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I take a look at the the DarkSpore beta and what’s going on with it! So far it seems like a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it. I hope you do too! ūüėÄ


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Watch in HD! Remember to like it, favourite it, share it and subscribe! ūüėÄ

I take a look at the the DarkSpore beta and what’s going on with it! So far it seems like a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it. I hope you do too! ūüėÄ


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In this episode we take a look at Blizzard & Diablo III News — Is Diablo 3 Is Technically Complete? The ditched Ranger Class Concepts, Skill Trees & Tiers, Lots of Art Updates & More!

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Winters Veil

Winters Veil

All you¬†World of Warcraft players out there¬†will be glad¬†to know that¬†The Feast of Winter Veil¬†began earlier this week! So while enjoying a freshly nutmegged¬†cup of nogg, and crunching on a crumbly cookie or two, be sure to visit Greatfather¬†Winter in Ironforge¬†or Orgrimmar. While there you’ll find a few treats, but also surely a few tasks to take on as well. If you see mistletoe around town be sure to blow a kiss to any revelers who happen to be standing below, keep a lookout for snow mounds in Alterac¬†Valley, and try out one of the Winter Wondervolt Machines outside most major cities. Most of all, enjoy the festivities!

Yes indeed, there truly is a lot to do during his festive season for all us World of Warcraft players. So if you don’t want to miss out on any of those achievements or are just a little overwhelmed by it all, there are some handy guides below that might help you out!

You’d better get cracking though, the Feast of Winter Veil ends January the 2nd!

Feast of Winter Veil – World of Warcraft Community Site

The OverAchiever: Guide to Winter Veil 2010 – WoW Insider

Winter Veil 2010 Guide РWowhead

PvP Season 9 Has Begun!

The first PvP season of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is now officially underway! Players are now able to compete in level-85 Rated Arenas for top gear, items, and titles. As an added bonus, for the first time ever, they can enter level-85 Rated Battlegrounds to fight for the same rewards available through Arenas, along with the original World of Warcraft PvP titles. Ah yes, the good old days. Players can also participate in unranked War Games, which I will cover in the next piece. So prepare yourselves, aspiring Grand Marshals and High Warlords, as the struggle between the Horde and the Alliance is about to get bloodier.

If you want to read more about this new PvP Season and have a peek at the gear you could be wearing then you’d best check the links below!

PvP Season 9 Has Begun! – World of Warcraft Community Site

PvP Season 9 Guide – MMO-Champion

Rated Battlegrounds FAQ – World of Warcraft Community Site

War Games: Battleground and Arena Skirmishes – World of Warcraft Community Site

War Games

War Games: Battleground and Arena Skirmishes

As I just mentioned before , beginning with Arena Season 9, Blizzard are giving Arena and Battleground teams the option to challenge each other to War Games.  War Games are a new kind of skirmish that allows teams to practice, set up matches against friends or rivals, or even try out potential recruits. The best part about this is that you can actually even play against members of your own faction, your own guild even. That all sounds like lots of fun, competitive fun, that is. Blizzard have a nice FAQ up detailing everything and explaining exactly how it works. I thought I would just give you guys the most basic question of all here:

Q: What’s a War Game?
A: A War Game is an unranked match in which one group of players challenges another group to an Arena or Battleground skirmish in a setting of their choosing. You will be able to initiate a War Game by using the /wargame or /wg command, as explained below.

There you have it . If you fancy yourself a Grand Marshal or the leader of your own Battleground group then I think it’s probably best to give all of that a read. Enjoy and good luck out there.

We’ve prepared a handy FAQ to explain how it works.

War Games: Battleground and Arena Skirmishes – World of Warcraft Community Site

4.0.3a Hotfixes

Cataclysm Hotfixes – Updated Dec. 15

Blizzard is sticking with their guns and have released two more sets of hotfixes. The biggest amongst these changes are definitely the nerfs to Holy Paladins, which I will talk about in just a minute, as well as a couple of changes to the dungeon finder queues for Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides. Yes, you can now queue for the normal dungeons on level 85. In the latest batch there are also big changes to Priest mana regeneration aswell as a few other changes to the class. The most notable change, to me at least, is that the Alchemy mount, Vial of the Sands, is no longer Bind-on-Pickup. Indeed, you can now sell that mount for some ridiculous amount.

So if you want to check out the full lists of the December 14 and December 15 sets of hotfixes, you know where to look.

