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2010 Global Writing Contest Winners!

Though the loss of life and limb was great, the ocular fortitude of Blizzard’s judges allowed them to see the job through: the winners of the 2010 Global Writing Contest have been chosen. Many judges were felled by the 18 million words that made up this year’s competition, but whilst their souls are now forfeit to the contest’s patron deity, C’Thun, their sacrifices were not in vain. Behold, the victors!


“Silver Hand, Ebon Blade” by Raphael Ahad

Finalists (In Alphabetical Order):

“Defiant” by Corwin D. Riddle
“Entombed” by Saif Ansari
“Fresh” by Meghan O’Hara
“In the Blood” by Celine Taillefer
“Loose Ends” by Pedram Javidpour
“Memories of the Future” by Michael D. O’Reilly
“The Wicked and the Righteous” by Marika Kermode

Honorable Mentions:

“ATLAS Rising: Shootout on the Supercarriers” by David Tsai
“Jackson’s Farewell” by Roderick Leeuwenhart
“The Maker’s Burden” by Walter Handloser
“Returning Gnome” by Richard Powell
“Spectre of the Past” by Craig E. Stalbaum
“The Case of the Scrivener’s Seal” by Michelle Millar

The winner of the 2010 Global Writing Contest will be invited to visit Blizzard Entertainment’s headquarters to meet and eat with Chris Metzen and the rest of the creative development team. He will also receive his choice of a Frostmourne sword or Diablo III barbarian statue. The seven finalists will each receive signed copies of the Diablo Archive, StarCraft Archive, Warcraft Archive, and Warcraft: War of the Ancients Archivebooks.

There were a couple of complaints that most of the stories were in fact set in the WarCraft universes, but I guess that’s just the way of things. With all that said, the winning entry, along with excerpts from the finalists, can now be found on the contest website. Check them out and enjoy the abundance of textual pleasure!

2010 Global Writing Contest Winners! – Official


Contest Winner: Guardian of Accounts – February 2011

Another contest winner has been announced! The first winner in Blizzard’s recurring contest, “The Guardian of Accounts Art Contest”, has been picked. Featuring quite the clever blueprints of a StarCraft II inspired anti account-theft trap, the submission by Markus from Germany managed to impress many and you can see it on your screens right now, quite intricate!

Congratulations, Markus, and good work!

As a reminder, Blizzard just let us know that they will continue picking one winner in “The Guardian of Accounts Art Contest” each month until January 2012. Each winner will receive a nifty iPad along with the fame, fortune and pleasure that comes from having others appreciate their work! I would love to enter something like this, I do however believe that nothing I enter would ever be as good as something like this, oh well…

See the full size image and all the details you’d need to enter below!

Contest Winner: Guardian of Accounts – February 2011 – Official

Memories of Blizzard Video Contest

The official contest rules, details and prizes for the Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary Video Contest have been revealed! The prizes include an all expenses-paid trip to BlizzCon, keyboards, mice and headsets from Razer, Steelseries and Creative Labs, drinking vessels from TavernCraft, action figures from DC Direct and even custom posters featuring your very own character from PrintWarCraft. That is quite a load of cool stuff and I really can’t wait to see what the fans come up with for this competition.

Ready to take on this journey through time and space? Check out the official rules page for details and eligibility and if any of you watching this enter, be sure to let me know! 😀

Memories of Blizzard Video Contest – Official


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20 Year Anniversary Updates

A couple of episodes ago I spoke about the mini-site Blizzard launched that was dedicated to celebrating their 20th anniversary. Today that site was updated and includes a brand new and extremely long video overviewing the 20 years of their existence via a series of interviews with some of the company’s the key employees.

Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment was originally founded under a completely different name? What is the significance of Jawassic Park in the context of Blizzard Entertainment’s art culture? Whatever happened to Orcs in Space? These and many, many more questions are answered in the full-length video they’ve just released on the Blizzard 20th Anniversary site. Clocking in at almost an hour, this video features candid commentary from the people who have spent the last two decades creating the games that helped make Blizzard Entertainment the company it is today.

Head over to the anniversary site and check out the Blizzard Retrospective Video now!

Anniversary Video: A History of Blizzard Entertainment – Blizzard Official

20th Anniversary Video Contest

For those that weren’t aware, it was in fact Blizzards 20th birthday on the 3rd of march. So, firstly, Blizzard just thank us all for joining them during this special time, this anniversary celebration. They tell us that they couldn’t have made it here without us, the fans, so they’d love for us to help them make this milestone even more memorable by entering their upcoming twentieth anniversary video contest.

Blizzard gamers from across the globe have been creating their own wonderful Blizzard memories for the past 20 years and the guys and girls at Blizzard want to know exactly how they’ve been a part of our life. Unleash your creativity and capture your fondest Blizzard memory on video. Your favorite moment can be touching, hilarious, or simply epic — what’s important is that you share your memory with the world. If your video manages to make Blizzard’s crew of stone-faced judges crack a smile (or shed a tear) it could be chosen as one of the winning entries, earning you countless accolades, untold fame, the respect of your peers… and an awesome prize to boot.

The official contest rules are coming soon, stay tuned for further details!

20th Anniversary Video Contest – Blizzard Official

activision blizzard logo

More On Titan

Next up in the general Blizzard news we have yet more talk about Blizzard’s unannounced game, the mystery MMO that’s been the talk of the town for the past few months.

VentureBeat.com has posted a new interview with Blizzard’s COO, Paul Sams. There’s no mention of Diablo III in the conversation, sadly, but Sams gives some interesting insight into Free to play vs. the ‘Disneyland’ style full features of World of WarCraft. He even extends that point into some general details about ‘Project Titan’, even though he didn’t actually acknowledge that project code name for Blizzard’s Next-Gen MMORPG. He does say a few things that we’ve heard before, that it will be more complementary than competitive and while people do have a limited amount of free time that they can dedicate to these types of games, Blizzard do think that people will check the new and the old out. One line I really liked was the following – ‘We think the new one is very compelling and is going to capture a lot of hearts and minds and will be very successful for us.’

It all does sound like a fairy-tale and I can’t wait to get some solid information about this most mysterious of games. What else is in this interview? You can read about Blizzard’s dream team they have working on the new game, the social, or community, aspects they hope to include in it, the platforms we may well see it on and much more. A definite great read and well worth checking out for all you Blizzard fans.

Paul Sams Drops Titan(ic) Hints – Diablo INC Gamers

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