2 tournaments. These, and the five original Blizzard maps are what the players at the offline tournament will be battling on. Next up, after DreamHack’s earlier announcement of their Summer event, the organizers released detailed information regarding their StarCraft II tournament. The tournament will feature 800,000 SEK (about $125,000) and is also supported by sponsors SteelSeries and Eizo. Read more about both those smalls below, courtesy of GosuGamers and ESFI World.

DreamHack’s 2011 SC2 tour features $125,000 – ESFI World

Pawn Re, Testbug in The Gathering map pool – GosuGamers

Community News

Community Smalls:

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Destiny Joins ROOT Gaming – TeamLiquid

March KR roster changes – TeamLiquid 

Naama Leaves Mousesports For Virus – GosuGamers

Artosis parts ways with MeetYourMakers – GosuGamers

LucifroN Leaves Fnatic.MSI and Joins Spanish Team, APSC2 – GosuGamers

Satiini: “The GSL maps seem to be really great” – Competo

DieStar: “ToD will be legendary!” – Competo

Grubby interview from Assembly – SK Gaming

Artosis Departs From MyM – SK Gaming

Blizzard Careers At GDC 2011 San Francisco – BlizzPlanet

11 Minute mOOnGLaDe Video Interview – rakakaworld

John posts a response to Huk’s troll allegations – reddit

Zerg and Terran talking about balance in StarCraft 2 – YouTube

Tasteless, Artosis & Day[9] At WCG USA 2005

Some footage recently surfaced of some of the big names in today’s StarCraft II scene from back before they were in fact big names, while they were growing up, learning to be a better gamer, one step at a time. The footage is from the USA World Cyber Games 2005 where some names you may well know, Tasteless, Artosis and Day[9], participated. The video is full of arrogance, drama, heartache, bitter sweetness and even a few good laughs to boot. Yes, this was in fact the WCG that Day[9] won. It really is amazing seeing these guys and how they were back then, which is, strikingly similar to how they are today. But anyway, check the video out and big thanks to BNice for digging this up and finally uploading it to YouTube.

WCG 2005 Footage – Artosis, Day9 and Tasteless – TeamLiquid


I absolutely had to feature this video because it may well, quite possibly be, the most brilliant thing ever. You all know Cella, formerly of clan Werra, now in clan SlayerS. And you all probably know he loves his wine, cheese and, well, singing! So here is his latest piece of work, while on air with ROOTdestiny he performs his own version of Rihanna’s Umbrella, not to be missed!

Cella singing ‘Rihanna – Umbrella’ – Starcraft 2 – YouTube

What’s This? StarCraft II Edition

Yet another StarCraft II themed song, The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – What’s This, StarCraft Edition. This was created by the guys from over at AKAmazingness and, well, what can I say, it’s pretty funny. It was apparently requested by Day[9] during one of his dailies and, being the keen fans that they are, they decided to whip it up. You can find the music video and .mp3 of the song in the links below.

What’s This? StarCraft 2 Edition – The Nightmare Before Christmas! – YouTube

Bronze League Hero

Did I just talk about a Starcraft II theme song? Oh, well, here’s another one and this one has slightly higher production value it seems. The song is titled Bronze League Hero and is amazingly well performed. It is apparently a cover of a song I’ve personally never heard before. The artist claims that this is the next Banelings and, well, it is pretty good, that much is sure, but I don’t know if it as good as Kurts and Huskies Banelings. What do you think? Listen to it and let me know! 

Bronze League Hero – 3OH!3 Parody – YouTube

The Liquid Weekly #29

The next Liquid Weekly is out, #29. This weekly has a look at Jinro and HuK, the driver and conductor of the Liquid Pain Train, some more TSL related stuff, which includes mini-interviews with all the Liquid players and you can even pick up some TLO, HuK and Haypro ladder replay packs. Check all of that and more out below, obviously courtesy of TeamLiquid!

Liquid Weekly #29 – TeamLiquid

Artosis Tours The Prime.WE Team House

Artosis has put up the next of his seemingly endless series of pro-team-house tours. This time around we get a look, a pretty detailed look, at the Prime.WE team house and even a couple of interviews with the players residing there. So if you want to take a look at where and how a Korean Pro Team practices and lives, what they have to say about the GSL, their team house and everything else, check the series of videos in the links below or just head on over to ArtosisTV for the lot of it.

Prime.WE Team house tour and interviews! – TeamLiquid


Fan Art Updates

In some art updates, the official StarCraft II Fan art section has been updated with a few pretty impressive pieces, and quite funny pieces. If you’re interested, need a new wallpaper or just love everything StarCraft related, you’d better check these out. My personal favourite can be seen on your screen right now!