Cataclysm Hotfixes – Updated Dec. 15 – World of Warcraft Community Site

Holy Paladin Nerfs Explained

Tying in with the talk about the hotfixes, Blizzard spoke up about the recent Holy Paladin nerfs. In short, they say that mana is supposed to matter for healers, and in the case of Holy paladins, that just wasn‚Äôt happening. They took action. Tower of Radiance no longer generates Holy Power when used with Holy Light, and Light of Dawn¬†now heals for significantly less. If you are a Paladin and you are crying about what happened I guess it might be a good thing to read their reasoning behind the changes. On the bright side, we might not see all other healers be kicked from random groups anymore because they aren’t paladins! Read the full quote below.

Holy Paladin Nerfs Explained – World of Warcraft Official Forums

Threat Needs To Matter

Threat Needs to Matter

Yes, it is most definitely a ongoing thing now. In his latest developer blog, Ghostcrawler talks about the threat mechanic, all about it. He talks about¬†how it’s intended to work, how you¬†know when there’s a problem and how they go about fixing that problem. It is, as all the others were, incredibly lengthy, he really doesn’t miss a thing.¬†¬†The main focus of the post was summarised in a bulleted list with the following points:

  • If a tank is trying to generate threat on a single target, and it runs off to kill a DPS class, that‚Äôs a problem.
  • If a tank is trying to generate area threat on a group, and the tanked things are running off to kill healers, that‚Äôs a problem.
  • If Vengeance falling off causes the tank to lose threat, that‚Äôs a problem.

It really does seem like a lot of their focus is on tanking recently and that is definitely not a bad thing! It is, afterall, one of the most important and stressful roles to take on when playing World of Warcraft. If you are interested in reading the whole thing you know where to look!

Threat Needs to Matter – World of Warcraft Community Site

Account Security Alert: Gawker Media

As some of you may or may not know, several of the Gawker¬†Media websites, those include Gawker,¬†Gizmodo and¬†Kotaku to name a few, have been compromised. Blizzard have released a statement saying that to minimize the effects of the security¬†compromise, say, for players that are using the same login for those sites and their Battle.net accounts, they have sent out password-reset forms to many of their accounts. If you received one of those emails and feel your account may be in danger, it definitely can’t hurt to change your password.

A quick warning, though, be sure to check the links on the email before clicking them. The hackers and scammers are really clever nowadays and have many, many tricksies. Read the full quote from Blizzard below.

As some of you know, several Gawker¬†Media websites, including Gawker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, and Deadspin, were recently compromised. To help minimize the effects of this compromise — namely for players who might be using the same login information for their Gawker¬†Media accounts and their Battle.net accounts — we recently issued password-reset emails for several accounts. If you’ve received an email from Blizzard Entertainment requesting a password reset as a result of the Gawker Media compromise, please click on the link included in the email’s body to choose a new password. You can also log in to Battle.net Account Management to reset your password on your own ( https://us.battle.net/account/management ).

If you used your Battle.net email address to sign up with any of the Gawker Media sites listed above (for example, to post comments), we also recommend that you update your Battle.net email address as soon as possible via Account Management. If you are unable to complete this step or the password reset and believe your account might be compromised, please contact our customer support staff by using the Account Recovery Form ( https://us.battle.net/account/suppor…-recovery.html ) and be sure to check out our Account Security Awareness guide ( http://us.battle.net/en/security/ ) for additional security tips and suggestions.

For more information about this situation, please visit Gawker Media’s official announcement ( http://gawker.com/5713056/gawker-sec…e-here-to-help ) or Lifehacker‚Äôs comprehensive FAQ ( http://lifehacker.com/5712785/faq-co…n-gawker-media ).
Lylirra, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

WoW Smalls

Time to have a look at a few¬†smaller pieces of¬†World of Warcraft news! As I mentioned before, doing the news like this does make it a lot easier for me to link all the good stuff without spending too much time doing it. You also won’t have to spend too much time reading it either. Enjoy!

Catacalysm Guild Progress

Progress has been steady and fast. Heroic modes on the Cataclysm raids have now been unlocked and needless to say the guilds are all working hard at getting those bosses down. MMO-Champion reports that so far only Halfus Wyrmbreaker has been defeated on heroic mode. Adept, the US guild got the first 25 man kill on him and Ensidia on the EU realms got the first 10 man kill, congratulations!

Check the following sites for more on raid progression.




