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In this episode we take a look at some more Patch 4.1 goodies, why Ghostcrawler has stopped posting on the official forums, the latest Ask The Devs questions and answers, some cool new art & much more! ūüėÄ

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In this episode we take a look at everything that’s coming (and not coming) in Patch 4.1, Patch 4.2 and Firelands, Hotfixes, Art Updates & More!

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Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1

The recent World of WarCraft news has been pretty much solely about Patch 4.1 and and all that’s coming, and not coming, with it. There’s also been a bit of talk about Patch 4.2, which has more than a few people frustrated, seeing that some thing that Patch 4.1 does in fact not have enough content lined up for it…

Let’s start with what is actually confirmed to be coming with¬†Patch 4.1, the¬†changes, additions, fixes, updates and, um, others stuff! In a recent blue post, Zarhym let us know exactly what we can expect and promised more details in the days to come. The main content features currently planned for 4.1 are the following:

  • Zul’Gurub revamp
  • Zul’Aman revamp
  • New level-85 Stranglethorn quest line (phased) leading players into the troll dungeons
  • New tier of Heroic dungeon gear (epic item level 353) to give players a slightly bigger boost going into raids for the first time
  • New & updated flavor items, vanity pets, and mounts
  • Guild Challenges (new guild quests)
  • UI Improvements
  • Class Balance Changes
  • Much More

We kinda knew about most of this already, though, but one big surprise, to me at least, would be the Guild Challenges. (And yes, let us not even mention the fact that there is no new raid coming in 4.1, I will talk about that in just a second!) We’ve not¬†been given¬†any details concerning the guild challenges, but, never fear,¬†as soon as the information is available¬†I shall report on it! Warriors and¬†cloth users¬†will be happy to¬†know that both¬†Zul’Aman¬†and Zul’Gurub¬†will also feature appropriately itemized pre-raid ranged slot weapons, something that Cataclysm was kind of lacking untill now. Next up,¬†archaeologists,¬†yes! Players with appropriately leveled archaeology will be able to unlock the new Edge of Madness bosses in Zul’Gurub!¬†(This even used to require alchemy back in the day.)¬†

The latest sets of changes to the patch notes were made on March the 1st, March the 3rd and most recently March the 9th. There were, as usual, quite a few balance changes and improvements added with some notable ones being the following: Lifebloom’s¬†bloom effect has been reduced by 20%, Howling Blast has a facing requirement. Shattered Barrier’s root effect now has diminishing returns. Grand Crusader will generate holy power if Avenger’s Shield is used within 5 seconds of the proc, Prowl has a new icon, Druids now innately have 100% pushback protection from damage while channeling Tranquility, Pet Happiness system has been removed, and all skills which previously provided it to pets will no longer do so, many Arcane spells have had their damage increased, Priests now innately have 100% pushback protection from damage while channeling Divine Hymn and Hymn of Hope – Priest – Chakra now lasts until canceled, up from 1 minute, the Dungeon Finder now attempts to avoid putting damage-dealing classes with the same armor type in a group and, well, much more that I won’t bother mentioning and¬†can be found¬†in the full and updated patch notes below.

Patch 4.1 Public Test Realm Notes – March 9 – Official

PTR Patch 4.1 Notes Updated (3/1) РWowhead

PTR Patch 4.1 Notes Updated (3/3) РWowhead

PTR Patch 4.1 Notes Updated (3/9) РWowhead

ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅBlizzard Posts on Upcoming 4.1 Features (Including Guild Challenges!)¬†– Wowhead

Patch 4.1 Extras

So then, as a few Patch 4.1 extras, below you can find all the new icons and graphics that Wowhead¬†dug up, quite a few¬†3D Models of quite a few new items¬†that we can expect to see in the Firelands Raid, (Yes, yes, I know, that’s patch¬†4.2)¬†some preview shots¬†of the new character pane¬†and looking for guild UI, there were a ton of new¬†maps added in the latest build, including¬†maps for Zul’Gurub¬†and Zul’Aman, a legendary fishing pole that apparently adds 1000 to fishing, (I am almost sure that’s a¬†joke!)¬†and lastly the Amani Battle Bear is now in the game.¬†If you want to read all of the aforementioned 4.1 related stuff, plus a few blue posts about the same topic, check the links below!

