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20 Years of Blizzard

20 Years of Blizzard Entertainment

In 1991, three guys fresh out of UCLA decided to start their own game company. Their goal: make cool games and have fun doing so. Twenty years later, the company has become a world-renowned game developer and publisher, with offices across the globe and millions of players enjoying its games in more than a dozen languages.

Yes, I am pretty sure you know by now that I am talking about Blizzard Entertainment. In 2011, Blizzard Entertainment marks its 20th anniversary. Over the course of the year, they’ll be celebrating two decades worth of games along with us, the community of players who made it all possible through our passion, enthusiasm, and support. So let us join them for a stroll down memory lane on this anniversary site: revisit the history of all their games; learn about life at Blizzard Entertainment past and present in behind-the-scenes interviews; participate in a global community contest; check out the photo gallery to witness how the guys at Blizzards epic hairstyles have evolved over the years; and much, much more.

Blizzard thank us and hope we enjoy this look back at the past 20 years of Blizzard Entertainment, and they look forward to bringing us even more epic entertainment experiences in the 20 years to come. The new site that they put up does look quite nice and there seems to be room for content up in there. Check it out and enjoy!

 Blizzard Entertainment – 20 Year Anniversary – Blizzard Entertainment

Thanks From Mike Morhaime & Frank Pearce

And speaking of content…. their first unlockable, I guess we can call it, is a special video message from Blizzard co-founders Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce thanking Blizzard fans for their support and dedication over the past two decades. As I mentioned there is obviously a lot more to come. Interviews, a Blizzard timeline, a look at the developer’s fan community and perhaps even a few game announcements? Hey, better to hope for the best! You can find a transcription of the entire video below, along with a link to the full thing on the anniversary site.

A Message From Blizzard – Blizzard Entertainment 

Hello, everyone. Frank and I wanted to send a message out to all of our players around the world because today is a very special day for Blizzard Entertainment. The company turns twenty years old, which is absolutely incredible. When we first started the company, back in 1991, there were just three of us. We really just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for all these years of support because without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we do.

The community that has built up around Blizzard and our games… it’s really exciting for us. We’re very appreciative, and humbled by the support we get from around the globe. Our games wouldn’t be possible without you guys. So, it’s really awesome that we have a community that shares our intense passion for gaming and holds us to an even higher standard of quality than we hold ourselves.

The passion that you guys have for gaming is evident. We absolutely love the feedback, so keep it coming. It really helps us push ourselves to be even better, and we really do want to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations with even more cool stuff in the future.

Mike Morhaime Quote

Mike Morhaime Talks Briefly About Unannounced MMO

At the DICE Summit in Las Vegas Mike Morhaime of Blizzard entertainment was asked about a certain unannounced project that our dear Blizzard Entertainment has been working on for a number of years. He did answer the questions, that alone is something. He spoke about the game in very broad terms, though, but as you can imagine even that is more than enough to get the rumor mill turning once again.

“Without giving away any details, we have some of our most experienced MMO developers, people who spent years working on the World of WarCraft team, working on this project,” Morhaime said. “We’re really trying to leverage all the lessons we learned through the years. Some of which we were able to address in World of WarCraft and others that maybe because of the design decisions we’ve made, you just can’t address. So we’re kind of taking a step back with all that knowledge to make something that’s completely new and fresh. We’re not trying to make a WoW sequel.” He explained. We sort of knew this before, though, as they did tell us that the two titles were meant to co-exist in the future.

He also spent some time talking about all the social aspects of todays MMO’s and what we can expect from games in the future. As expected, specific details were nowhere to be found, but Morhaime did hint that Blizzard sees those same social aspects as defining characteristics for the future of gaming. Interesting indeed. No doubt the most profound line from the entire thing has got to be the following:

“To break the mold, sometimes you have to start over.”