New StarCraft Fan Art – Blizzard Entertainment

Art Extas

In a few extra, if slightly smaller, art updates, we get a look at a cute StarCraft II themed birthday cake and a fan-made, zerg and IdrA themed wallpaper. Find the full size versions of both of those in the links below!

StarCraft II Birthday Cake – Imgur

IdrA / Zerg Wallpaper – Imgur

TotalBiscuit Audio Interview By Reddit

The guys over at reddit have a pretty lengthy and indeed quite informative interview up with none other than TotalBiscuit himself. TotalBiscuit talks about, well, everything. From StarCraft II eSports and his involvement in it, the current state of the game, the NASL and Jinro vs IdrA showmatch, his own gaming background and lastly, some talk about his future projects and what we can expect from the one and only CynicalBrit in the coming months. It really is a great listen well worth checking out. You can even download the whole thing in .mp3 format to make it a little easier to listen to!

TotalBiscuit Audio Interview by Reddit – TeamLiquid

Why Does Brother Mack Pray For StarCraft II?

Brother Mack is back and this time he is answering a question that is apparently often asked: Why does he pray for StarCraft? Pretty entertaining, he talks about a few of the reasons he chose to pray for the game and its community. In usual Brother Mack style it does go a little off track at one point… but I think I’ll leave that for you to discover. Check the video out above!

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What could be better than spending two days checking out the latest versions of Blizzard games, watching eSports tournaments, and chatting with developers alongside a few thousand of your closest friends? Apparently Blizzard couldn’t think of anything either, so they’re bringing BlizzCon back in 2011! That’s right, BlizzCon will be returning to the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, October 21 through Saturday, October 22, and will feature an exciting mix of discussion panels, tournaments, hands-on gameplay, contests, and much more.

If you are interested in attending (In which case I will be very jealous) or purchasing one of those virtual tickets I guess you’ll probably want to check the announcement press release out below, and keep an eye on www.blizzcon.com in the months ahead for further details, including ticketing information.

Oooh man, I really can’t wait! Now to find someone to fly me over there….

BLIZZCON® 2011 ANNOUNCED – Blizzard Entertainment

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The Queen of Blades

I actually couldn’t believe I had not seen this video yet, I really couldn’t. This was the winning entry of the BlizzCon 2010 Original Song Contest and wow, does it deserve that first place! I heard the song played live during BlizzCon but sort of forgot about it after the event. Above you can see the music video, fully created with the Starcraft II cinematics and cutscenes and listen to the amazing music from Galt Aureus. Below you can also find a quick description of the song, from Galt Aureus themselves. Listen and enjoy!

This piece is inspired by one of the most complex and strangely endearing villains, Sarah Kerrigan – the self-styled Queen of Blades from Starcraft & Starcraft II – and her impact on the hero, Jim Raynor.

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Ysera Costume

BlizzCon presents an opportunity for real-life tailors and engineers to take up their needle and thread, their cardboard and spray paint, to create amazingly realistic recreations of their favorite Blizzard characters and creatures. Yes indeed, after this years BlizzCon and its amazing costume contest I am pretty sure it left a few people wondering. How were those costumes made? What went into their creation? Are those people totally nuts to create such exuberant designs? Well, right here is our second of 3 articles from the costume-crafters themselves. Here’s Brenna, who won third place.

BlizzCon Costumes – Ysera – World of Warcraft Community Site

Ysera Cosplay

To see all the pictures of everything that went into this amazing constumes creation you’re gonna have to visit the link above!

Hello, my name is Brenna Bozanic and I wore the Ysera costume for the BlizzCon 2010 costume contest. While I have attended every BlizzCon, this was only my second costume. Last year I dressed as my blood elf character in a set of mid-40s-level gear that I simply liked the look of. Cosplay to me is about making something that looks cool, showing it off, and having fun. BlizzCon provides a
really great atmosphere for just that.

When I decided to make a Ysera costume her updated model hadn’t been released, or even mentioned, yet. Since I felt this was an opportunity to make something really cool, I went the furthest I thought I could go with her design. I really wanted to move away from the idea that your clothes had to be the coolest thing about your outfit. So I tried to make her appear partially transformed into her dragon form.

Personally, the gloves are my favorite part of the costume. I decided to go for chainmail even though I had tried it before. The gloves were the bane of my existence for about six months. It gets very tedious linking together tiny metal rings and scales for hours on end. But this is what cosplay is about. Putting in those hours and creating something amazing

Keeping with the dragon design I made a tail, wings, and horns to compliment the hands. These were all attempts at materials I had never worked with before: craft foam, PVC pipe, and paper clay. Sitting down was highly important to me, so I had to make the tail moveable. As a result, each scale had to be made and attached individually to allow the tail to be flexible. Unfortunately, I was so busy at BlizzCon I never got the chance to sit but once!

I had a great time making and wearing this costume — thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. BlizzCon is a yearly tradition for me and hopefully attending in costume will become one as well.

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