Archy: A Must-Have Addon For All Archaeologists

This addon¬†actually deserves its own, seperate¬†news post, that is indeed¬†how brilliant it is.¬†Addon¬†creator¬†daihenka¬†has put together an amazing addon called Archy, specifically designed to help with anyone working on their Archaeology skill — or those still looking to fill out those last few artifact discoveries.

It comes with a huge list of impressive¬†features, including TomTom support, which allows an arrow to guide you to the nearest dig site. I won’t go into too much detail about it right here but, do yourselves and the author¬†the favour and check it out below.

Thanks to World of Raids for this piece of news!

Archy: A Must-Have Addon For All Archaeologists – World of Raids

Cataclysm Mount Guide

Wowhead have a nice and pretty handy guide up covering some of the rare and hard to find mounts in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Drakes, raptors, camels, lions, scorpions and many others are out there, waiting to be discovered. Something like that at least. If you are an avid collector you’d better check it out.

Cataclysm Mount Guide: Lions, Drakes and Camels, Oh My! РWowhead

Legendary Afterparty Funnies

Below you can find two pretty entertaining videos. These were made after the latest Legendary Podcast. The first is of around 300 naked Orcs rushing Orgrimmar and proceeding to take down Gamon. The second is of just as many Goblins rocket jumping off a cliff. Do I really need to say any more?

Legendary Afterparty Р300 Naked Orcs Down Gamon РYouTube

Legendary Afterparty РGoblin Zerg РYouTube

Art Updates

Blizzard have updated¬†their Media section with new galleries for Races and Classes. These galleries feature over 100 new pieces of art. For the first time,¬†they’ve also added artwork from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Check that out below and enjoy!

Media Section Update: New Race/Class Galleries – World of Warcraft Community Site

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Diablo 3 Logo

I apologize for the lack of decent Diablo news in the past weeks. Sadly, there just doesn’t seem to be much going on right now. I think the guys over at Blizzard were, or probably still are, just too busy with Cataclysm right now. There are a few smalls, a few cool pieces of art and a few other little titbits to be seen but it’s not nearly as much as we’ve become used to. Hopefully soon Blizzard will be back on it and we’ll start hearing more about our beloved Diablo.

Diablo_Glowei006cDiablo artwork by Wang Wei, AKA Glowei.

New Diablo Artwork

The guys from¬†over that the Sons of the Storm have posted a few nice new pieces of art for us all to ogle¬†at. The most prominent of the lot is an amazing piece of Diablo himself. Diablo INC Gamers go on to say that, even though we aren’t exactly sure how Diablo will look in Diablo III, this is probably the our best bet thus far. What else can I say, the art is amazingly well done and if that is how the Lord of Terror is set to look… I sure won’t complain. This was the same artwork that was used in the BlizzCon 2010 logo, only this time we get to see the full thing. Look above, enjoy!

New Diablo Artwork – Diablo INC Gamers

@ Diablo on Arena Maps

¬†Seeing that there is in fact a lack of news I think I will focus a bit more on these smaller points, expanding on what I can. Let’s have a look at a question a fan recently asked the Diablo Twitter Account.

Q: Are there going to be more arena maps or only one shown at blizzcon ? – Spectrusv

A: We’ll have as many arena maps as we can. РDiablo

I think it’s great that they planning to add many arenas, I just hope they manage to vary them all enough for players to actually¬†develop feelings for the different arenas, if you know what I mean. I think the fact remains though, any way that you look at¬†this will be a huge improvement over the open world PvP in Diablo II. No more running away for ever and ever only to lose your kill because your opponent reaches the town.

It all sounds great and I can’t wait to see what they have planned!

@Diablo on Arena Maps – Diablo INC Gamers

New Interface Photos

Diablo INC Gamers, amidst a cheer for the slack security at the G-Star Expo in Korea, released a few cool new screenshots of the Diablo III interface. Japanese website¬†4Gamer.net has posted a bunch of photos they took of the monitors at the show. The image quality is not bad at all and the content is¬†really amazing. We get a pretty decent look at the character window, skills window, traits window, inventory and more. So if you were itching for some new Diablo III goodness you’d better check that out below!

Once again thanks to the guys that risked their lives to take these photos and thanks to INC Gamers for covering it so promptly!

Awesome New Diablo III Interface Photos – Diablo INC Gamers

Diablo III Smalls

Diablo III Smalls

As usual, as always, there are a bunch of smalls for Diablo III. These were either gathered on the Battle.net forums or via the Diablo Twitter Account. Questions and answers are the flavour of the week, enjoy!