Never a dull moment with Blizzard entertainment. With BlizzCon 2011 freshly announced, Blizzard’s 20 Year Anniversary and all the other interesting stuff going on with the rest of the Blizzard games, there is definitely enough excitement for everyone. If you are keen for more details about this new as of yet still unannounced MMO, you can all about Mike Morhaime and his presence at the DICE summit below. Enjoy and happy speculating!

Blizzard speaks (briefly) about new MMO plans – Massively

Blizzard CEO talks new, unannounced title – Ars Technica

Activision Blizzard Financials & New Franchise

Activision Blizzard announced its latest financial numbers for its last fiscal quarter that ended on December 31 2010. The revenues came in at over $1.4 billion for the quarter, slightly below the company’s numbers of $1.5 billion for the same period a year ago. Apparently for the entire 2010 calendar year the publisher brought in $4.45 billion in revenue, which is a ton of money, and slightly higher than the $4.28 billion in revenue that it brought back in 2009. These are, however, just boring numbers that we probably don’t care much for. In the same press release, though, it was announced that Activision Blizzard were canning a few games and planning on announcing a new franchise that claims it will “bring the world of toys, video games and the Internet together in an unprecedented way.” Yeah,  the chances are that this is not a Blizzard game at all, but hey, I thought I would mention it here anyway. Read the full thing below, enjoy!

Activision Blizzard reports latest financial results; hints about upcoming game – Bigdownload

Blizzard Logo

At Least Two Titles From Blizzard In 2012, In None Released This Year

In some better news for us Blizzard fans, well, you could take this as better, or a lot worse, I guess, Blizzard have announced that should they not release a new title in 2011 we can expect a minimum of two new titles from the them in 2012. They don’t plan on releasing a game in 2011? Yes, wait, that may well be bad news instead of good news, I take that first part back. But wait, I am just being overly dramatic. What got it all started was that the Activision COO Thomas Tippl said the following:

 “Because Blizzard Entertainment has not yet confirmed the launch date for its next global release, our outlook at this time does not include a new game from Blizzard in 2011.”  So if you ask me this is just Activision not taking any risks, I don’t blame them. They obviously don’t want to put faith in anything that is not certain yet, it does make sense. Blizzard president Mike Morhaime joined the call after Tippl spoke and promised that more information was coming about both Diablo III and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. He said that the Blizzard’s developers are hard at work on Heart of the Swarm, and we’ll hear more “in the coming months.”

Additionally, and more interestingly, Morhaime said that he would talk about Diablo 3 and the upcoming beta on the next call, in about three months. He said that until Blizzard get to beta and have the community help them test the game they’re not going to lock in any release dates. In some ways that is good for Diablo III fans. 3 months, start counting the days. Mike Morhaime finished by saying that the games that they currently have in the pipeline represent the best and widest slate of games they have ever produced. That does sound quite good if you ask me!

So if you want to read all about what to expect from the next two years, or 3 months, with Blizzard entertainment, check the posts linked below.

Activision: At least two Blizzard titles coming in 2012, if none released this year – Joystiq

Blizzard eSports Interview

Blizzard turned twenty years old recently and it seems like G4 got the best present of all: an eSports focused interview with StarCraft 2 Game Director Dustin Browder and the Manager of Blizzard’s eSports Department Joong Kim. The interview covers quite a lot of it, if not all of it. The company has made a strong enough impact over the last twenty years to leave an everlasting effect on the world of eSports. Starting way back when with WarCraft 2, and evolving to the insanely popular StarCraft 2 franchise, the door is now wide open and Blizzard seems to think StarCraft 2 eSports has a huge future. Tournaments, balance and maps, upcoming plans for Battle.net and even a little Heart of the Swarm, check it all out in the interview appreciate it.

 eSports Interview with StarCraft 2 Game Director Dustin Browder and Senior eSports Manager Joong Kim – G4TV

Blizzard Entertainment Smalls:

BlizzCon VIPs Donate ($75,000) to Worthy Cause – Starcraft II Official Site

Activision reports fiscal 2010 earnings, digital sales up 20% – Joystiq

Activision Blizzard admits to layoffs but is ramping up hiring in other divisions – Bigdownload

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