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13726 РTONS of New Dungeon & Raid Maps! РWowhead

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13726 РLatest Additions РWowhead

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13707 РSpell Changes РWowhead

Patch 4.1 Р3D Models РHuge Assortment of Firelands Raid + PVP Weapons РWowhead

Patch 4.1 РCharacter Pane Updates + Guild UI РWowhead

Patch 4.1 РPTR Build 13698 РSpell Changes, Icons, Maps РWowhead


Firelands Raid & Patch 4.2

Blizzard has just come out¬†and said it, put¬†us out of our misery, The Firelands¬†Raid won’t be coming with Patch 4.1, they feel¬†it is too soon. This, to many players shocking information, was revealed during a recent interview with Eurogamer.net at the GDC, in which Blizzard stated that the Firelands¬†raid would not be included in the upcoming patch 4.1. We will instead be seeing the Firelands raid added as part of the next big content patch,¬†4.2.

They said that the decision to move Firelands to 4.2 was also motivated by a desire to move away from the “monolithic” content patches World of Warcraft has received recently, towards smaller updates.¬†Here are a few quotes from the interview with¬†J. Allen Brack:

“We feel like the player base isn’t really ready for the next raid yet, and that led to some changes where Firelands is now actually going to be in 4.2.”

“Patch 4.1 provides our players with access to the completely redesigned Zul’Aman¬†and Zul’Gurub five-player dungeons, where they’ll be able to experience challenging encounters featuring all-new boss mechanics, obtain updated epic-level loot, and possibly acquire rare mounts.

“One of our long-standing development goals is to release regular content updates for the community to enjoy. These updates are generally focused on introducing specific content, like a new raid or new gameplay features.

“Our plan is to package these features into smaller content updates and to release them as soon as possible, rather than wait and release larger updates more infrequently.”

So yes, love it or hate it, excited or not, we will have to wait for patch 4.2 for the next set of raid content. After this announcement and interview, Bashiok stepped in and said a few words regarding all of it.

He basically just said that Blizzard’s goal with each major patch release, and especially with each expansion, is to learn from the past and use that knowledge to improve the game as they move forward. One of their biggest regrets in the pacing of Wrath of the Lich¬†King was the Crusaders’ Coliseum. The Trial of the Champion 10-¬†and 25-player raid was released while many raiders were still busy with Ulduar, which meant a premature end to Ulduar¬†raiding — and a lot of players didn’t get a chance to experience all of Ulduar’s¬†content during the normal expansion progression. Having learned that lesson in pacing from Wrath of the Lich¬†King,¬†they don‚Äôt feel Cataclysm needs a new raid tier just yet. He then also just reiterates¬†what I mentioned before about there being more regular, smaller content patches.

So while Blizzard¬†know that some raiders feel prepared to smack down the Firelord¬†once again, releasing an epic raid dungeon before its time would, in the words of Ragnaros himself, be “too soon!”

Blizzard Says Putting Firelands in 4.1 Would Be “Too Soon!”¬†– Wowhead

Firelands raid will not be in WOW patch 4.1 News – Eurogamer


Patch 4.2 Extras

As a few extras you can actually see an entire raid preview of The Firelands over at MMO-Champion as well as a preview of the new daily questing area we are set to be hitting, come patch 4.2.¬†The conversion from Valor to Justice Points, as well as the release of the next Arena season, won’t happen until the release of 4.2, and you can read all about that below, too. Lastly, Season 10 arena armor models, yet another preview courtesy of MMO-Champion. Some cool stuff and well worth having a look at!

Firelands Daily Area Preview, Blizzard Anniversary Video, MMO Report, Comics – MMO-Champion

Firelands Raid Preview, Reckful 3 PvP Video, Blizzard Retrospective Video РMMO-Champion

Patch 4.2 – Season 10 Armor Models Preview – MMO-Champion

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes – March 1

Back on the live server front we have yet another round of Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes! I am not even sure why I even wanted to mention these here, but hey, do I need to say it again? Yeah, okay, fixes are fixes and they are always welcome! So in the March 1 set of hotfixes we see the following changes: Flag carriers in rated Battlegrounds now take 25% more damage from all magical and physical attacks. The 25% additional damage from carrying the flag stacks with the Focus and Brutal Assault debuffs. Flag carriers in normal Battlegrounds are not affected by this change. Secondly, and yes, lastly, we see the temporary removal of the escort daily quest in Tol Barad. The issues plaguing the quest require a server restart to be fixed!

That’s it, that’s all the changes and fixes and you can find the official notes below!