Q: Will artisans compete for materials? Will salvaging crafted items refund their ingredients? Any craft only set? – Limiate
A: Salvaging crafted items won’t return the full amount it takes to craft it. Crafted sets are a distinct possibility. РDiablo

Q: True end game recipes? Will our all recipes match at L60? Wirt? РLimiate
A: The general idea is that crafted items will rival the best drops, but you have to find the recipes/reagents. You’ll wear a mix. РDiablo

And now for my personal favourite of the week!

Q: How will the Giant Toad rune variation function against monsters that it can’t 1 hit? Рtleemors
A: Lick them to death? – Diablo

In true Blizzard fashion there are some questions that cannot be answered just yet. No comment! Stop asking!

Q: There’s a significant lack of info about mercs. Anything new to share about their development? РSpiri7walker
A: Indeed, and no.  РDiablo

Q: any word on the DH‚Äôs resource system? –¬†Scyberdragon
A: No, you can stop asking.  Will let you know when there is. РDiablo

Q: I’m dualwielding weapons with frost and lightning effects. If I crit with a skill will the mob get frozen or stunned (or both)? РYabaddi
A: It really depends on the skill and which (or both) weapons it would hit with. Assuming it’s a skill that relies on weapon damage. РDiablo

Lastly some interesting information on how we will actually join those PvP or Arena games in Diablo III. I’m starting to like this more and more!

Q: do you enter pvp through battle.net (before entering the game) or is there a hub in-game like an npc you talk to? РScyberdragon
A: It’ll be handled through Battle.net, it’s a join-game function, just like single player/co-op. РDiablo

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Hallow's End

Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End has started, yes, it’s the time of year in World of Warcraft when the World Events just don’t stop coming, and that’s not a bad thing! For any World of Warcraft player out there is this a very exciting time of the year, there’s so much to do with all the world events, throw the Cataclysm prequel in there, and you’ve got quite a good time on your hands. So, Hallow’s end is up. Trick or treat, farm the Headless Horseman for the mount, pet and other goodies and try get your Hallowed title before it ‘s too late, enjoy guys, I know I will!

Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow’s End is the celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Many tricks and treats await adventurers seeking holiday fun, including defeating the Headless Horseman, visiting inns and cities for fun items such as masks and costumes, and eating way too much candy in one sitting. Read below for more things to do during spooky season on Azeroth!

Hallow’s End – World of Warcraft Community Site

Hallow's End Achievements

You can also find a really cool guide from the guys over at Wowhead below, it will really help anyone new to World of Warcraft to get all of their achievements done and not miss out on anything!

Hallow’s End Guide¬†– Wowhead

Class Balance In 4.0.1 – Oct 18, 2010

Blizzard are releasing a bunch of small, nearly daily updates, concerning¬†the class balance in World of Warcraft right now, as of Patch 4.0.1. I have to say it’s great to see them considering every little thing and listening to complains, suggestions and even whines. I have played for a couple of hours since Patch 4.0.1 hit and I have to say the amount of bitching and crying about class balance, general imbalance and, well, pretty much everything else, is rather astounding. I would have thought people would be happy to have their favourite game change a little and I really don’t understand how players don’t understand that the game is, mostly at least, balanced for level 85¬†now.¬†Anyway, below you can find the latest of the class balance talks, straight from Ghostcrawler himself.

We are going to take the resilience buff down a little.

It should end up as a 25% buff from where it stood originally, not a 50% buff. For point of comparison, maxing out resilience before our first hotfix reduced damage by ~50%. After out hotfix, the damage reduction with max resilience was 80%. With this most recent change, damage reduction with max resilience will go down to 60%.

Part of what is going on here is that we don’t want newly leveled characters to explode in PvP, while still making sure that well-geared characters aren’t invulnerable. The current resilience curve makes that a tricky thing to balance. Perhaps in the future resilience needs diminishing returns so that it doesn’t keep getting better and better the more you have.

While we don’t have any additional announcements to make at this time, there are some additional balance tweaks we’re working on. Some of our adjustments at level 80 ended up causing certain classes to be overpowered or underpowered at level 85.
Ghostcrawler, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

Stonecore Preview

The StoneCore Preview

Another official Cataclysm¬†preview has been released, this time of The StoneCore¬†instance. So if you want to know what’s going on down in Deepholm¬†and what those silly Elementals are up to, you’d better check it out below. There are, as usual,¬†some great screenshots of the instance too. It does seem like Blizzard is speeding the process of getting these previews out there up quite significantly as we near Cataclysm’s release. I won’t complain.¬†Enjoy!

What mysteries await within the Temple of Earth? Journey to the heart of Deepholm in our latest dungeon preview featuring the Stonecore. Considered sacred by the Twilight’s Hammer followers and acting as a haven to the elements of earth, this level 82-84 dungeon will not relinquish its secrets easily.

Preview: The StoneCore РWorld of Warcraft Community Site

Complexity Red Win At MLG D.C.

World of Warcraft arena team Complexity Red has taken the 3v3¬†tournament that was held at the Major League Gaming event in Washington¬†D.C. this past weekend. They took down the Raleigh winners Nerdstomper Blue in the finals with a pretty decent final score of¬†6 to 2.¬†It seems like both teams switched their compositions up¬†quite a¬†lot, sadly,¬†I didn’t get to watch the finals but I heard that there were tons of flashy, fast paced plays and it was incredibly exciting to behold! You can read more about it at the MLG Website below.

Complexity Red Wins MLG D.C. World of Warcraft Event! РMLGPro

World of Warcraft Re-enters UK Games Chart

I guess the build-up to Cataclysm is just too much to bear! The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King has re-entered the UK Top 10 PC Charts at number eight this week and it’s predecessor Burning Crusade has also made an appearance on the Budget Chart at sixteen. I definitely don’t blame them. Had I not been playing World of Warcraft this entire time I would probably have picked it up again for Cataclysm as well. It’s the kind of game you just can’t miss out on, specially not after that amazing Cinematic Intro we saw recently. See the full news post over at Warcraft.INC Gamers below!

WoW Re-enter UK Games Chart – INC Gamers

Cataclysmic Changes

Cataclysm Beta

The Cataclysm news of late, as I mentioned before, has been a bit disjointed. A few small balance patches here and there, a few raid and instance changes and as usual a couple of Achievement additions and changes, too. So I decided to put all the recent World of Warcraft news in one post, just makes more sense. Enjoy!

There’s a new Cataclysm Beta build that popped up over at MMO-Champion but I am not going to post about it just yet seeing that it’s not actually live. I will, obviously, cover it in detail once it’s on the servers and ready for use!

Cataclysm Beta – Raid Testing

The Blizzard guys are now powering through the raid testing and trying to get them ready for public (well, at least semi-public) use. Today there will be two raid testing sessions going up and you can find out exactly what times and what raids they will be testing below!

Yet more raid testing!

There will be two sessions, an EU session starting at 11AM server time (PDT), and a US timed session at 4PM server time (PDT). We’ll open the zones on all Beta realms (including KR!) for both sessions, and possibly longer.

The following encounters will be tested:

Maloriak in Blackwing Descent
Atramedes in Blackwing Descent

Blackwing Descent is a raid zone with an entrance located along the side of Blackrock Mountain.

Since these are the beta realms, this schedule is subject to change at a moment’s notice due to bugs and server issues. More raid tests will be occurring over the next few weeks.
Daelo, Blizzard Entertainment (Source)

New Data – Wowhead

Wowhead, in its quest to provide us with the most up-to-date and comprehensive World of Warcraft: Cataclysm database, has once again updated its already impressive set of Cataclysm data. There are tons of new items, from the new raids and instances, as well as achievement rewards. Check it out below!

Cataclysm Beta: New Data! РWowhead

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Warcraft Invitational

As you may have already guessed, the European Warcraft Invitation has in fact ended and Blizzard has provided us with a quick and neat round-up of what transpired at the exciting event!

The 2010 European Warcraft Invitational has come to an end. We saw many thrilling games and high-speed action. In Warcraft III, Grubby, the King of Orcs, once more showed his exceptional play-style in the final against Happy, winning 2-to-1 and 2-to-0. In the World of Warcraft Arena, *aAa* held on to their outstanding performance throughout the tournament. They emerged victorious over LightZ CaMerA ActioN, winning 3-to-1 in the final and becoming the undefeated Regional Champions.

We want to thank all of the participating players who made this event so exciting. We would also like to thank all of the visitors who joined us at the Media Centre in Cologne to cheer for their favorite players. It was a lot of fun and we hope to see you again next year! We will be updating our photo gallery with pictures from this year’s event in the coming days. Keep an eye on our 2010 European Warcraft Invitational website for more updates.

Another quick update that they did not include in their round-up was that TheLittleOne¬†took MaDFroG¬†down in their best of 5 showgames with a score of 3 to 2. You can get a local¬†replay pack of that here if you’re interested!

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