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes – March 1 – Official

Ask The Devs

Ask The Devs

Blizzard is hosting a Global World of Warcraft ‘Ask the Devs’¬† Q&A where players can post and vote on questions that will be answered by Blizzard developers themselves!¬†¬†The main¬†idea is that the community gets to¬†help decide on what questions Blizzard needs to answer through the thumbs-up voting system. The Blizzard guys let us know that they will be collecting questions from around the world in each of their¬†regional forums to make this a truly global effort. So if you want to read how it works, get your questions in, check the rules, or just find a few tips to help get your submissions noticed, check the links below for all that and more!

 Ask the Devs РOfficial

In With the New: Cataclysm Quest Mechanics

Blizzard are, as you all¬†no doubt know,¬†always¬†looking for ways to improve World of Warcraft and, for Cataclysm,¬†they introduced several UI features and new types of technology to help make questing more accessible, more immersive, and, most importantly, more fun! I have to say, that is one thing I find they really succeeded in doing. The new level 1 to 60 experience was out of this world. So, the World of WarCraft players amongst you have¬†probably already encountered¬† many of these mechanics as you’ve explored post-shattering Azeroth, but Blizzard still wanted to take some time to discuss¬†these changes’¬†purpose and functionality with all of us, as well as get our feedback on how they’ve contributed to our leveling experience this expansion.

Yes, enter Blizzards latest ‘blog’ post. Som what’s new, you ask? A few worth mention would be the ability to complete and accept new quests in the field, quest NPC objective windows, highlighted quest NPC names, new and shiny resource bars for certain quests and raid encounters, terrain phasing and quite a few others! As usual, Blizzard would love to hear our thoughts on these new mechanics and how they’ve improved or otherwise affected our gaming. So if you’re interested, check the post out and tell¬†them what you think in the comments section of it!

In With the New: Cataclysm Quest Mechanics – Official


Seriously, if only this was how Therazane really looked!

Art Updates

Time for the ever interesting art updates of the past week! Both the Fan Art and Official Galleries have been updated and I have to say, as I always seem to, there really are some great pieces, especially in the fan art, this time around. There are four new official¬†Burning Crusade and Warcraft III pieces along with those five amazingly crazy looking pieces of fan art. My favourite, and yes, how could it not be, can be seen on your screens right now! ūüėÄ

Blizzard Art Gallery Update – Official

New Warcraft Fan Art – Official

Wow Smalls

World of WarCraft Smalls:

New Player Tips: U Mod, Bro? – Official

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Curse of the Worgen Issue #4 Now Available – Official

Celebrate March Murloc Madness with Free Mug Offer – Official

GDC 2011: Blizzard’s Cataclysm And Retaining A Game’s ‘Soul’¬†– Gamasutra

World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing Vol. 2: Nexus Point On Sale РBlizzPlanet

Richard A. Knaak Q&A Transcript: War of the Ancients & Warcraft Manga Interview РBlizzPlanet

FNATIC Welcomes Fans to Chat on Raidcall РBlizzPlanet

2011 WCG Adds StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm РBlizzPlanet

Rob Pardo Shows World of Warcraft At TED 2011 Conference РBlizzPlanet

Blizz Blues – Ep 8 – ‘Exclusive’ Charlie Sheen Interview¬†– Wowhead

BFF¬†Report – Cataclysm 4.1 – Zul’Gurub¬†– Wowhead

Legendary РThe WoW Video Podcast РFirelands? РWowhead

Public Service Announcement: Don’t file false GM reports – WoW Insider

Know Your Lore: Darius Crowley, Lord of Silverpine – WoW Insider

PST Episode 19 – YouTube

The Weekly Marmot – Taking out the Trash – YouTube

TankSpot’s¬†Guide to Heroic Atramedes – YouTube

World First Glory of the Cataclysm Raider by Immersion – YouTube

Warcraft III patch 1.25b is now live! РBlizzPlanet

World of WarCraft Blues:

…On Soulstone as a Combat Resurrection¬†– Wowhead

…On An End to Graveyard Camping in WSG¬†– Wowhead

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…On Archaeology Item Cooldowns¬†– Wowhead

…On Why Zul’Gurub¬†and Zul’Aman Are¬†heroic instances – MMO-Champion

…On The Planned¬†Daily Quest Hub In Mount Hyjal – MMO-Champion

…On The Size Of Tol¬†Barad – MMO-Champion

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In this episode we take a look at lots of Patch 4.1 and PTR News, Some 4.0.6 Hotfixes, Joyland, Lots of cool and funny art and much, much more! ūüėÄ

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